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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Dublin

Erasmus in Dublin

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Dublin

Private rooms Dublin 1175 1099/month
Residences Dublin 585 1099/month
Studios Dublin 107 4077/month
Apartments Dublin 240 3664/month

Why do your Erasmus in Dublin? Is Dublin a good Erasmus destination?

Dublin is a city full of students, so there is always a great atmosphere, parties and music there. But you can also find beautiful landscapes and places that you can visit, and they won’t let you down.

Studying in a foreign country starts as an adventure, then you see it as a great opportunity, and, once it ends, you feel like it has been the best experience of your life.

Cost of living in Dublin, Ireland

Most likely, one of the few drawbacks you will find to this city is the price of its rents. The Irish capital is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe. However, once you find your accommodation, everything that comes next will be absolutely great.

Individual or shared rooms in shared apartments cost around 550-800€ per month. Another option is student dormitories which usually cost 800€ per month on average. Of course, depending on the area where we search for accommodation, prices can vary. In the center of the city, the prices are higher than in the outskirts. But living in the center also means you can go to many places without taking any kind of transportation.

To this price, you should add other monthly expenses such as food or your leisure activities. Now, everything depends, partly, on the lifestyle you decide to live. Some students spend around 900€ per month, on average, to live in Dublin.

Although you will probably have to spend a little more money on accommodation, a piece of advice would be that you spend your money wisely on everything else. Meaning you don’t need to spend excessive amounts to enjoy your life as an Erasmus student in Dublin.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Dublin, Ireland

In the Irish capital, you can find several important universities, such as Trinity College, University College of Dublin, or Dublin City University. That’s why it is the chosen destination for many students, local as well as international students. You can always find associations that organize activities meant for students which are very interesting if you want to meet new people.

If you are more interested in partying, don’t worry, you have more options than you can imagine. Not only is this city full of bars, pubs and clubs but these places are open every day. Some places can indeed be quite expensive and a beer can cost 5€ or more. However, in other places, you will find offers where the drinks cost 2-2.50€. As you can see, there is an option for everyone!

Culture and gastronomy in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a city that doesn’t have a lack of culture. It is considered one of the important cities in Europe regarding this aspect. From the great figures in art and literature who were born or have lived there, to its universities which are impressive, to the art and celebrations you can find on the streets. All of this makes the city a dynamic and lively place.

Eating out maybe isn’t something that you do every day, but, without a doubt, you have to try some typical dishes of Dublin during your Erasmus there. Here we give you some recommendations, like Irish stew, colcannon, coddle and, of course, Guinness beer.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Dublin

  • It is an opportunity to improve your English level.
  • You will have the possibility to live in a very dynamic city.
  • You will meet people from different countries.
  • There are parties and leisure activities every day. If you make friends with some locals, you will discover the most traditional Irish pubs and their best-known beers.
  • You have a great variety of places you can visit, not only in Dublin but everywhere in Ireland. You won’t find it difficult to get around.

Cheap Erasmus accommodation in Dublin, Ireland

Do you need accommodation in Dublin but don’t know how to find it? On Erasmus Play we help you for free to compare and find the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Dublin.

Frequently asked questions from students doing about Erasmus in Dublin

How much does it cost to live in Dublin as a student?

Dublin is an expensive city, but the amount you spend will vary depending on your accommodation. On average, living in Dublin costs around 900-1000€ per month.

How is student life in Dublin?

Dublin is full of students of many nationalities, so the life and student atmosphere there are very dynamic and fun.

How much does student accommodation cost in Dublin?

The price of student dormitories is around 800€ per month. There are cheaper options, around 600€, but some others can be quite more expensive. A piece of advice is that you start looking for accommodation early enough, as many students in the same situation arrive in the city every year.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Dublin?

The Erasmus scholarship to study in Dublin will depend on your country of origin. We recommend you ask the international relations office at your university. They will be happy to help you!

Best areas to live in Dublin?

Being a student, the best areas to live in are the most centric ones or the ones close to your university. In those areas, you will find most students and the most frequented places. Now, wherever you live will also make the price of the rent vary.