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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Adelaide

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Adelaide

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This is the capital of the state of South Australia, which is located in the south of the country, on the coast of the Gulf of Saint Vincent. This city oozes art, culture and gastronomy in all its corners, so there is always something to do or a place to go. Also, Adelaide usually hosts several festivals throughout the year.

International students who move to live in the capital of South Australia for a season take the opportunity to enjoy both the city and the surrounding nature. From Regional Reserves to islands like Kangaroo Island, living in Adelaide you will be able to explore different areas of Australia and delve into the culture of the country.

If you are wondering, How much does it cost to live in Adelaide for students? You have to know that the cost of accommodation in this city is generally cheaper than in other large cities in Australia, such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Thanks to this, the monthly budget for a student is usually cheaper, although the expenses for food, leisure and transportation are usually similar. In this article, we tell you the details that you have to pay attention to, to find accommodation with a good price, good features and a convenient location.

Student apartments for rent in Adelaide

Are you looking for a student apartment in Adelaide? You have to know that most of the complete apartments that you will find correspond to studio apartments, with the capacity for one person or a couple.

Of course, keep in mind that the cost of studio flats is usually higher than that of a room in a shared flat. In addition, this last option is usually more fun for international young people, since it allows them to share their day-to-day with other students who are in the same situation as you.

Student room for rent in Adelaide

In Adelaide, you will find a wide variety of rooms available for students, both in residences and in shared flats or houses. Remember that you have to pay attention not only to the characteristics of the room but also to the apartment or house in which they are located. For example, some of them can be part of a house with a garden, a swimming pool or even a barbecue. These details can make the difference in deciding between one room or another.

For your reference, the cost of rooms in Adelaide usually starts at AUD 300 and can go as high as 2,100 AUD per month.

Student accommodation in Adelaide

The following are the most convenient areas to live in Adelaide as a student, due to its location both close to the city's entertainment venues and universities.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Adelaide

The city centre, called the CBD or “Central Business District”, is the one that concentrates the largest number of buildings and offices in the city. Thanks to this, the area is full of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops, and there are also many parks and green areas that give it a more natural environment.

Apartments in Brompton

This is another neighbourhood chosen by the students, with a slightly more alternative atmosphere. It is located near the centre and its prices are affordable, both in terms of accommodation and dining options.

Room for rent in Prospect and Medindie

These two areas are located north of the CBD, which you will be able to reach in a few minutes. Thanks to this, they are very close to several of the city's universities. Here you will find many shops, parks, squares, bars, restaurants and cafeterias frequented by students.

Accommodation near Adelaide universities

These are some of the institutions that receive international students in Adelaide:

University of South Australia

This university has several campuses located in different areas of the city. Two of them, the City East Campus and the City West Campus, are located in the centre of the city, on North Terrace. On the other hand are the so-called Mawson Lakes, located north of downtown Adelaide, and Magill Campus, which is east of the city.

University of Adelaide

This institution has several campuses in the city of Adelaide. The main campus is North Terrace and is located in the heart of the city. Here are some faculties, such as Engineering, Molecular Science and different Arts. Another campus is called Waite and is in the Urrbrae area, southeast of downtown Adelaide. Here are faculties such as Agriculture and Natural Sciences. The third campus is that of Roseworthy and concentrates some departments of Veterinary and Agriculture. It is located north of the city.

Flinders University

The main campus of this university is located in the Bedford Park neighbourhood, in the Adelaide suburbs. However, it also has a building in the city centre, on Victoria Square, and in the Tonsley neighbourhood. 

University residence in Adelaide

In this Australian city, you will find a wide variety of residences where you will be able to apply for a place to stay. Each of them has different types of accommodation, which can be rooms, studio apartments or apartments with several rooms to share. The price depends on both the type of accommodation you choose and the facilities that each residence has, so they usually vary a lot. Compare between them to be able to choose the ideal student residence for you.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Adelaide

How much does a student room cost in Adelaide?

The cost of rooms in shared flats in Adelaide usually starts from AUD 300 and can go as high as2,100 AUD per month.

Where to live in Adelaide as a student?

Some of the most popular neighbourhoods are CBD, Prospect, Brompton, Medindie, Walkerville, Hyde Park and Glenelg.

How do I find accommodation near Adelaide University?

First, you have to define in which area the campus of the university you are going to is located, to identify the closest or most convenient neighbourhoods.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Adelaide?

The cost of living in Adelaide is usually cheaper than in other larger cities in the country, such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Estimates that you have to have a 1200 AUD per month to pay rent, expenses for food and entertainment.

Why study in Adelaide?

Some of the advantages of living in the capital of South Australia are that it has a great leisure and cultural offer, different natural sites to explore and that it has a cheaper cost of living than other cities in Australia, such as Melbourne and Brisbane. In addition, it is a very safe and quiet city, but with a lot of activities and life for young people.