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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Granada

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Granada

Private rooms Granada 1520 489/month
Residences Granada 245 725/month
Studios Granada 178 670/month
Apartments Granada 131 995/month

It is said that this city of Andalusia is made for students. The truth is that it is an economic city, very beautiful and it has many festivals and cultural activities to do every day. It also has an incredible cultural heritage, with some of its most outstanding places being the Alhambra, the Albaicín, San Miguel Alto and Sacromonte.

The University of Granada also stands out in the city, both for its quality and for the atmosphere it provides to young people. The institution organizes many activities for students so that both Spaniards and internationals can easily adapt to life in the city.

You are surely wondering, Where do I look for student accommodation in Granada? There are different areas of the city that are very chosen to live during a season, located both near the university and leisure areas. We will tell you more details about the different types of accommodation and their prices below.

Student apartments for rent in Granada

A good alternative as accommodation for students in the Andalusian city is to rent a complete apartment. Depending on the characteristics and the location of each floor, it is the price that it will have. You can choose a complete one for you, with a private room, bathroom, living room and kitchen, or an apartment with more rooms to share common spaces with other students. The latter sometimes have a private bathroom for some rooms or a bathroom to share among all. Also, most of them usually have features such as heating, refrigerator, washing machine and oven.

In Erasmus Play you will find many options from different companies and online platforms, you will also have the possibility to filter by characteristics and prices according to your preferences. Likewise, you will be able to choose the number of rooms, if you want to rent an apartment to share with other students. As a reference, the price of a studio apartment for rent ranges from € 300 onwards, and one with more rooms to share with other young people has an average monthly cost of € 700.

Student room for rent in Granada

In Granada you can find both private and shared rooms. As for private rooms, you will find varied prices. Because some of them include full board (offering breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as room cleaning and washing machines. The cost of a private room in Granada goes from € 180 onwards, with an average of € 300.

Another option is to rent a shared room, although you will have less privacy and therefore we do not recommend it. 

Student accommodation in Granada

This southern Spanish city may seem small, but it has many different neighbourhoods that are chosen by students to live in. Each one has its advantages, such as the proximity to the university or leisure places. We tell you which are the most chosen by young people every year:

Student Apartments for rent in the centre of Granada

The center of Granada includes an area known as Realejo-San Matías and La Alhambra. This group of neighbourhoods is highly chosen by students since the places most youngsters meet are more concentrated here. A studio apartment starts at € 330 and a two-bedroom apartment starts at € 550 onwards.

Apartments in the Albaicín area

This area is attached to the centre of Granada and has some of the most famous places in the city to visit, such as the Mirador de San Nicolás. The average price of a multi-bedroom apartment in this area is € 700.

Student rooms for rent in Camino de Ronda

The Camino de Ronda area is located west of the centre of Granada, although the most often chosen area by students is the closest to the centre before crossing the highway. A room in a shared apartment in the Camino de Ronda area has a price ranging from € 230 onwards.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Granada

This institution has faculties in different buildings throughout the Andalusian city, so it's a good idea to determine where your faculty is located in order to choose the closest neighbourhoods. Some of them are, for example, Beiro, Albaicín, the centre of Granada and Camino de Ronda.

University residence in Granada

In this Spanish city you will find a wide range of accommodation in student residences, both in buildings in central neighbourhoods and in some more remote ones. Here you will also have the possibility of renting a private room or one shared with another student. The monthly price ranges from € 480 onwards and can go up to € 800 for a private room with a bathroom included. Of course, pay attention to the conditions of each one since some may not include pillows or sheets for hygiene reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Granada

How much does a student room cost in Granada?

There are two types of rooms to rent in this city: private and shared. A private room has a price ranging from € 180 onwards. Access the search engine and find the one that best suits you.

Why share a flat with other students in Granada?

This is usually one of the options most chosen by young internationals and Spaniards who move to study in the Andalusian city. In this way, you can save on the cost of rent and bills, by being able to divide it among the people who live in the apartment.

How to find cheap apartments in Granada?

We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine and start your search as soon as possible. You will be able to compare the different prices of each accommodation, seeing the characteristics of the rooms and the complete apartments, and book 100% online and completely free of charge.

How much is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Granada?

This Spanish city is very cheap to live in. Counting food and leisure expenses, and assuming you rent a private room in a shared flat, you will have to have approximately € 500 per month. Also, you will be able to walk to almost all the places, so you will not have much expense in transport.

Why study in Granada?

Granada is a perfect city for students. It is beautiful and has all kinds of activities to do, both for those who like to party and for those who prefer more relaxed plans. It receives thousands of students every year, so the student atmosphere is very dynamic and fun.