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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Aranjuez

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Aranjuez

Private rooms Aranjuez 5 594/month

This Spanish city is located on the Tagus River, in the centre of the country and south of the capital of Spain, Madrid. One of the advantages of living your Erasmus experience in Aranjuez is that you will be able to enjoy all the leisure, sports and cultural offer of Madrid since Aranjuez is only 45 minutes away by public transport from the Spanish capital. In this city you will also be able to visit several interesting and historical sites, such as the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and other buildings in the old town.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Aranjuez for students? Be informed that this depends both on the lifestyle you lead and the type of accommodation you choose. For this reason, you should make a good comparison between the apartments, rooms and residences that you will find in Aranjuez so that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and possibilities. In Erasmus Play you will surely find the ideal accommodation for you.

Student apartments for rent in Aranjuez

If you want to rent a complete apartment for students in Aranjuez, we recommend that you start searching for it as soon as possible. The availability of apartments in Aranjuez is not abundant and many students are looking for furnished apartments, with a good location and at a good price, so those that meet these characteristics tend to sell out quickly.

In the Erasmus Play housing search engine, you will be able to view all the availability of verified apartments from different online platforms. You will also be able to locate them on the map and see their characteristics, prices and entry requirements. From Erasmus Play our aim is to help you find the ideal apartment easily and quickly!

Student room for rent in Aranjuez

Are you looking for a room for rent for students in Aranjuez? We tell you that in this Spanish city you will find both private rooms and shared rooms. Most of them are furnished, with everything necessary for a student (bed, bedding, wardrobe, desk, study chair, etc). However, we recommend that if you have any questions about the room you like, you ask the owner directly to solve them quickly.

The cost of rooms in shared flats in Aranjuez goes from € 240 onwards per person in a shared room. For their part, private rooms usually start at € 250 per month.

Student accommodation in Aranjuez

There are different areas that you can consider living in Aranjuez as a student. We help you and explain what they are so that you can book the best accommodation.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Aranjuez

In this area of ​​the city, you will find most of the leisure places frequented by students, such as bars, restaurants and shops. In the centre, you can find several historic buildings of Aranjuez, such as the Teatro Real Carlos III de Aranjuez and the building of the Tax Agency.

Apartments northeast of the centre of Aranjuez

Northeast of the city centre is the Rey Juan Carlos University campus, so this area is usually full of affordable places for students, such as restaurants, cafes and shops. The Prince's Garden is located in this area, a green area that students often go to during their leisure time to walk, play sports or have a picnic.

Renting rooms in the centre of Aranjuez 

Much of the accommodation offered in the city centre corresponds to rooms in shared flats, so you will surely find a room that has all the important characteristics for you in this area. From the centre, you will also be able to easily reach the faculties of the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Erasmus accommodation near the Rey Juan Carlos University

This institution does not have a single campus in the city of Aranjuez, but rather its faculties are spread over several buildings. Most of them are located in the city centre or very close to it, so you will surely be able to reach your faculty quickly from almost any neighbourhood in Aranjuez. However, you should figure out where your faculty is located in order to find nearby accommodation and avoid long commuting to your university every day.

University residence in Aranjuez

In Aranjuez, there are some student residences that you will be able to choose from. You will be able to choose individual rooms or shared rooms, and some have a private bathroom and others with shared bathrooms among the different students who live in the residence. As a reference, the price for a double room is usually around € 470 per month and a single room around € 700 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Aranjuez

How much does a student room cost in Aranjuez?

The rooms in Aranjuez can be individual or shared. The cost of shared rooms usually goes from € 240 onwards and that of an individual starts from € 250 generally, although it always depends on the characteristics of the room and the floor on which they are located.

Why share a flat with other students in Aranjuez?

Sharing an apartment has two main advantages for students: it makes the monthly budget more affordable, since the cost of rent and utility costs are divided among all the occupants of the apartment, and in this way, you will also be able to share the experience more closely with other students who are in the same situation as you.

How much is the Erasmus grant to study in Aranjuez?

The amount of the Erasmus scholarship always depends on the country the student comes from since each country has different regulations to determine the amount assigned to each faculty and destination.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Aranjuez?

If you rent a room in a shared apartment in Aranjuez and you add leisure and food expenses, estimate that you have to have approximately € 600-650 per month. However, remember that this always depends on the lifestyle you lead, if you travel a lot or if you choose to eat out often.

Why go on Erasmus to Aranjuez?

In this Spanish city, you will be able to immerse yourself in the local culture to the fullest, enjoying its way of life in a relatively small but important city. From Aranjuez, you will also be able to take advantage of everything Madrid has to offer since it is only 45 minutes away by public transport. Another advantage of living in Aranjuez is that you will be able to improve your Spanish if necessary and that you will share the experience with several students from different parts of the world.