What is Erasmus Play?

Erasmus Play is an accommodation search engine for students, which allows you to compare a wide range of flats, rooms, residences and apartments for students from a multitude of online accommodation platforms. Thanks to its filtering system and development of personalised maps, you will be able to carry out a search according to your needs, knowing at all times how far away your faculty is from your accommodation.

Is Erasmus Play an exclusive service for the Erasmus programme?

NO. The goal of Erasmus Play is to make it easier for users to find accommodation. especially those who need to find accommodation in a new city or a foreign country. The service offered by Erasmus Play is free for all those who are looking for a new accommodation.

What accommodations can I find at Erasmus Play?

You will be able to find all kinds of mid-term accommodations for students and young professionals. In Erasmus Play we have single rooms, apartments, residences and shared flats for students. Thanks to the technology developed in Erasmus Play, you will be able to compare the accommodation of many websites.

In which cities does Erasmus Play display accommodation?

Currently, Erasmus Play is operational in Europe, that is, it helps international students to find their mid-term accommodation all over Europe. The search engine has accommodation in major Spanish university cities.

In which languages can Erasmus Play be used?

The main languages are English, Spanish and Italian. Our team is working to adapt the platform to other languages.

Is Erasmus Play free?

Erasmus Play is totally free. Thanks to the close collaboration that the platform has with Spanish Universities, the service is free for the general public.

Where does accommodation on Erasmus Play come from?

Our partner platforms provide us with access to their global network of verified accommodations and we make them accessible to all international students using Erasmus Play.

Is the Erasmus Play platform safe?

Erasmus Play has established security measures and procedures in order to offer a reliable service to its users within its platform. Moreover, Erasmus Play works with reliable partners whose security objectives are aligned with our service, so that once the user is redirected, he or she is kept in a reliable website and his or her navigation is totally safe.

Do I need to register to use Erasmus Play?

You don't have to sign up for Erasmus Play. The platform is created for what is really important, to search and find accommodation according to your needs, not to waste time with unnecessary registrations.

Does the price appear in different currencies?

Yes, you can change the currency type according to your preferences. Select in the filter bar of the budget and choose how you want to display it in the search (weekly/monthly price), as well as the currency in which you want the prices of the accommodations to appear.

Can I save the accommodations I like?

Yes, you can save those accommodations that you like most and consult them later from your phone/computer in a simple way. You will only have to enter your email and you will receive a link with your saved searches. You will be able to compare these accommodations whenever you want, without having to search for them again.

Can I register my property in Erasmus Play?

If you are an individual owner and want your accommodation to appear on Erasmus Play, don't worry! Fill in the form that appears in List your property and we will redirect you to our trusted partner platforms, where you can register your accommodation and it will automatically appear on our platform.

Which Universities endorse Erasmus Play?

You can consult the Universities that collaborate with Erasmus Play in our home page. There is a carousel with the Universities that have committed themselves to collaborate and make visible the service and the value proposal that Erasmus Play gives to its students.

How can I use Erasmus Play?

To use Erasmus Play you don't have to meet any requirements. Use the search bar to select your destination and apply the filters that you see appropriate. You can consult the characteristics of each accommodation in Erasmus Play or see in detail each accommodation in the web of our partners.

How can I book a student accommodation?

Erasmus Play is an accommodation search engine for students. If you want to search for accommodation for a university or a faculty, the search engine is adapted to offer optimized results for students.

How can I rent a student flat?

Erasmus Play allows users to search for student apartments. To do so, enter your destination in the search bar. Once the results are shown, the 'apartment or studio' type filter should be applied.

How can I rent an apartment?

Erasmus Play is an accommodation search engine for students. When you make a search, a list of accommodations will be shown. By clicking on view, you will be redirected to the web platform of our trusted partners, where you can rent accommodation.

How can I filter my search?

Erasmus Play allows you to apply filters to the search results to find your ideal accommodation. The filters are divided into:

What is the purpose of creating an alert?

Alerts allow you to receive email notifications to know in real-time when new accommodations are posted that meet your search requirements.

How can I filter the search dates?

Erasmus Play allows you to use automatic date filtering based on the University you are looking for. You can select as a filter the start and end dates of the first term, the second term or the whole course.

In the case of not searching by University or not wanting to apply this filter, it is allowed to indicate the month and year of entry and exit of the accommodation. The search engine will show accommodations that are available any day of the month of entry until the month of departure indicated.

Does Erasmus Play help me with my booking?

Erasmus Play has been created by and for international students, with the aim of turning the process of finding student accommodation into a comfortable, simple and safe process. Thanks to the developed technology, we manage to put within reach of our users a wide network of accommodations destined 100% to students and young professionals with very concrete needs and that look for extraordinary results.

How to contact Erasmus Play?

If you have more questions you can write to Erasmus Play via email: [email protected]