Student housing in Basque Country
University of the Basque Country - UPV - EHU

Student housing in Basque Country

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Rooms and Apartments for students of the University of the Basque Country - UPV

The UPV is the public University of the Basque Country and has campuses in Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa and Álava. Find rooms, residences and student flats for any of its campuses. 

Do you already know which city in the Basque Country you are going to study in? The UPV or EHU have faculties in the three Basque provinces. Below we show you accommodations available there. If after reading this page you still have doubts, we leave you links to the guides of each city, where you will find all the secrets and advice on accommodation in the city.

Student apartments in Bilbao - Vizcaya Campus

The UPV's Vizcaya campus is located in the town of Leioa (or Lejona), within the Bilbao metropolitan area, but outside the city. Many students prefer to look for accommodation in Bilbao for the services it offers, its leisure and cultural offer. Both locations are connected by a metro line, so you can attend a class every day without giving up living in Bilbao, a city full of life and gastronomy. Besides being one of the areas with the best job opportunities in the country.

Student housing in Vitoria - Álava CampusÁlava

The campus of the UPV is located in the town of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Vitoria is the capital of the Basque Country, a very accessible city and easy for any student. You will be able to find rooms to share and apartments for students near the UPV. The campus is located near the centre and the historic centre, so it will be easy to find accommodation near the UPV in the city centre.

Student flats in Donostia / San Sebastián - Gipuzkoa Campus

The UPV's Gipuzkoa campus is located in the town of Donostia (San Sebastián). Studying on this campus is a great opportunity to live in one of the most impressive cities. Located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and very close to the border with France. Although it is a city well known for its high prices, here you can find affordable student flats and rooms in Donostia and accommodation at the UPV.

Student residences at the Basque Country University (UPV / EHU)

There are several university residences located near each UPV university campus. The price of the residences in the three cities is similar, depending on the type of room chosen and the period of stay, the price range between € 300 and € 750. Choosing your accommodation in a residence near EHU will give you great comfort, they include all the services that a student needs in their day-to-day life and can solve any query that may arise. In return, they usually have rules and restrictions that some students prefer not to have. Sharing a flat will give you more responsibilities, but also more freedom and generally for a lower price.