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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Groningen

Erasmus in Groningen

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Groningen

Private rooms Groningen 77 518/month
Studios Groningen 8 1013/month
Apartments Groningen 36 1596/month

Why should you do your Erasmus in Groningen? This city is located in the Northern part of the Netherlands and most of its population are students and young people. That is why you can always find some event in the city and the student atmosphere is amazing all year round. If you would like to know more about Groningen, here we give you all the information you need about the city. Let’s get started!

Cost of living in Groningen, Netherlands

The standard of living in the Netherlands is quite high, however, Groningen is one of the most affordable cities in this country. A student can live in this city with a budget of around € 700 per month approximately. If you know the lifestyle of some other cities in this part of Europe, you will see that Groningen is quite affordable.

This amount includes accommodation, food and possible leisure activities. However, it also depends on you and what your priorities are whether the budget is higher or not. We recommend that when looking for an apartment, you ask whether the expenses are included in the price or if they are separate. It is better to ask all the doubts you may have so you don’t get any bad surprises once you are already in the city.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Groningen, Netherlands

Surely you have heard former Erasmus students talking about how incredible Erasmus parties are, right? In a city like Groningen, the parties and ambience at night are perfect for any student who wants to enjoy his or her year abroad. You can go to a ton of bars and clubs, there are options for every musical taste: techno, rap, pop, etc. Some quite popular places are the Drie Gezusters, in the centre of the city, or the OOST nightclub.

If besides partying you would like to do some other kind of activities, a piece of advice for any exchange student is to join one of the student associations of the city. Being part of one of these groups can help you meet other students and make friends at the beginning. Moreover, they usually organize theme parties and events for international students. Another advantage of joining an association is that thanks to it, you can get discount vouchers on transportation, in some restaurants, etc. Ask your university about these student associations they will for sure help you without any problems.

Culture and gastronomy in Groningen, Netherlands

You will be surprised by the number of events and celebrations that this city offers throughout the year. Among the different festivals, you can find in Groningen, the flower festival stands out, very traditional in the Netherlands. It is a time of the year when the entire city is covered in flowers and amazing shows take place. However, apart from all the events, you can go to, you can also visit such emblematic places as the Grote Markt Square, the Stadspark park, the St. Martin’s Church or the Martinitoren, a tower next to the church.

Regarding Dutch cuisine, you are going to discover such typical dishes as the mustard soup which, even though it may sound strange to you, is one of the most traditional dishes all over the Netherlands. Some other dishes are the Pannenkoeken, Rijsttafel or Stroopwafels. You are going to taste all the Dutch cuisine specialities. However, if you feel like eating other things, you can also find restaurants with more international dishes such as hamburgers, Italian food, etc.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Groningen, Netherlands

  • The city is full of young people and you will always have amazing plans, it doesn't matter the day of the week.
  • Even if you don’t know the official language, you will be able to perfectly communicate in English not only with young people but with almost everyone. The English level in this city is quite high, so there’s no need to worry.
  • Compared to other cities in the Netherlands, Groningen is quite affordable which will allow you to do more things for less money.
  • The universities in the city are very well-known in Europe, so you have the chance to learn a lot.

Cheap accommodation in Groningen, Netherlands

Do you need accommodation in Groningen and don’t know how to find it? On Erasmus Play we compare for you the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Groningen. You can easily and safely find the option that best suits your necessities.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Groningen

How much does it cost to live in Groningen as a student?

The monthly budget of a student in Groningen is, approximately, € 700. This amount can vary depending on the price of your accommodation or your leisure activities.

How is student life in Groningen?

A great part of the population in Groningen is made up of young people and students. Therefore, you will see that the student atmosphere is very lively all year round. There are always activities, events and some parties to go to.

How much does student accommodation cost in Groningen?

You can find rooms in shared apartments in Groningen for around 300-400 euros per month. This tends to be the most popular option among students since it is much more comfortable than a student dormitory because you won’t have timetables or restrictions.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Groningen?

If you decide you want to go on Erasmus to Groningen, the characteristics and conditions of the scholarship will depend on your country of origin. Ask the international relations office at your university about everything you need to know, it is better to start your Erasmus experience in Groningen with all your doubts solved.

What are the best areas to live in Groningen?

Some of the favourite places for students in this city are the centre, the Paddepoel district or the areas closer to the universities. We recommend you to compare areas, prices and types of accommodation before choosing one.