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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Nancy

Erasmus in Nancy

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Nancy

Private rooms Nancy 318 505/month
Residences Nancy 9 563/month
Studios Nancy 1 1015/month
Apartments Nancy 46 711/month

Why do the Erasmus in Nancy? If you would like to do your Erasmus in France, but you don't know which destination to choose, here we provide you with some reasons why Nancy is an ideal option. It is located in the northeast of France, at a very strategic point that allows you to travel to other nearby cities. Although Nancy is a small and friendly city, it has a lot to offer, and therefore you will always have something to do. In addition, Nancy is one of the most student-friendly cities in France.

Cost of living in Nancy, France

The standard of living in Nancy is a bit high, but don't worry because it's not as expensive as in big cities like Paris or Strasbourg. In other words, it is not one of the most expensive cities in France, but it is not one of the cheapest either. Also, as Nancy is a very student city, there are many discounts for all students in transportation, museums, bars, etc., and the university cafeterias offer lunch menus for less than five euros. Of course, accommodation will be the biggest expense you have and, therefore, our advice is to start the search as soon as possible. From our Erasmus Play website, you can find spare rooms for €240.

Thus, taking into account the costs of accommodation, food, transport and leisure, a student can spend around €750-800 per month. This amount is only an approximation and may vary depending on your lifestyle and needs.

Student life, Erasmus parties and leisure in Nancy

As you well know, Nancy is known for its great university atmosphere, so you won't be short of leisure plans. In the city centre, specifically around “Place Stanislas”, you will find a lot of bars where you can go for a drink or party. One of the favourite pubs for young people is "Mac Carthy" since there is a good atmosphere every day and on Wednesdays, they usually organize Erasmus parties.

On the other hand, the cultural offer of Nancy is very wide, since it has many leisure spaces such as the National Opera, the Poirel concert hall, cinemas, museums...

We also recommend you take advantage of your Erasmus stay to travel to nearby cities such as Paris, Metz, Strasbourg or Luxembourg.

Culture and gastronomy in Nancy, France

In a couple of days you will be able to discover the most emblematic places in Nancy:

  • Place Stanislas
  • Nancy Cathedral
  • The Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine
  • Place de la Carrière
  • The National Museum of Fine Arts arts
  • La Craffe gate
  • Place d'Alliance

As for gastronomy, in Nantes you will be able to try dishes as typical of the region as the “quiche lorraine” (a type of savoury tart), the “macarons”, the “pâté lorrain” (puff pastry stuffed with meat) or “potée lorraine” (a type of French stew).

Advantages of doing the Erasmus in Nancy

  • Nancy has a very good location to travel to nearby cities such as Paris, Metz, Strasbourg, or Luxembourg.
  • Nancy has a great student atmosphere, which allows you to make friends from different nationalities.
  • In Nancy, you will never have time to get bored, as it offers plenty of activities, entertainment and cultural venues.
  • It is a very welcoming city and you can walk everywhere.

Cheap Erasmus accommodation in Nancy, France

Do you need accommodation in Nancy and don't know how to get it? In Erasmus Play you can find the best flats, spare rooms and apartments for students in Nancy.

Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Nancy

How much does it cost to live in Nancy as a student?

If your idea is to rent a spare room in a shared flat, you will need a monthly budget of around €750-800. Although, this amount may vary depending on your lifestyle or the type of accommodation you choose.

How is student life in Nancy?

Nancy is one of the most student-friendly cities in France since the city receives many students from France and different parts of the world. Universities in Nancy are very dynamic and organize many activities and events for students. Also, they offer a lot of sports for a very low price. We recommend you sign up for all the plans and parties organized by the Erasmus student association.

How much does student accommodation cost in Nancy?

The most popular option among Erasmus students is to share a flat. In Nancy, you can find a spare room in a shared flat for €240, with an average cost of around €400 per month. We advise you that once you have accommodation and are settled in Nancy, ask for the "CAF", an economic aid from France that all students can receive to pay for housing.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Nancy?

The amount you will receive from the Erasmus scholarship to study in Nancy depends on your country of residence. For this reason, we recommend you check with the international relations office of your home university. There they will solve all your doubts.

What are the best areas to live in in Nancy?

The best areas of Nancy to live are downtown, Saurupt, Boudonville and Saint-Pierre - René II - Marcel Brot. Students usually live close to their university, so before looking for accommodation, you should first find out where you are going to study to find out which neighbourhood is best for you to live in.