Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Cordoba

On the banks of the Guadalquivir River is the spectacular Andalusian city of Cordoba, famous for its medieval and Muslim past, having been the capital of the Independent Emirate and the Western Umayyad Caliphate. This has left a very distinctive mark on its streets, in addition to one of the most outstanding monuments in Spain, La Mezquita de Cordoba.

Cordoba is an ideal destination to carry out your studies. A beautiful and charming city, full of young people willing to enjoy the leisure and all the corners that the city offers.  

Here we are going to show you everything you need to know about student accommodation in Cordoba and, besides, we put at your disposal the Erasmus Play search engine so that you can easily find a room or apartment for rent and reserve it complete safety.

Student apartments for rent in Cordoba

Finding student flats for rent in Cordoba is not an easy task since it looks for a lot of people every year. So that this is not a problem, we have done the hard work for you and we have grouped the best accommodations in Cordoba on our platform so that you can compare all prices at once without having to consult countless websites.

People who are looking to rent an entire apartment do so because they want to live alone or because they are thinking of sharing it with roommates, to save on monthly rental expenses.

To find a rental apartment for students in Cordoba that suits what you need, we recommend that you be quick and take a look at the accommodations we have in the Erasmus Play search engine. There you can find very modern studios with a good location from € 600 per month.

Student room for rent in Cordoba

What we don't think you will have any problem with is finding rooms for rent for students in Cordoba since you can find a very wide and varied offer. For this option you must bear in mind that the price range is also very wide depending on the characteristics of each room, but don't worry, we will compare them all for you.

The rental options are multiple and you can find furnished rooms from € 250 per month. As you can see, it is a fairly inexpensive city and therefore you shouldn't have a problem finding a room for rent for less than € 400 per month.

Student accommodation in Cordoba

Choosing the location of your accommodation well is the main thing, although the truth is that in that aspect you will not find any problems either. Cordoba is a small city and it is very well communicated between all its points. Without a doubt, one of the most recommended areas will be Ciudad Jardín since the University is located there. Although the entire centre and surrounding neighbourhoods could be a very successful option. Among all the neighbourhoods of Cordoba, we highlight the following.

Apartments for rent in Cordoba centre

In the heart of the city of Cordoba, you can find apartments for rent for students, this being an area perhaps somewhat more expensive than others that we are going to talk about. Of course, you will have all the necessary services nearby and you will enjoy the most beautiful places in the city. Also, the University has some of its faculties in the downtown area of ​​the city so you will live in a perfect place.

Apartments in the Fátima neighbourhood

The Fátima neighbourhood is ideal for those who are going to spend their academic year at the Rabanales university campus as it is very close. The apartments are of good quality and the rooms are not expensive at all, as well as having the advantage of being very close to the city centre.

Rooms for rent in Ciudad Jardín

As we anticipated, Ciudad Jardín is the university neighbourhood of Cordoba since the UCO is located here. The variety of flats in the area is quite good and the prices are very affordable, geared towards student pockets. It is only 10 minutes from the city centre, so it also has that great advantage if you want to be close to the old town.

Erasmus accommodation in Barrio San Andrés

The neighbourhood of San Andrés is located in the centre of Cordoba and is also very close to the University Campus, it is highly recommended if you go to the Faculty of Law. Student accommodation in the area is cheap, around € 250 per month, and it is a fairly quiet neighbourhood to live in.

University residence in Cordoba

It is time to talk about residences for students in Cordoba and you also have a lot of offer in this regard. Prices are usually not so cheap, being a better option to rent a room in a shared flat. 

Residence prices vary depending on the type of room you choose or the services it may include, such as full board, gym or cleaning. Some may even request payments for tuition or deposits, an extra expense that you should consider in advance.

Frequently asked questions about Cordoba

Why study in Cordoba?
The University of Cordoba has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, which is why thousands of students carry out their studies in this city. Cordoba is a city full of culture and one of the most beautiful in Spain.
How to find cheap student rooms in Cordoba?
Keep it simple and use the Erasmus Play search engine, with verified accommodations to avoid scams and fraud. You can quickly compare the price of all available accommodations in Cordoba.
Is it expensive to live in Cordoba?
No. If you know how to manage money well, your monthly cost could reach € 600, including quality accommodation. We help you for free to find the best rental accommodation.
How much does a university residence cost in Cordoba?
The price of a university residence in Cordoba varies depending on the residence and what it includes. To give you an idea, they can cost € 700-900 with full board and laundry and cleaning services.
What is the best area to live in Cordoba as a student?
Without a doubt, the Ciudad Jardín area is the most suitable since the University campus is located there and all the surroundings are full of the student atmosphere. At Erasmus Play we compare the rental prices in the best neighbourhoods so you don't have to do it yourself.


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