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Meet all the Erasmus students going to your host city and make friends before your arrival. With the Erasmus Play App you will be automatically connected to the all other student your Erasmus host city so you can meet other students, find flatmates and find out all the necessary information about the city.

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The Erasmus Play App is here to support you during your Erasmus+ experience. We know that the Erasmus programme starts with difficulties such as documentation, information about the city, accommodation and much more.

Don't worry, here you will find the best tips that other Erasmus students have used to make the most of their experiences.

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What is the Erasmus Play App?
Erasmus Play is the reference app for Erasmus students and is available in more than 500 Erasmus cities. Currently, it is the official partner platform of 130 European Universities.
What can you do on the Erasmus Play app?
  • Meet all Erasmus students going to your destination and make friends before your arrival.
  • Automatically access the Erasmus groups and chats of your destination.
  • Find accommodation safely.
  • Create flat share groups with other students, or join accommodation groups looking for flatmates.
  • Tips and experiences of previous Erasmus students from your Erasmus city.
Does the Erasmus Play app help me with the Erasmus process?
Of course! That's what we are here for, from Erasmus Play we will accompany you throughout the whole process and we will provide you with mini-videos (tips) where we will explain and help you solve the problems you may have related to the Erasmus+ Programme. Moreover, you will be able to view all the valuable information shared by Erasmus students going to your destination.

We will be your best travel companion!
How can I download the Erasmus App?
You can download the app by searching for our name in the App Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store for Android devices.
Is the app available for iOS and Android?
Yes, the app is available for iOS and Android.
Is it free to download and use the Erasmus Play app?
Yes, the basic use and download of the app is free of charge.
How can I create a profile in the app?
To create a profile, simply download the app, register with your email and phone number, follow the instructions to complete your profile and add any information you think is interesting for other Erasmus students to get to know you.
Who is the Erasmus app for?
The Erasmus+ APP is aimed at students who intend to do an Erasmus+ in the future, or who are already involved in it. Which mobility programmes do we recommend you to download this app for?
  • Higher Education Study Mobility Programme.
  • Higher Education Traineeship Mobility Programme.
  • Erasmus Worlds mobility programme.
  • VET Mobility Programmes.
  • Youth Exchange Program.
What information do I need to provide when creating my profile?
When creating your profile, you will provide basic information such as your name, home university, Erasmus destination university, Erasmus destination city, your interests, etc. All this makes it easy for you to find other students who are in the same situation as you.
Can I use the application before starting my Erasmus programme?
Yes, you can use the application at any time, in fact before starting your Erasmus programme is when you will need it the most as it allows you to meet other students and get information about your destination city.
How can I search for flatmates through the app?
You can search for flatmates in the app using the flat-sharing group search function. You can filter the results by number of roommates, budget, duration of mobility, etc. Furthermore, you can join existing flat-share groups looking for a roommate or create a new flat-sharing group for new potential flatmates to join.
How can I join an Erasmus group in the app?
You can join a group in the app by using the explore groups function, in this section, you will see all the chat groups that have been created where different topics are discussed.
Can I create my own group in the app?
If you want to talk about a certain topic and there is no group created for it yet, you can create your own group in the application. Simply select the 'Create group' option and follow the instructions to set up the group details and invite other students to join.
Can I send private messages to other users of the application?
Yes, you can send private messages to other Erasmus users. Simply select the profile of the person you wish to chat with and use the chat function to send them a message.
How can I make sure that users' profiles are authentic and secure?
The app implements security measures to verify and protect user profiles. You can report suspicious profiles or inappropriate content to help us maintain a safe and authentic environment.
What privacy and security measures have been implemented in the app?
We take user privacy and security very seriously. The app uses encryption and data protection measures to ensure the security of personal information. In addition, responsible use guidelines are established and a respectful community is encouraged.
How can I report an inappropriate user or content on the app?
You can report inappropriate users or content using the report function available on the app. Our team will promptly review the reports and take appropriate action.
Is there a helpdesk or support function in the app?
Yes, the app has a help function. Once we receive your query, our team will be happy to assist you and answer your questions and doubts.
Does the app offer any filters or preferences to find people with similar interests?
Yes, the application offers filters and preferences to find people with similar interests (Erasmus destination, home and host university, age, etc). You can set your preferences in your profile and use the search filters to find users who have things in common with you.
Does the Erasmus+ app provide information about visa requirements and administrative procedures for international students?
Yes, Erasmus Play wants to help you with your Erasmus+ programme. That is why through our 'tips' section we are going to accompany you, providing you with all the information you need to know about your mobility to make the whole process very easy.
Can I use the app to get advice and recommendations from other Erasmus students who have already lived in the destination city?
Yes, you can use the Erasmus Play app to get tips and recommendations from other Erasmus students who have already lived in your destination city. You can join groups or search for users who have had similar experiences and ask for advice, recommendations and share experiences.
Can I use the application to find information about scholarships or funding opportunities for my Erasmus programme?
Yes, you can use the app to find information about scholarships or funding opportunities for your Erasmus programme. The Erasmus Play team will give you all the advice you need through the tips section.
In which cities is the Erasmus Play app available?
The Erasmus community is available in more than 500 cities all over Europe: Erasmus in Milan, Erasmus in Berlin, Erasmus in Florence, Erasmus in Porto, Erasmus in Brussels, Erasmus in Valencia, Erasmus in Barcelona, Erasmus in Lisbon, Erasmus in Rome, Erasmus in Madrid, Erasmus in Bologna, Erasmus in Warsaw, Erasmus in Ljubljana, Erasmus in Dublin, Erasmus in Lille, Erasmus in Turin, Erasmus in Coimbra, Erasmus in Athens, Erasmus in Krakow and in the rest of the Erasmus destinations across Europe.
What do I do if I have an incident in the Erasmus Play application?
For any issue, be it bugs or errors, you can contact us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you solve it.