Information and tips for Erasmus students in Móstoles

Erasmus in Mostoles

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Móstoles

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Why do Erasmus in Móstoles? Móstoles is a great destination because many young people are living and studying at the same time. In addition, its cultural diversity and its proximity to the Spanish capital (Madrid) is what makes it a fantastic place to live. From its gastronomy to its many art galleries and museums, there is always something to do in this small town on the outskirts of Madrid!

For many Erasmus, Móstoles is the perfect city, it has tranquillity during the week (to focus on your studies) and fun on weekends in Madrid, since it is only 30 minutes away by public transport.

Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about Móstoles so that your experience in this city is the best possible!

Cost of living in Móstoles, Spain

In Móstoles, the cost of living is considerably lower than in Madrid and that is why many students decide to live here since the University is located in Móstoles. In addition, the proximity to Madrid makes it an ideal destination for foreign students who wish to do an Erasmus in Spain. 

One of the biggest expenses that a student will have during their experience is the rent of the accommodation. From Erasmus Play we want to help you with this, we have searched for the best apartments and rooms for rent in Móstoles so that you can make a reservation easily. You can find rooms for rent for € 300 per month.

Taking into account accommodation, food, transport and leisure, calculate that you will need a total of € 600- € 700 per month to live comfortably.

Student life, parties and leisure in Móstoles, Spain

Móstoles is a small city but full of activity due to its great student atmosphere. Thousands of students go to study in Móstoles and that is why there is always a good atmosphere in its streets.

Next, we will recommend some of the most visited places by Erasmus students. You can start your tour at the Fuente de Los Peces located in the centre, go for a walk through the Plaza de Pradillo or play sports in the Parque de Soto. You also have several museums to visit, in addition, you have to know that they are free on the first Sunday of each month. 

If you feel like going out to a party or go to drink some “cañas” (beers), near Avenida Portugal there are a lot of bars that have a great atmosphere. 

Another option is to go to Madrid during the weekend to have dinner and go out at night with friends. Most Erasmus students who live in Móstoles prefer to go out for the weekend in the capital. Public transport to go from Móstoles to Madrid is very comfortable and it will only take you 30 minutes to get there.

Culture and gastronomy in Móstoles, Spain

The gastronomic culture in Spain is very good and varied. Not only will you find some of the best restaurants in Madrid, in Móstoles there are a wide variety of restaurants with traditional Spanish, Italian or fast food cuisine. There is something for everyone!

If you want to stay for dinner on a beautiful terrace, the Restaurant "El eslabón" is one of the most recommended options to taste Mediterranean and traditional Spanish cuisine. Another affordable bar/restaurant is "Oskar Burger" which is the ideal place to eat after drinking some "cañas" (beers). 

On a cultural level, there are not a lot of monuments to visit in Mostoles, however, thanks to the proximity to Madrid this will not be a problem, due to its proximity you can visit Madrid and its monuments as much as you want.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Móstoles, Spain

  • Móstoles is ideal for students studying at the Rey Juan Carlos University since there are several campuses here.
  • You will be able to learn and practice Spanish, one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world.
  • The cost of living is much lower than in Madrid. 
  • Public transport in Móstoles is good and you can visit Madrid very easily, in just 30 minutes.
  • You will be able to know Spanish culture and the local gastronomy at affordable prices.

Cheap student accommodation in Móstoles, Spain

Do you need student accommodation in Móstoles? In Erasmus Play you can find the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Mostoles for free.

Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Mostoles

How much does it cost to live in Mostoles as a student?
Living in Móstoles is a cheaper alternative than living in Madrid. The monthly budget that you will need ranges between € 600- € 700, depending on your lifestyle.
How is student life in Mostoles?
In Móstoles, you will find many young people, students and professionals from all over the world. Thanks to this, the student environment is very dynamic and fun. In addition, thanks to its proximity to Madrid, you will never be short of plans and activities to do.
How much does a student accommodation cost in Mostoles?
The average monthly price of a room for rent in Móstoles is € 300-350, while some areas can reach € 500, depending on where you are looking and the characteristics of the apartment.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Móstoles?
The Erasmus scholarship is an economic aid that you can receive when studying in the European Union. The amount varies depending on the duration of the program and the country in which you decide to live. We always recommend asking at your University.
Best areas to live in Móstoles?
The centre of Móstoles has the best accommodation options due to its good connection by public transport, many places of leisure and proximity to the university. There are other very good options such as the district of Villafontana, Estoril I and Pinar de Móstoles to the southeast, where the rent can be very affordable.