Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Angers
Flatshare in Angers

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Angers

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This small city in western France welcomes many national and international students every year thanks to its two universities: the University of Angers and the Catholic University of l'Ouest (UCO). Thanks to this, the city is usually full of students during the academic year. Keep this in mind when looking for accommodation in Angers, as there is often a lot of competition in the search, especially when classes are about to start and when it comes to shared flats. Most young people want to live the experience together with roommates to split expenses and to make the exchange more fun.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Angers

Here are some of the highlights of living in shared flats in the French city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Angers

  • Many spare rooms are part of apartments or houses that have features that can make a difference, such as a garden or a barbecue.

  • The neighbourhoods where most of the student flats are located tend to be full of young people and a good atmosphere, such as Center Ville, Saint-Jacques-Nazareth, Saint-Serge and Belle-Beille.

  • You can choose rooms that are part of both private apartments and private or public residences, managed by the CROUS.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Angers

  • There is a high demand for shared apartments, so you will have to search as soon as possible to avoid competition for the same rooms.

  • If the rules of the apartment are not clear (especially in terms of visits, smoking, noise, etc.) arguments can frequently arise.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Angers

You have the option to download various Apps for Erasmus+ to make planning and living your exchange easier. In these Apps, you can access instructions on different procedures and the necessary paperwork, as well as read tips from students from previous years. One of these is that you take advantage of your stay in the city to explore Angers and its surroundings, including the castle of Angers, a vineyard, Carré Cointreau, Nantes, Rennes and the rest of the Loire region.

How to meet people in Angers

If you are worried about not knowing how you can meet people in the French city, read this section! Here are some ways you have to meet other students in Angers, in addition to, befriending your flatmates.

Student associations in Angers

Both of the city's universities have societies for students. There are many of them from different fields, such as culture, the environment, sports, science and technology, for example. Likewise, they also have associations for international youth, such as the AEGEE Angers, in which you will be able to meet other students in the same situation.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Angers

We recommend you to join the Facebook groups of AEGEE Angers and those of international students from your university. In them, you can find all the activities that you can be part of to meet other young people while having fun and learning more about the area.

WhatsApp groups for Erasmus in Angers

You will find WhatsApp or Telegram groups that you can join in the facebook groups. In them, students of different degrees in Angers can generally introduce themselves and communicate with each other more quickly, being able to organize their plans.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Angers

Keep these tips in mind for living in shared flats in the French city:

  • Many of the available spare rooms have a mini kitchenette, private bathroom, fridge and microwave, making it a mini-studio. Those cases largely correspond to rooms in student residences or homestays, so you have to think about whether you want to live there or in flats with other students.

  • In some cases, you will meet the requirements to apply for the CAF accommodation scholarship offered by the French government. Do your research to figure out if you can request it.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Angers

How much does a shared flat cost in Angers?

In general, the price of spare rooms in shared flats usually starts at €320 and up, although the average is around €380-400 per month.

How to find roommates in Angers?

You can search for roommates on online platforms and communities such as Erasmus Play, where you will also be able to compare the available accommodation in the French city.

How to meet people in Angers?

Among the options you have, one of the best is to join university societies and associations for international students, such as AEGEE Angers. You can also join the Facebook and WhatsApp groups that you will find online, to be in contact with other young people and find out about plans happening in the city easily.

What should I take into account when entering a flat share in Angers?

You have to know that you will surely share with students of different nationalities and that they have different customs. Go with an open mind and try to learn from others and share yours.

How to choose ideal roommates in Angers?

Try to ensure that all your colleagues have similar or at least compatible lifestyles, especially in terms of schedules and receiving guests at home. It is also convenient that at least one of them is French, so you can put the language into practice every day and get to know the culture closely.