Information and tips for international students in Coventry

International exchange in Coventry

Information and tips for international students in Coventry

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Why study in Coventry? Coventry is a small city with a lot of student life. It is located right in the centre of the United Kingdom, just 20 minutes by train from Birmingham, the second-largest city in the country. One of the great advantages of the Coventry location is that you can travel anywhere in the UK. Read on if you want to know more about Coventry.

Cost of living in Coventry, UK

You'll be glad to know that the cost of living in Coventry is more affordable than in other big UK cities like London. Also, being a student city, you will find a lot of discounts and special offers for young people in most places. To give you an idea, add all the expenses. Students can spend a budget of £600-700. Remember that this is only an approximation and may vary depending on your lifestyle and needs. Also, since the rent of the accommodation will be your biggest expense, we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible. From our Erasmus Play platform, we make it easy for you and we help you compare the best offers.

Student life, international student parties and leisure in Coventry

Although Coventry is a small city, it has several bars and pubs where students always meet to have a drink or party. Given the proximity of Coventry to Birmingham, many young people also go there to enjoy the nightlife of one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. It is also quite common for students to go out to clubs in the nearby town of Leamington.

Apart from partying, one of the great advantages of Coventry is that it has an excellent location, and you can travel to nearby cities such as Northampton, Leicester or London.

Culture and gastronomy in Coventry, UK

The most emblematic places that are obligatory stops during your first days in Coventry are:

  • Coventry Cathedral
  • The Transport Museum
  • The War Memorial Park
  • The St Mary's Guildhall ”
  • The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery
  • Broadgate Square is home to a shopping mall and the Lady Godiva Memorial.

Do not forget to try some of the most typical dishes of English cuisine, such as the “shepherd's pie” (meat pie and mashed potatoes), the “fish and chips” or the “Sunday roast” (roast meat with potatoes)

Advantages of doing your international exchange in Coventry

  • Studying at the University of Warwick, one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom
  • Coventry has an excellent location since you can travel to lots of nearby cities like Birmingham or Leicester.
  • It's a very welcoming city full of students.
  • Coventry is one of the most affordable cities in the UK, which allows you to experience British culture and improve your English at a lower cost.

Cheap international student accommodation in Coventry, UK

Do you need accommodation in Coventry and you don't know how to get it? In Erasmus Play you can find for free the best flats, spare rooms and apartments for students in Coventry.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Coventry

How much does it cost to live in Coventry as a student?
The cost of living in Coventry depends, on the one hand, on the lifestyle you lead and, on the other hand, on the type of accommodation you choose. Adding up all the expenses and assuming you decide to share a flat, you will need a monthly budget of around £600-700.
What is student life like in Coventry?
Coventry is cosmopolitan, welcoming thousands of students from different parts of the world. The city has two universities with excellent facilities: the University of Coventry and Warwick. There is also an international student association that organizes activities, events and parties for international students. We also recommend that you get the student card offered by this association, with which you will get multiple discounts in shops, nightclubs, transport... Coventry has a lot to offer young people: bars, pubs, shopping centres, parks, etc., as well that you will never have time to get bored.
How much does student accommodation cost in Coventry?
Accommodation prices in Coventry may change depending on your location or the type of accommodation. A spare room in a shared flat has an average monthly cost of about £470. In contrast, a spare room in a dormitory is around £500-550.
How much is the scholarship to study in Coventry?
The amount of scholarship you will receive to study in Coventry may vary depending on your country of residence. For this reason, we recommend that you check with the international relations office of your home university, which will be happy to help you.
What are the best areas to live in Coventry?
Students usually choose the location of the accommodation according to the location of their study centre. There are two universities in Coventry: Coventry University and Warwick University. If you are going to study at Coventry University, the best areas to live in are the city centre, Cheylesmore and Gosford Green. On the other hand, if you are going to go to Warwick, the best neighbourhoods are Westwood or Kirby Corner.