Erasmus in Nottingham

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Nottingham

Why study in Nottingham? Nottingham has everything that any large city can offer. Located in the centre of England and with easy access to other parts of the country, so you will be able to travel without problem. There are many things to do in Nottingham, from going out to pubs and restaurants to partying at night, to doing leisure activities in parks and nature. 

If you intend to do an Erasmus in Nottingham, the ideal for many students is to share a flat, since it involves a lower monthly cost. As for accommodation, there are all prices, being more expensive those that are closer to the city centre. On the other hand, public transport is not so bad, the bus has a cost two pounds (2.50 euros). In Nottingham there are two internationally recognized universities, so you can always find someone who speaks English and thus practice the language. As for the student environment, it is excellent, because you will always find people who want to have fun and do leisure activities.

Cost of living in Nottingham, England

Nottingham is one of the most affordable cities in England. Renting a furnished apartment in an expensive area costs approximately £ 1,000, so we recommend you always look for rooms in shared flats or residences students... Don't forget to also enjoy the typical food of the city: you can find it at very affordable prices if you do. You compare with the prices of other English cities. You also have plenty of time to explore Nottingham's rich history and diversity through its architecture, culture and entertainment.

Student life, parties and leisure in Nottingham, England

Nottingham is known for its student atmosphere, which means there are always discounts or events on campus. You can party any night of the week and find venues (pubs and clubs) that suit your musical tastes, whether you want to listen to rock on Rock City Wednesdays, go hip hop with Volt Fridays, pop tunes on Ocean Mondays or PomPom Tuesdays, very popular with Nottingham residents. There is also something special in the basement of Pub The Lakehouse if you prefer Latin rhythms like salsa.

You will meet new friends from all over the world when you go to Erasmus parties in Nottingham. We recommend you sign up and participate in all the events held by the university for international students, to meet new people from all over the world.

Culture and gastronomy in Nottingham, England

Nottingham gastronomy is a unique experience that we recommend you try every week. You'll find the best food and drink in the area, from The Aloha Room to the Brewdog Beer Store. In addition to being one of the most historic cities in all of Europe, you will also fall in love with its culinary scene, with restaurants like Gonzo Sushi, which caters to sushi enthusiasts, or even BrewDog, which offers some of the best craft beers in the city. … There is also a small restaurant in Nottingham called "Lunchtime eatery", its speciality sandwiches with all kinds of combinations, from caviar and cheese to cucumber and ham. 

Nottingham is one of the most welcoming cities in England and exploring its caves is an incredible experience. You can wander through Nottingham, seeing old Victorian houses on every corner, before finally arriving at Shire Hall, where you can learn about justice in England over time, touring the different courtrooms or exploring a prison cell. If you are a lover of tales and stories, in the centre you will find many stories about the iconic Robin Hood character, he is very popular in Nottingham.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Nottingham, England

  • You can choose to study at the University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University, both of which are recognized and prestigious all over the world. 
  • Practising your English will be something of every day. So it is the perfect place to study that language.
  • Nottingham has a great student atmosphere, so you will meet other Erasmus and residents.
  • This city is affordable and you can enjoy English culture at a low cost, unlike other northern European countries.

Cheap student accommodation in Nottingham, England 

Looking for student accommodation in Nottingham? Erasmus Play compares the best apartments, rooms and student residences in Nottingham for you.

Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Nottingham

How much does it cost to live in Nottingham as a student?
The cost of living in Nottingham can depend on the type and lifestyle you lead, as well as the accommodation you choose. Assuming you decide to share a flat, adding food and leisure, calculate a budget of approximately 700-800 pounds per month.
What is student life like in Nottingham?
Nottingham is the perfect city for any foreign student. Precisely because the cost of living is lower than that of other nearby cities. There are plenty of leisure options thanks to the University of Nottingham Student Union, which organizes cultural events every day.
How much does student accommodation cost in Nottingham?
The average price of a room in Nottingham is 500-600 pounds, although you can find rooms to rent for just over 300 pounds per month. For those who prefer to live alone or with other Erasmus students, it is much less expensive to find an apartment outside the city centre and go there to study.
 How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Nottingham?
The scholarship will depend on the city and country of origin, as well as the duration of your study program. We recommend that you inform yourself very well of the amount that you are going to receive monthly to calculate the budget that you are going to need.
 What are the best areas to live in Nottingham?
The variety of accommodation is huge, but there is also a high demand due to the large population of young people who live here. The best areas to live in are Arboretum and Hockley. These two neighbourhoods have first-class services and it is easy to get around on foot or by bicycle since they are close enough to be able to walk everywhere without using public transport. The closest areas to Trent University are the Arboretum, Hockley, The Park and the city centre



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