Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Pamplona

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Pamplona

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This city is the capital of its community, the Comunidad Foral de Navarra, and is also known by the Basque name of Iruña. It is located in the north of Spain and it is a city with a very good quality of life. And it is that its size is small, so you can easily reach everywhere on foot or by bicycle. Besides, it has many green spaces, mountains nearby and several historical sites to visit. Another advantage of living in this city: enjoying its exquisite and generally affordable gastronomy.

For its part, the student atmosphere in Pamplona is very good, since many young Spaniards and internationals choose it to go live for a while. There is a good leisure offer with activities to do, both during the day and at night.

If you are looking for student accommodation in Pamplona, ​​we recommend that you pay attention to the details that we discuss in this article. You will be able to find out about the different types of accommodation that there are, the best neighbourhoods to live in and other information of interest for students who move to Pamplona.

Student apartments for rent in Pamplona

In this city of Navarra, there is a wide variety of apartments for rent available, from studios to apartments with more than one room to share with other young people. This last option is usually the most chosen by students since expenses can be divided and the cost of rent decreases considerably. The flats differ in the features they offer, but most of them include basic appliances, heat, a common living room, and a shared bathroom.

We recommend using the Erasmus Play search engine, where you will be able to compare the different characteristics of the accommodations. In addition to the comforts of your room, you will see what the complete apartment consists of, seeing all the images, prices, locations and characteristics.

Student room for rent in Pamplona

When looking for a room for rent for Erasmus, you have to take into account different peculiarities. For example, you have to see if the room has a single bed or double, a desk and/or a private bathroom. As for the apartment, they usually have basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven and washing machine, but they may have some special details, such as a balcony or terrace.

The price of a room in a shared flat goes from € 290 onwards and can go up to € 700 per month. There are shared rooms that have two beds, so the cost of renting the room could be shared. Of course, be sure to pay attention to details, especially if the price is per person or room, and if the costs of the invoices are included in the price.

Student accommodation in Pamplona

All students, both local and international, look for furnished accommodation, at a good price and with a good location, that is, close to the campus of our university and the most popular leisure sites for young people. We tell you which are some of the most chosen areas by students to live in Pamplona:

Rooms in Flats for rent in the centre of Pamplona

If you choose this area to live in you will be close to several historical and interesting places in the city as well as the busiest entertainment venues. A room in this area has an average price of € 400 per month.

Rooms in apartments in the Milagrosa neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is located near both the Public University of Navarra and the city centre, making it a highly chosen area for students to live in. Here, a room in a shared apartment is priced from € 370 onwards.

Rooms for rent in the Iturrama neighbourhood

The Iturrama neighbourhood is located between the University of Navarra and the Citadel of Pamplona. Renting a room in this area has an average price of € 390 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Pamplona

The following are the two most attended universities by Spanish and international students who move to this city in northern Spain:

Public University of Navarra

The campus of this institution is located south of the centre of Pamplona, ​​although you can get there in about 20 minutes by public transport, approximately. Some of the nearby neighbourhoods that you can consider living in are Azpilagaña, Milagrosa and Segundo Ensanche.

University of Navarra

The main campus of this university is also to the south of the city, but more to the west. If you want to find accommodation near the University of Navarra, you can look in neighbourhoods such as Iturrama, San Juan, and also in Azpilagaña. Also, from the centre of Pamplona, you can get there in around 25 minutes by public transport.

University residence in Pamplona

In Pamplona, there is a diverse offer in terms of residences, since each university has its own and there are others that are private. Within them, you can choose the type of accommodation you want, such as a room, a studio flat or a flat to share with other students.

The price of a room in a residence goes from € 550 onwards and can go up to € 1050 if other services such as full board, cleaning, gym, etc. are included.

Frequently asked questions about Pamplona

Why share a flat with other students in Pamplona?
This is the option most chosen by international students who move to Pamplona for a season. And it is that it allows you to save on rental costs and meet people from all over the world.
What is the cost of a student room in Pamplona?
This can vary depending on the characteristics of the room and the floor itself. As a reference, the monthly cost usually goes from € 290 onwards, with the average being € 400 per month.
Where to live in Pamplona as a student?
There are several areas of the city that have a good atmosphere for young people. Some of the most chosen by Erasmus students every year are the centre of Pamplona, ​​San Juan, Azpilagaña, Iturrama, Milagrosa and the Segundo Ensanche.
What is the cost of living for a student in Pamplona?
The capital of Navarra has an average cost of living, although it all depends on the lifestyle you lead. On average, renting a room in a shared flat and adding food and leisure expenses, means that you are going to spend between € 550-600 per month.
Why go on Erasmus to Pamplona?
Pamplona has a very good environment for students. It is a small city, so young people are concentrated in different areas of the city, both to go to university and to enjoy leisure time. Besidescentre, you will be able to enjoy historical and natural sites and delicious gastronomy.