Housing and accommodation in Alicante

Alicante is a city located on the coast, in the south of the Valencian Community. Studying in Alicante is a great opportunity for those students looking for a city on the coast, with a beach and good weather all year round. Alicante, together with Elche and other nearby municipalities, has no lack of services that students seek.

Rent apartments and rooms for students Alicante

Where to rent apartments in Alicante for students?

In Alicante there are several highly recommended areas to live, each neighbourhood has its advantages, here we show you some of them and why you should choose them:

San Juan 

It is a neighbourhood located near the coast, ideal if you want to spend hours and hours throughout the year on the beach. It is also well connected to the city centre by public transport.

Old Town

It is a quiet area, but also the ideal place to enjoy nightlife and go out for drinks without complications. The apartments in this area are usually old but also larger than in other neighbourhoods.


It is a modern area facing the sea, its apartments are pretty new with all the services that any student seeks. You can find leisure areas, where concerts, bars and restaurants are, you can also find services such as stores and supermarkets.

La Albufera

It is a quiet neighbourhood located by the sea, ideal for those students who choose this destination for its beach. Its affordable prices are ideal for students who will be able to find cheap flats and to share at a great price.

San Vicente del Raspeig

It is a municipality very close to Alicante, in fact, the University of Alicante is located in this town. We recommend you rent an apartment in San Vicente due to its proximity to the University. The municipality has a great student atmosphere, although it is a bit far from the coast, you will find student housing at an affordable price near the University of Alicante.

University residences in Alicante

Living in a residence hall during your Erasmus is a good option if you are one of those who prefer not to complicate things. Renting a flat includes complications such as checking internet access, whether you can study comfortably or what services you should hire as an auxiliary to the rental. Living in a residence makes your stay much easier and offers you all the necessary services.

The residences in Alicante for students are distributed mostly in areas close to the University, in the municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig. You can also find some of them in more central areas if you are looking to live in the most central areas or close to the beach, we recommend that you look for a room in a shared apartment, these are usually aimed at students and young professionals and include everything you need.

The University of Alicante has several residential complexes in areas near the campus, the prices of each accommodation usually vary according to the type of room or the services included. When booking a residence you must choose the type of room, generally, you can choose between having a private room or sharing it. Some residences include in their rate a menu that covers your meals, cleaning service, etc. Check all the services they offer to choose the one that best suits you.

Apartments near the University of Alicante

The University of Alicante is located in the municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig. In less than half an hour, the campus can be accessed from the centre of Alicante thanks to the tram. However, if you want to live closer to campus, you should look for accommodation in San Vicente. Being further from the coast and the city centre you can find accommodation at a great price near the University campus.

Rooms and apartments to share in Alicante

Sharing a flat or renting a room in Alicante is a great option to save on rent. If renting a flat or an entire apartment is excessive and you are only looking for a room in a flat to share with other students, you can search on Erasmus Play. We display private rooms at a great price. If you are looking for the cheapest option there is also the option of sharing a room, if you are going to spend a little time at home it is always an option to value.

Frequently asked questions about Alicante

How much does a student apartment cost in Alicante?
In Alicante, the average price of a complete apartment is around 1000 euros, but this will depend especially on its location, size, if it is new construction, etc. If you are looking for a room in a shared apartment in Alicante, the price drops considerably, between 400 and 250 euros.
How to find cheap apartments in Alicante?
Thanks to the tool developed in Erasmus Play you will be able to compare flats, residences and rooms for students in Alicante and San Vicente. In addition, you can make the reservation online in a totally secure way on the website of our trusted partners.
How much does a university residence cost in Alicante?
In Alicante and San Vicente, there are different residences for students. Average prices for university residences depend on the services included in the residence and are usually similar to the prices of a room.
Are you going on Erasmus to Alicante?
Alicante is an ideal city for international students. A city with a wide university life, located on the same coast and with an exceptional climate. In summer it is a city full of tourism that increasingly expands to any time of the year.
How long do I look for accommodation in Alicante?
Our recommendation is always that you search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is Alicante, the sooner the better, since you will have the full range of accommodation, apartments and rooms for students before they are sold out. Don't waste your time and find your ideal accommodation as soon as possible!
How to find an apartment near the University in Alicante?
Erasmus Play makes it easy for you, thanks to the development of personalized maps for the University of Alicante, both from Alicante and from San Vicente del Raspeig, you will be able to search for your new home knowing at all times how far it is from the University. This will save you a lot of time comparing on different websites.


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