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Information and advice for Erasmus students in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of culture, leisure, gastronomy and fun. It is the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia known in Spain for its art and architecture. The question that comes to mind when you think of Barcelona is why do the Erasmus in Barcelona? What does Barcelona have? The answer is easy. The city is a work of art in itself, full of monuments and landmarks in the history of Spain. Considered one of the most iconic cities in Spain, it is the perfect choice to start your Erasmus.

If you need more reasons to decide, below you will find the motivation you need to take the step.

Cost of living in Barcelona, ​​Spain

The cost of living in Barcelona for a student is an average of 1000 euros per month, depending on what you want to do, it may be around € 300 more. Right now you may be wondering what exactly do you spend your money on in Barcelona?

Accommodation in Barcelona

The accommodation ranges between €300-800 a month, depending on whether you want a flat for you or just prefer share room or residence. The monthly rent for an apartment is around €600-800; however, with a shared room this price would drop to €300-400 and finally the residence which is about €400-600.

Transport in Barcelona

An essential point to move around the city and enjoy your experience to the fullest is transport, it depends a lot on the neighbourhood in which you live you will have certain options but the most common are the subway, buses, tram, train and bicycles. Our advice would be to use a Bicycle; with the urban bicycle you will enjoy the city much more and it is cheaper; This service has an annual subscription that costs € 47. 

On the other hand, during the weekend, you have the option of the subway. The single ticket is about € 2.15, the T-10 trips are € 9.95 (the most common) and the monthly one costs € 45. All are suitable both for metro and tram, train and bus. 

In short; transport is an average of 60 - 80 euros per month. Even so, it is relative since it depends on where you are going to live, in which specific neighbourhood you are going to be during your stay. 

Erasmus parties and leisure in Barcelona, ​​Spain

The party in Barcelona is expensive, but we know that despite its high price you will do it anyway; so reserve a minimum of € 120 per month for it. Going out for beer, an afternoon of “tapas”, going to the movies or going on excursions in the area will entail an additional expense but it will be worth every euro you spend to enjoy it. Erasmus is once in a lifetime and you have to take advantage of it. 

When it comes to leisure, we recommend that you reserve about € 150 per month. Keep in mind that a faculty menu costs about € 8, which is always good to know for the days you have to study at the university or do jobs. However, if you eat in the centre, it costs € 20 the cheapest. 

But despite these prices there are many plans that you can do that will cost you zero euros. This is the good thing about going to such a large and cosmopolitan city, you have the opportunity to enjoy the work of art that is the city itself and the cultural offer that there is. A day in the Pueblo Español, go to the Gothic Quarter and appreciate its architecture, or even visit one of the charming surrounding towns or admire the city from the rooftops such as the Hotel W in Barceloneta (totally free although the drinks they serve are especially expensive) ... all of this is an example of enjoying the city to the fullest. 

Culture and gastronomy in Barcelona, ​​Spain

All of Barcelona is an ode to culture, and Spain itself is the gastronomy per excellence. If you want to eat well and soak up Spanish culture, Barcelona is a perfect place. It has good connections with other cities that may be interesting to you and it has both beaches and mountains in case you want to do a bit more naturist excursions. 

If your idea is to investigate the city, the architecture and street artists of the city will accompany you as you go. In addition to all of the above, don't forget the city's art exhibitions in its wide range of museums and music that surround the whole atmosphere of Barcelona. In short, in Barcelona you will not get bored. 

Regarding gastronomy, eating in a good restaurant in the centre does not fall below € 20 the cheapest, but if you want to eat well, look for restaurants with traditional food. On the other hand, spending in the supermarket is summarized at € 200 per month if you want to eat well (specifically healthy). As you investigate the city you will find many food stalls and restaurants that might be interesting, but we recommend that you do a quick search to contrast opinions. 

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Barcelona

  • The obvious cultural offer 
  • The gastronomy 
  • Good connections 
  • Mediterranean city 
  • Entertainment and leisure
  • Good universities

Cheap Erasmus accommodation in Barcelona

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Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Barcelona

How much does it cost to live in Barcelona as a student?
An average of € 1000, and depending on what you want to do and the area where you want to stay, it may cost you a little more.
How is student life in Barcelona?
Student life in Barcelona is full of leisure, culture and gastronomy. It is a city full of life at every turn and there is always something to discover, each neighbourhood offers you something different and surely there is a neighbourhood for you. The university area (Les Corts), Sarrià-Sant Gervas (tranquillity), Gràcia (quality and price) or Ciutat Vella (beach and tourism) are some of the neighbourhoods for better-valued students that can enter your plans to enjoy your Erasmus.
How much does a student accommodation cost in Barcelona?
  • Flat € 600 - € 800.
  • Flat with shared room € 300 - € 400.
How much is the Erasmus grant to study in Barcelona?
The Erasmus scholarship to study in Barcelona will depend on the country of origin, since in each part of the world there are different rules in this regard.


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