Student housing, apartments, and rooms for rent in Manhattan

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Manhattan is one of the districts (or boroughs) that make up New York City, being the most populous of the five. It is an island bordered by the East, Hudson, and Harlem rivers. It is home to most of New York's most famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park.

This cosmopolitan district welcomes thousands of students and young professionals who come in search of the experience of living in this cultural capital for at least one season. Thanks to this, the atmosphere is very fun and dynamic, with countless plans to do and places to visit every day. Of course, keep in mind that it is a city with a fast pace of life, so if big cities are not your thing, it is probably not the best option for you.

Are you looking for student housing in Manhattan? The cost of rent in this district is usually high, so we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible, to have more options to choose from.

Student apartments for rent in Manhattan

In Manhattan, you will find both studio flats and apartments with several rooms to share with other students. If you want to have a complete space for yourself, a studio apartment would be your ideal accommodation. However, keep in mind that the cost is usually very high, approximately from $1900 onwards. On the other hand, there are apartments with several rooms to share, which can go from $5000 and up and go up to $14,620 a month for one with two or three bedrooms.

Student room for rent in Manhattan

This is usually the preferred alternative for international youth since the cost is usually much lower than that of a complete apartment. The price of rooms for students in shared flats in Manhattan usually goes from $650 onwards and can go up to $2000 a month, always depending on its location and the characteristics it has.

Student housing in Manhattan

Here are some of the neighborhoods that were most chosen each year by international and local students to live in, due to their location both close to entertainment venues and Manhattan universities.

Apartments for rent in Upper West Side

This is the area that stretches between the Hudson River and Central Park. It has a wide variety of dining venues and cultural sites, such as museums and theaters. The northern area is convenient for those who are going to study at Columbia University.

Apartments in Greenwich Village

This neighborhood has a very good atmosphere, with several bars, restaurants, and cafes frequented by young people. Here you can find Washington Square Park and most of the New York University colleges.

Room for Rent in Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen is located between Midtown and the Hudson River. This area is full of restaurants and bars and has several museums and other areas of interest to young people. It is also very well communicated with the rest of the city.

Accommodation near Manhattan universities

These are some of the institutions that host more international students each year in Manhattan:

New York University (NYU)

Most of the departments of this institution are located in the neighborhood from Greenwich Village, south of the island of Manhattan, surrounding Washington Square Park. For this reason, this group of buildings is often referred to as the Washington Square campus. New York University also has other centers in different parts of Manhattan, like NYU Langone Health Medical Center and NYU Grossman School of Medicine. 

Columbia University

This prestigious institution has several buildings and campuses in Manhattan. The main campus is in Morningside Heights, west of Harlem. Further north, in the Washington Heights area, is the Irving Medical Center with the university hospital. Soon, the campus is also to be opened in Manhattanville, near the one in Morningside Heights.

Fordham University

The Manhattan campus of this university is located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, very close to the southern part of Central Park. Classes from various faculties are taught here, including Law, Education, Arts and Sciences, Business and Social Services.

University residence in Manhattan

One of the advantages of being a municipality that receives thousands of students every year is that there is a wide variety of accommodation available for young people. In Manhattan, you will find a multitude of student residences, located in different parts of the city. If this is your preferred type of accommodation, we recommend above all that you try to find one that is relatively close to the university you are going to go to, to save time and money on transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Manhattan 

How much does a student room cost in Manhattan?
The price of rooms in shared flats usually goes from $ 650 onwards and can go up to $2000 a month, always depending on its location and the characteristics it has.
What are the best areas to live in Manhattan as a student?
If you are going to live in Manhattan, you should look for accommodation near your university, to save on transportation. That said, some of the neighborhoods most chosen by international youth are Midtown, Hell's Kitchen, Greenwich Village, Upper West Side, Little Italy, Midtown East, Lennox Hill, and Yorkville.
How to find cheap student housing in Manhattan?
We recommend that you make use of the Erasmus Play search engine that we put at your disposal, with which you will be able to compare the different verified and available apartments and rooms. You will have the possibility to see all the images, prices, characteristics, requirements, and locations, being able to identify the ideal one for you easily and quickly.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Manhattan?
The truth is that living in Manhattan is not cheap at all, but it is what living in one of the most coveted cities in the world has to offer. Calculate that you will have to have at least $2000 between rent, food expenses, and some entertainment.
Why study in Manhattan?
This multicultural and vibrant district is an ideal place to study if what you want is a rhythm of life that never stops. Here you will be able to live the experience with other young people from all over the world, enjoying all the culture, sports, and entertainment offer that Manhattan has.