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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Edinburgh

Erasmus in Edinburgh

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Edinburgh

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Why do Erasmus in Edinburgh? The capital of Scotland is the second-largest city in the nation, so it offers a great number of possibilities and opportunities to its inhabitants. Edinburgh is a perfect Erasmus destination since its cultural, leisure and nature offer allows you to do all kinds of activities and the city leaves you in love from the first day. Would you like to discover everything about Edinburgh? Stay tuned to this post then!

Cost of living in Edinburgh, UK

Surely at some point, you've wondered what a student's monthly expense is, in Edinburgh, right? Well, it is normal. This is one of the most repeated questions by students who go there on Erasmus. Scotland's standard of living is quite high, in general, but the budget you spend also depends on your lifestyle. To get an idea, you should know that the average cost of living for a student in Edinburgh is around 1000 pounds. If you come from a country where another currency is used, we recommend that you make the change and see what this amount is equivalent to in a currency that you dominate. If you come from a European country, your currency is probably the euro. 1000 pounds is equivalent to about 1162 euros, approximately.

In this amount, basic expenses have been included, including rent, food or transportation. In addition, some extra expense that you make for leisure has also been considered. It is recommended that you keep a certain control of your expenses and, what many students do, is save a little money for possible trips around the United Kingdom.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh is a pleasant and student-friendly city, which at first glance, does not seem too big. The city is full of young people and its universities host thousands of students, local and international, every year. It is very typical to find groups of students that you can join very easily. In addition, there are even associations for Erasmus or international students that organize events and activities throughout the year. On the other hand, Edinburgh (and Scotland in general) is surrounded by nature, so taking excursions or walking around the city can be a perfect activity to relax.

Another very important part when you do your Erasmus is the party and in Edinburgh, you will find a wide variety of places to go, no matter your musical style. It is very typical of this city to go to a bar and drink beer. But you will also have the option of going to discos every night. Some very frequented places by Erasmus students are Three Sisters, one of the most popular bars in the city, or the Cowgate area, where you can find a large number of bars and clubs for all tastes. As you can see, the atmosphere in this city is usually very lively and you are sure to find a plan for each day.

Culture and gastronomy in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Currently, it is a city full of life and young people, practically a student city, but the cultural and historical background of Edinburgh is vast and many years old. The first days in the city we recommend that you use them to discover all its streets and corners, in this way you will feel safer and you will see that the city is beautiful. You can visit such beautiful and emblematic places as the castle, the Scottish Parliament building or the National Museum of Scotland. A curious fact about Edinburgh is that this city is "divided" in two: the old city (Old Town) and the new (New Town), meaning that the oldest part of the city is separated from the most modern.

As for gastronomy, you may be surprised by some of the typical Scottish recipes. You may not eat out at a restaurant every day, but when you go, you can try dishes as rich as haggis, scotch broth, tatties and neeps or the scotch egg. There is much more variety, but we let you discover it little by little.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • If you live in Edinburgh you will be able to improve your level of English a lot every day, both at university and when you go out with friends.
  • Edinburgh is the second-largest city in Scotland, so it has everything you could need, but when you have been there for a few days, you will realize that it is a very welcoming and friendly city.
  • You have a wide variety of leisure options, from partying or having a drink with your friends, to go for a walk around the city.
  • Edinburgh thinks a lot about its students. You will be able to find various associations and groups (art, sports, etc.) to join during your year abroad.

Cheap student apartments in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Finding accommodation in a city you don't know can be a long and expensive process. If you want to escape this and find student housing in Edinburgh, head over to our Erasmus Play platform. We help you to compare different offers of flats, rooms and apartments for international students in Edinburgh easily and for free. In addition, our accommodations are fully verified so that you can book them safely with our key partners.

Frequently asked questions from Erasmus students in Edinburgh 

How much does it cost to live in Edinburgh as a student?

To live in Edinburgh as a student you need, on average, about £ 1,000 per month. The standard of living in the Scottish capital is quite high and this is reflected in everything: rent, food, transport, etc. We recommend that you try to keep some control of your monthly expenses and that you save a little money to travel around the country.

What is student life like in Edinburgh?

Today the city receives many students every year, therefore, the atmosphere is very youthful, festive and pleasant. Now, it is also the perfect city to relax, go for a walk and enjoy nature. Student life in Edinburgh is very dynamic and perfect for any Erasmus student.

How much does student accommodation cost in Edinburgh?

Prices for everything in general in Edinburgh are quite high and rents are no exception. You can find rooms in shared flats for around € 500 per month (residences tend to be a bit more expensive), but keep in mind that location can make the price vary a lot.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Edinburgh?

To know the exact answer to this question, we recommend that you contact the institution or organization in your country of origin. The international relations office of your university, for example, can help you solve all the doubts you have about the Erasmus grant or other grants offered by your country. This is because the conditions of this scholarship are different depending on where you reside.

What are the best areas to live in in Edinburgh?

Some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by Erasmus students are Lochrin, Hillside Crescent or the historic part of the city (Old Town). It is recommended that you compare several areas before deciding on one. This can be done easily through our Erasmus Play platform.