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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Oviedo

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Oviedo

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The capital of Asturias is a charming city with friendly people and is surrounded by natural landscapes. There is a very good atmosphere for students, as many young internationals choose Oviedo as their Erasmus destination. Here you will be able to enjoy the varied leisure offer without feeling the chaos of living in a big city like Barcelona or Madrid.

The rainy climate of the area may set you back at first, but we assure you that it will not take you long to get used to it. Besides, another advantage of living in Oviedo is that you will be able to travel through the Asturias region easily. This area is known worldwide for its beauty and landscapes, so do not hesitate to explore it to the fullest.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Oviedo? Keep in mind that, generally, as you move away from the city centre, prices decrease. Also, we suggest that you start your search well in advance to be able to find one that meets all the important characteristics for you. You will surely find it in the Erasmus Play search engine!

Student apartments for rent in Oviedo

Probably the most chosen option by students who move to this Asturian city is to rent an apartment to share with other students. And, in this way, you will be able to share the experience closely with other young people and you will save on the rent since the expenses are divided among all.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the house, as they are always different. Most of them have shared bathrooms and basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven and microwave. Also, some of them have outdoor areas, balconies and/or terraces.

The price of an apartment with more than two rooms to share with other students ranges from € 450 onwards. The average is € 600 per month, without expenses included, for an apartment with a capacity of up to four people.

Student room for rent in Oviedo

Most students who move to this city in northern Spain want to find a private room in a shared flat that meets all their preferred characteristics. You have to pay attention to what the accommodation includes, such as whether it has a desk, wardrobe, WiFi access from the room and whether the bathroom is private or shared. Also, in Oviedo, you will have the possibility of renting a room shared with another student.

The price of a private room in an apartment shared with other students ranges from € 240 per month onwards and can go up to € 330. A shared room has an average price of € 280 per month per person. Keep in mind that most of the prices do not include the costs of services such as water, electricity and gas.

Student accommodation in Oviedo

In this Asturian city, there are different convenient areas for students to find accommodation, being close to both leisure sites and universities. We advise you on some of the most chosen neighbourhoods below.

Apartments for rent in El Cristo

This neighbourhood is highly chosen by young people mainly because here you can find one of the largest campuses of the University of Oviedo. An apartment to share with other students has an average price of € 600 per month.

Rooms in a shared apartment in Milan - Pumarín

This area is one of the best alternatives for students since there is a very good university atmosphere and it is very close to the city centre. Here you will find private rooms in a flat shared with other students for a price between € 250 and € 320 per month.

Room for rent in the centre of Oviedo

If you choose this central area to live in, you will be a few minutes from the most popular leisure places for students and young people. A private room in a shared apartment in the centre of Oviedo has a price ranging from € 240 onwards, with an average of € 270 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Oviedo

This institution has four different campuses, the Christ campus, the Milan campus, the Llamaquique campus and the Catalans campus. The first two are the largest and have more faculties in their enclosures.

The Cristo campus is the farthest from the city centre, but you can get there in about 10 minutes by public transport, so you can choose that area or neighbourhoods such as Cristo or Buenavista. The Llamaquique campus and that of the Catalans are quite close, although the first is inside the round and the second outside. In this case, you can look for accommodation in the centre of Oviedo and neighbourhoods such as Llamaquique and Santo Domingo.

On the other hand, the Milan campus is located a little further north of the city centre. Both that neighbourhood and Campo de la Colonia are good areas to find accommodation.

University residence in Oviedo

If you want to stay in a university residence in this Asturian city, you will find some options, especially near the Cristo neighbourhood campus. The average price is € 700 per month for a private room with a shared bathroom, generally including bills and full board.

Frequently asked questions about Oviedo

What are the best areas to live in Oviedo as a student?

This city is small, so you can easily get everywhere. However, we recommend some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by students which are: Cristo, Llamaquique, the centre of Oviedo and Buenavista.

How much does a student room cost in Oviedo?

There are two options for this type of accommodation: private or shared rooms. In the case of the latter, the average price is € 280 per month per person. The monthly cost of a private room in Oviedo ranges from € 240 per month onwards.

How to find accommodation near the University of Oviedo?

First, you have to determine the location of the campus where your faculty is located since this institution has four different ones in the city. Then, go to the Erasmus Play search engine and compare the accommodations found in neighbourhoods near the University of Oviedo.

What is the approximate cost for a student in Oviedo?

This Spanish city is not expensive, however, how cheap it will be will depend on the lifestyle you lead. Renting a private room and adding expenses for food, bills and some leisure, think that you should have about € 500 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Oviedo?

This small Spanish city is very quiet, but it has a very good atmosphere for students. It combines everything that a big city has with incredible natural landscapes that are very close. Besides, it is a relatively cheap city where you will be able to enjoy its nights of partying and its green areas.