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Information and advice for Erasmus students in Aranjuez

Erasmus in Aranjuez

Information and advice for Erasmus students in Aranjuez

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Aranjuez is the ideal destination for those who prefer to study in a serene and picturesque setting. Its dimension is small, but it has everything: important historical heritage, a wide range of cultural leisure, shopping centres, a good student atmosphere and captivating landscapes. On top of that, it is a stone's throw from Madrid, the Spanish capital. In this article, you will discover everything you need to know to make the most of your Erasmus in Aranjuez.

Cost of living in Aranjuez, Spain

When we compare the Aranjuez cost of living with that of other major cities in the country, we see that it is a lot more affordable. However, it all depends on the lifestyle you lead. These are some key aspects to take into account when calculating your budget:

First of all, the price of accommodation changes depending on its location. It is very common for students to rent a room in a shared flat or a student residence. The prices of these range between €250-700 per month.

Secondly, in Aranjuez, you can go out to eat for reasonable prices. However, it is always cheaper to cook at home, since the weekly purchase is usually around €40. We recommend that you buy food in supermarkets such as Mercadona or Supeco, which are good value for money.

Finally, the municipality has a network of public transportation formed by trains and buses. These are used to move both inside and outside the city. An inexpensive option is to purchase the monthly payment, so you can move as many times as you want during the month at a more affordable price.

Student life, Erasmus parties and leisure in Aranjuez

Aranjuez is one of the cities with the highest historical heritage in the country. That's why you have one great offer of plans to do and places to enjoy. For example, you can take a dip in the Tajo river, visit the Royal Palace or have a picnic in one of its beautiful gardens. In addition, the university that is in the city, King Juan Carlos University, has several student associations. Sign up for one so you don't miss any of the plans and events they organize!

Being a relatively small municipality, its nightlife is quite calm. However, there are several pubs and discos in the city. The most popular among students are Cue and Closer. Of course, if one night you feel like living a more festive and cosmopolitan experience, you can always go to Madrid. The journey is only half an hour by train!

Culture and gastronomy in Aranjuez, Spain

The culture of Aranjuez is deeply rooted in its historical importance and its royal heritage, since, for centuries, it was one of the residences of the Spanish royal family. The highlight of the city is its cultural landscape. This is made up of a set of monuments located within and around the municipality. This landscape is declared World Heritage by UNESCO, thanks to the exquisite architecture it exhibits. Some of the most important monuments are the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) and the garden of the Prince (Jardín del Príncipe).

When it comes to gastronomy, you have to know that Madrid's gastronomy does not only consist of tapas. The traditional cuisine of Aranjuez is highly influenced by products from its garden, the hunting tradition and wine. These are some of its most famous traditional dishes:

  • Codorniz al ajillo”: fried quails with garlic and wine.
  • Espárragos gratinados”: asparagus with béchamel and cheese heated in the oven.
  • Cocido madrileño”: chickpea stew with meat and vegetables.
  • Bartolillos”: cream dumplings.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Aranjuez

  • Its rich architectural heritage de Aranjuez is proof of its historical and cultural importance. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Spanish history, architecture and culture to the fullest!
  • The city enjoys a serene and picturesque environment, thanks to its natural beauty. Its small population, multiple gardens and the Tajo River. They create an atmosphere of peace that is perfect for promoting study and a feeling of well-being.
  • The town is very close to Madrid, only 50 km away! This allows you to also enjoy a great cosmopolitan and vibrant experience.
  • Aranjuez has a cost of living more affordable than the rest of the major cities in Spain. So you can manage your expenses comfortably.

Cheap student accommodation in Aranjuez, Spain

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Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Aranjuez

How much does it cost to live in Aranjuez as a student?

In general, this town has an affordable cost of living. If we take into account the rental costs plus maintenance, transport and leisure, he estimates that you should have a budget of around €800 per month. With this money, you can live comfortably as a student.

How is student life in Aranjuez?

You can explore its historical monuments, participate in its cultural events and festivals, enjoy its nature and make a getaway to Madrid or other large nearby cities, such as Toledo or Talavera de la Reina. Join student associations to meet other young people with the same interests and make the most of your Erasmus!      

How much does student accommodation cost in Aranjuez?

If you plan to rent a room in a shared apartment or a university residence, keep in mind that prices vary depending on their size or amenities. In general, the rent for a room in a shared apartment is €250-400 per month. On the other hand, if the room belongs to a residence, the price amounts to €400-750 per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Aranjuez?

The amount you receive for your scholarship depends on factors such as the conditions of your country of origin or the time you are studying abroad. If you want to know exactly how the scholarship benefits you, we recommend that you consult with the international relations coordinator at your educational institution.

What are the best areas to live in Aranjuez as a student?

The most popular area for students to live in is the city centre. It has restaurants, shops, a leisure environment and it is where the university is located. A cheaper area, that young people also choose, is Foso-Moreras. It’s a residential neighbourhood with easy access to the university campus and is very close to some of the most important monuments in the city.