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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Zaragoza

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Zaragoza

Private rooms Zaragoza 686 426/month
Residences Zaragoza 116 702/month
Studios Zaragoza 1 2400/month
Apartments Zaragoza 45 1316/month

Zaragoza is a city located in the Aragon region, in the north of Spain. The size of the city makes it perfect for students: it is medium-sized, does not have the chaos and bustle of big cities, at the same time, there are many interesting places to visit and activities to do.

Zaragoza has several parks and places where you can go to do sports or picnics. Besides, its university area is full of bars. The Aragon region has many beautiful towns to visit.

Are you looking for cheap accommodation for students in Zaragoza? There are different options that you can choose from in this Aragonese city, such as rooms in shared flats, full flats or residences. In this article we will tell you some details to take into account when looking for accommodation in Zaragoza.

Student apartments for rent in Zaragoza

This is the most recommended option if you want to rent an entire apartment for yourself or look for roommates with whom to live the experience. Remember that each accommodation has different characteristics, although most of the apartments include basic appliances such as an oven, refrigerator, microwave and washing machine.

As a reference, a flat to share with other students in Zaragoza can cost from € 350 onwards. The average price is € 600 per month. In general, at that price you have to add the costs of water, electricity, internet, etc.

Student room for rent in Zaragoza

Renting a room in a shared apartment in Zaragoza is probably the most preferred alternative by international students who move to the city. The price of a private room in a shared flat goes from € 130 onwards, with an average of € 300 per month.

Pay attention to all the details when searching for your student room, such as, some rooms are only available to people of the same sex as those who already live there. Also, make sure if the utility costs are included in the price or not, they usually are, but we recommend that you ask the owner.

Student accommodation in Zaragoza

In Zaragoza, there are several accommodation offers, but we always recommend starting your search as soon as possible to find an apartment or room that meets all the characteristics that are important to you. Here are some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Zaragoza as a student:

Apartments for rent in the old town of Zaragoza

This neighbourhood has many of the most beautiful places of interest in the city, such as the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar and several museums. Also, it is located on the banks of the Ebro river. A shared apartment for rent has an average price of € 750 per month.

Rooms for rent in the City

This area is located near the city centre and several faculties of the University of Zaragoza. Besides, it has all the necessary services around, a youthful atmosphere and a wide variety of bars and restaurants. A room in a shared flat here has an average price of € 225 per month.

Rooms for rent in Romareda

The Romareda neighbourhood is located next to the city centre and very close to the University of Zaragoza. Here you will find rooms in shared flats from € 250 per month onwards. In less than 5 minutes walking you can reach the "City", the name by which the largest campus of the University of Zaragoza is known.

Erasmus accommodation near the University in Zaragoza

Most of the students look for accommodation near the universities where we are going to study, to invest less time in transport every day. We tell you which are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods to live near the universities of Zaragoza.

University of Zaragoza

This institution has several buildings scattered around the city. However, most of them are concentrated in the neighbourhoods of Romareda and the city centre. For this reason, these two areas are convenient to find accommodation near the University of Zaragoza, but we recommend that you identify where your faculty is located to make a better choice. The students of the Río Ebro Campus decide to live in the Actur neighbourhood because they are very close to said campus.

Universidad San Jorge

This private institution has a campus located north of the city of Zaragoza, about 10 kilometres from the centre, in Villanueva de Gállego. You can find accommodation near the university in places like Ciudad Residencial el Zorongo. In any case, the San Jorge University offers students a private bus line that makes several stops throughout the city of Zaragoza to pick up students every day.

University residence in Zaragoza

Being the only city with universities in Aragon, in Zaragoza, you will find several residences for students. There are some both in the centre and in the old town and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The residences can have a gym, laundry area, dining room, terrace, study and/or leisure areas. Besides, some residences can include half board or full board.

Frequently asked questions about Zaragoza

What are the best areas to live as a student in Zaragoza?

Public transport in Zaragoza is very good and very frequent, so if you choose a neighbourhood far from the centre, you will be able to get there immediately. However, the most chosen neighbourhoods by students to live in are Romareda, the city centre and the old town (C / Doctor closed, Don Jaime, etc).

How much does a room to rent cost in Zaragoza?

The price of a room in a shared apartment depends on both the location of the apartment and the characteristics. On average, a room in a central neighbourhood costs € 300 per month.

How to find cheap student accommodation in Zaragoza?

We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine, in which you will be able to see the offer of verified accommodation from different online platforms. You will be able to filter by your preferences and book 100% online and securely.

What is the approximate monthly expense for students in Zaragoza?

An advantage of Zaragoza is that, despite being an important city, it is very affordable. Renting a room in a shared apartment and adding food, travel and leisure, think that you have to have € 500-600 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Zaragoza?

This city is the perfect size to go to study, it has different attractions and leisure places to enjoy. Therefore, the student environment in Zaragoza is very dynamic and fun. It is also a city with a medium-low cost of living (depending on your lifestyle) and is close to other major cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia.