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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Lyon

Erasmus in Lyon

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Lyon

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Why do your Erasmus in Lyon?

Lyon is a city in France where a lot of international students come each year to do their Erasmus. This city can be the perfect destination to study there for a year. It is not an excessively big city, but it has everything you can need. Besides, it will give you the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world, a must when you do an Erasmus.

Cost of living in Lyon, France

The cost of living in Lyon is cheaper than in cities like Paris. As is often the case, your biggest expense will be rent. Lyon is a very demanded Erasmus destination, where,  a large number of students arrive every year, so you should start looking for accommodation early enough to find good deals.

Exchange students usually choose to rent a room in a shared apartment, as you will usually have more freedom there than if you live in a student residence. A student in Lyon can spend around 800€ per month. This number can vary depending on the kind of accommodation and other weekly expenses that you may have (food, leisure, parties, travels, etc.).

Erasmus parties and leisure in Lyon, France

Lyon is one of the preferred destinations in France for exchange students. You can always find a great atmosphere; it doesn’t matter what day it is. There is quite a variety when it comes to bars and clubs where young people get together. Whether it is winter or summer, there will always be a place where you can go and have a great time with your friends.

This city is not only popular for its parties, but also for all the places that you can visit, such as buildings, museums, monuments, etc. Besides, there are also student associations that often prepare activities and trips meant for Erasmus students.

Culture and gastronomy in Lyon, France

The culture present in Lyon is amazing. When you walk its streets it feels like you are learning and discovering its history, an incredible experience. Some places you can’t miss are the quarters of Vieux Lyon, Prequ’île, Croix-Rousse and Fouvière. This is the old part of the city, which has been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can also find a great number of museums, basilicas and magnificent buildings.

If one day you feel like going out to get to know the traditional gastronomy of this city, you likely end up in a “Bouchon”, typical restaurants in Lyon. Here you will be able to taste receipts as traditional as the quenelle, Lyon salad, crevell de canut on one of its most famous desserts the bugnes.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Lyon

Doing your Erasmus in Lyon will allow you to live one of the best experiences of your life. Besides, the city offers many advantages:

  • Get to know one of the cities with more culture and history of France, with a lot of artistic and literary references.
  • Taste its exquisite dishes,
  • Lyon is not as big as the French capital, however, you will find there anything you may need.
  • It is a city located in the centre of Europe, which will give you a lot of facilities to visit other French cities or even other close countries, like Switzerland or Italy.

Cheap Erasmus accommodation in Lyon

Do you need accommodation in Lyon and don’t know how to find it? On Erasmus Play we compare for you the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Lyon.

Frequently asked questions from students about doing Erasmus in Lyon

How much does it cost to live in Lyon as a student?

The cost of living in Lyon as a student can be around 800€ per month approximately. This number will vary depending on the kind of accommodation, its location, or your leisure activities.

How is student life in Lyon?

Lyon is a city full of students. Here you will be able to party with your friends, travel and learn about its culture and history, while you live an amazing experience.

How much does student accommodation cost in Lyon?

A room in a student dormitory can cost around 300-400€ per month. Another option is finding a room in a shared apartment, although the prices for these rooms can vary a lot depending on the kind of apartment and its location.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Lyon?

You can check this information with the international relations office in your university. Each country has different norms and requirements regarding the Erasmus scholarship, so this information will vary depending on your country of origin.

Best areas to live in Lyon?

This will depend on your preferences. There are several universities, so you have the option of choosing an area closer to the university you will attend or a more centric one. You should also take into account that the area you choose can also make the rental prices change.