Student housing, apartments, and rooms for rent in Atlanta

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The capital of Georgia is the largest in the state and one of the main cities in the United States, with one of the busiest airports in the world. This historic city has seen great economic development over the years, currently being the headquarters of several multinational companies. This growth has made it a hub for business in the country, attracting many international and American students every year.

In this city, young people normally enjoy a wide variety of activities in different places, including theaters, museums and sporting events. Also, from Atlanta, you will be able to travel to other states of the United States cheaply, such as South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

Surely you might be wondering, how much does it cost to live in Atlanta for students? Know that your budget will depend largely on the cost of renting the accommodation you choose. This means that it is important to consider what are the different options you have and that you choose the ideal one for you. In this article, we will tell you the most important details that you have to pay attention to find your ideal accommodation easily.

Student apartments for rent in Atlanta

Do you want to rent a student apartment in Atlanta? We recommend that you start looking for it as far in advance as possible since this type of accommodation sells out quickly. Bear in mind that many young internationals are looking for furnished apartments, with a good location, and with a good price, so the demand is very high. Here are a series of steps you can follow to find your ideal apartment in a simpler and faster way:

  • Access the Erasmus Play search engine
  • Set your arrival and departure dates and the monthly budget
  • Filter by your preferences and characteristics of the apartments
  • Compare prices easily from a multitude of online platforms and websites
  • When you find your ideal accommodation, don't wait for someone to rent it before you do, book it as soon as possible 100% online with total security.

Student rooms for rent in Atlanta

Looking for a student room in Atlanta? This is usually the preferred alternative for international students who move to live for a season in the city of Georgia since it has two main advantages: it allows you to save on the cost of monthly rent and utility costs, and it also allows you to share the day to day more closely with other students who are in the same situation as you.

As a general rule, the rooms are usually furnished with everything necessary for a student, but you have to pay attention to the characteristics since in some cases they are not furnished and you will have to bear the costs of the bed, desk, etc. when entering to live there.

The price of rooms in shared flats usually goes from $ 750 a month onwards and can go up to $ 2000 depending on the characteristics and location.

Student accommodation in Atlanta

In this section, we inform you of some of the areas most chosen by international youth to live every year during their stay in Atlanta to study.

Apartments for rent in Little Five Points

This is the student neighborhood and the university area of ​​Atlanta. It is a neighborhood with alternative stores (vintage clothing, vinyl, etc.), a wide variety of bars and restaurants with cuisine from different parts of the world.

Apartments in Midtown

This neighborhood is the center of Atlanta's entertainment and nightlife, featuring bars for live music, comedy, and nightclubs. It is located north of Downtown and is close to some universities and the large Piedmont park.

Room for Rent in Downtown

Downtown Atlanta is a very convenient neighborhood to live in, both for being close to various entertainment venues and for having a good connection to university campuses. Here you will find different places of interest, parks and restaurants that are affordable for students.

Accommodation near the universities of Atlanta

These are some of the higher-level institutions that have campuses in Atlanta:

Georgia State University

This university has several campuses in the state of Georgia, the main one being in Atlanta. It is located in the city center, in the Downtown area, so it has an ideal location for students, also close to various entertainment venues.

Georgia Institute of Technology

The campus of this prestigious institution is located in the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood, north of downtown. It is the main campus, where most of its faculties and other facilities are located, such as residences, sports centers and dining rooms.

Emory University

The Emory University campus is located a little further from the city center to the northeast of the city. If you want to live in downtown Atlanta, you'll be able to get to the university campus in approximately 35 minutes by public transportation. But if you prefer to live closer, you can consider areas like Druid Hills.

University residences in Atlanta

Generally, most universities in the United States offer dormitory accommodation to their students. Several details come into play to know in which one you can apply, such as the course you are going to and the location of your faculty. Take a good look at the characteristics of each one to choose the one that suits you best.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Atlanta

How much does a student room cost in Atlanta?
The price of rooms in shared flats usually goes from $ 750 a month onwards and can go up to $ 2000 depending on the characteristics and the location they have.
Where to live in Atlanta as a student?
Some of the neighborhoods preferred by international and local youth to live in while in Atlanta are Downtown, Five Little Points, Midtown, Vine City, Home Park and Georgia Tech.
How to find cheap student accommodation in Atlanta?
You will surely find accommodation with a good price, a good location and with all the important characteristics for you in the Erasmus Play search engine, in which you will be able to compare all the available and verified accommodation simply and quickly.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Atlanta?
Estimate that you will spend approximately $ 2000 each month as a student in Atlanta between the expenses of rent, food, and some entertainment.
Why study in Atlanta?
In this great city, you will be able to enjoy American culture and the atmosphere of the south of the country. You will also be able to take advantage of everything the city has to offer and easily travel to other nearby states and cities.