Information and tips for Erasmus students in Wroclaw

Erasmus in Wroclaw

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Wroclaw

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Going on an Erasmus can be one of the best experiences of your life and the destination that you choose has a crucial role in that. Why should you do your Erasmus in Wroclaw? This city is located in the centre of Europe and it offers a lot of possibilities to its students, both for their studies as well as for the offer of plans and activities that there is. Do you want to know more about Wroclaw? Let’s get started!

Cost of living in Wroclaw, Poland

If you have ever heard about Poland being one of the most popular countries among Erasmus students, we can assure you that it is true. However, the fact that it is popular doesn’t equal the prices in this country being too high, on the contrary. Wroclaw is not an exception in this country, that is, the budget that a student needs to live in this city is much lower than in other European countries.

Keep in mind that your biggest expense will be the rent of your accommodation. You can find rooms in shared apartments for around € 250 per month. If you add other monthly expenses to this amount such as groceries, transportation or going out to party, you end up with a budget of around € 600.

We advise you to always leave some money to travel since the location of Wroclaw in Europe and the prices of transport from there are amazing.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Wroclaw, Poland

Going on Erasmus and partying are two things that always go together. If you choose Wroclaw as your Erasmus destination you will be able to party everyday you are in the city. Doesn’t matter the weather (although you should take a good coat for the cold months) and neither does the day of the week, you will always be able to go out to a club, bar or even parties held at student dormitories and apartments. You won’t be short of options, that’s for sure. Some areas with a lot of bars and nightclubs are Ruska 51 or Rynek, but you can choose between many places.

However, if you would like to do something more relaxed, you will also find many plans. Although outdoor plans will not be the most interesting ones for you when it is cold, you can always visit museums or emblematic buildings in the city and, when it gets warmer, you will see that one of the favourite plans for young people is having barbecues by the river.

Culture and gastronomy in Wroclaw, Poland

In 2016, Wroclaw was named European Capital of Culture, so you can imagine that its cultural and historic backgrounds are incredible. If you have never visited the country before, get ready to discover a lot of new things while you enjoy each street and cultural celebration in Wroclaw. Some of the places you can’t miss are the famous Market Square (Rynek), which is located in the centre of the city and it is amongst the biggest ones in Poland; the famous Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski), if you want to get there, you must go through the well-known Lovers’ Bridge; or even the University of Wroclaw, where you can find the Aula Leopoldina, which is one of the most known symbols of the city.

Moreover, you are also going to discover another very important part of the culture of Wroclaw, the gastronomy of this city. For the cold days, you will for sure be thankful for such traditional soups as barszcz czerwony, żurek or zupa grzybowa. You can also find recipes such as zrazy zawijane, bigos, pierogi or knedle. Don’t worry if you don’t even know how to pronounce these dishes now, once you finish your Erasmus you will be an expert.

Advantages of doing your Erasmus in Wroclaw, Poland

Living and studying in Wroclaw is a very rewarding experience, for everything you can learn as well as for the great times you can live there. If you choose this city as your Erasmus destination, you will have some advantages.

  • It is a city with very affordable prices for students.
  • It is full of young people from all over the world since in the last few years it has become one of the most popular European destinations. The European Best Destinations association chose this city as the best European destination in 2018 indeed.
  • The kindness and friendliness of the locals will calm you down whenever you have to ask them for something.
  • Enjoy a university that has been the home for several Nobel Prizes.

Cheap accommodation in Wroclaw, Polandław.html?sort=cheapest

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Frequently asked questions about studying in Wroclaw

How much does it cost to live in Wroclaw as a student?
A student in Wroclaw can spend, on average, around € 600 per month. This amount can increase depending on the price of the accommodation you find. It is better to start looking for it with enough time to find the best offers.
How is student life in Wroclaw?
Student life in Wroclaw is incredible, both in the daytime as well as at night-time. We recommend you to join a student association since, that way, you will have many plans every day and you will meet people who will become your family in Wroclaw.
How much does student accommodation cost in Wroclaw?
Through our platform Erasmus Play, you can find accommodation for around € 250. However, this amount can change depending on the type of accommodation or its location.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Wroclaw?
The Erasmus scholarship varies in each part of Europe, therefore, depending on your country of residence, you will have certain conditions to apply for this scholarship. If you want to know more information about the Erasmus scholarship to study in Wroclaw or you have any doubts about the Erasmus Program, we advise you to contact the international, relations office at your university of origin.
What are the best areas to live in Wroclaw?
Students tend to stay either in the city centre or near to their university. You can choose the area that best suits your preferences, but we recommend that you compare several options before choosing one.