Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Albacete
Flatshare in Albacete

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Albacete

This Spanish city has one of the Castilla La Mancha University campuses, which is why it welcomes many international students every year who move to it for an exchange. Thanks to this, if you decide to live in a shared apartment, you will surely live in a fun and multicultural environment with other students of different nationalities. Take the opportunity to learn about their cultures and lifestyles!

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    Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Albacete

    The following are some of the most relevant pros and cons of living in shared flats in this Spanish city:

    Advantages of sharing a flat in Albacete

    • Thanks to the savings on the rent you can spend more money on trips to explore Spain. For example, you can easily reach cities like Valencia, Madrid, Murcia and Alicante by public transport to enjoy everything they have to offer.
    • You will most likely find accommodation in a good location, with good access to the university and the most popular entertainment venues. Keep in mind that some preferred neighbourhoods by young people are the centre of Albacete, Franciscanos, Hospital and University.
    • You get to choose between single spare rooms and shared rooms, as well as between those that are part of private shared flats and other student residences.

    Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Albacete

    • Winter in this city is cold, with rain and sometimes even snow. For this reason, it is convenient that you look at the heating system of your apartment and reach an agreement with your flatmates about its use.
    • If you choose to live in a shared room, you will not have any space in the entire apartment to yourself.

    Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Albacete

    In the Apps for Erasmus+, you can find a lot of useful information for your stay in Albacete, corresponding to the necessary paperwork, procedures and life in the city. For example, one fact that you can find is that the best streets for nightlife are Tejares and Concepción, so remember to spend a fun night!

    How to meet people in Albacete

    In this section, we tell you about some ways you have to meet people in the city of Castilla La Mancha, in addition to connecting with your flatmates when you arrive there.

    Student associations in Albacete

    One of the best associations you can join is the ESN UCLM Albacete. It is a voluntary student organization that helps exchange students integrate easily into life in the city and at the university. They do this, in part, by planning many events and activities throughout the year, in which young people take part and interact with each other.

    Facebook groups for Erasmus in Albacete

    On this platform, you will find the general group of the ESN of the Castilla La Mancha University, called "Erasmus Student Network UCLM". Also, every year specific groups are usually created, distinguished according to the academic year and the city in which the campus is located, such as the so-called "Erasmus Albacete ESN UCLM 22/23".

    Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Albacete

    We recommend that you join these groups when you find them because you will be able to be in direct contact with other Erasmus students in this Spanish city. Also, take the opportunity to propose the plans you want to make, you will surely find other young people who want to join.

    Tips for sharing a student flat in Albacete

    These are some things to keep in mind when living in shared flats in the city of Castilla La Mancha:

    • During your stay in the city, you will surely be able to enjoy some of the celebrations that take place they do in the city every year, such as the Carnival of Albacete, the Fiestas de San Juan de Albacete or the Christmas celebrations.
    • If you like to be outdoors, you have to know that this city is characterized by numerous parks and green areas. Surely you will be able to find an apartment with good access to one of these areas.

    Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Albacete

    How much does a spare room in a shared flat cost in Albacete?
    The price of a spare room in a shared apartment in this Spanish city usually starts at €160 per person and upwards, since the rooms can be individual or shared.
    How to find roommates in Albacete?
    Search on Erasmus Play! In this online community, you can search for accommodation in shared apartments ideally for you, being able to compare between the verified options available.
    Share a flat or live alone in Albacete?
    We believe that the best thing you can do is to share a flat since that will make your student budget more affordable and you will be able to invest a little more money in experiences to enrich your exchange.
    What should I know when entering a flat share in Albacete?
    You have to know what the basic rules of the apartment are, whether it is part of a private building or a student residence. That way you will be able to fulfil them and make coexistence more enjoyable for everyone.
    How to choose ideal roommates in Albacete?
    If your nationality is not Spanish, we recommend that at least one of your roommates be local. That way you will be able to delve into the local culture and learn more about the language daily.