Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Student housing & accommodation at UPC

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type.residence 322 1199/month
type.studio 3372 1355/month
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Accommodation for students near the University of Barcelona


Barcelona is an ideal place to live if you are young and ambitious. There are many options for student accommodation and shared flats in the centre of Barcelona. An international city with all the facilities and services you can imagine. The best areas to live if you are a student are Avenida Diagonal (university area), Ciutat Vella and the Barrio de Gracia, one of the fashionable areas among the young people of the city. Compare all accommodations and find cheap apartments for rent in Barcelona for students and young professionals.

Student accommodation near the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña


The Polytechnic University of Catalonia is divided into 9 campuses, three of them located in the same city of Barcelona, ​​the rest can be found in the municipalities of San Adrián de Besós, Vilanova and la Geltrú, Castelldefels, Terrassa, Manresa and San Cugat del Vallés. Before choosing your accommodation, if you want to live near the UPC, check which campus you are going to study on. At Erasmus Play you will find accommodation close to all campuses!

Student residences near UPC, Barcelona


The Polytechnic University of Barcelona has associated residences in all the cities where its campuses are located. The residences are fully equipped accommodation near the UPC for students and professors of the University. The price of the residences usually varies depending on the type of room you book or the services included.

Apartments for rent in Barcelona near the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña


Finding an apartment for students near the UPC is not easy, so we recommend that if you are going to study at the Diagonal campus you look for accommodation in the areas of Les Corts. The mobility from this area to the faculty is short, between 5 and 25 minutes to reach each campus, it is also an area with a great university atmosphere.

Apartments for students at downtown Barcelona


Living in the centre of Barcelona has become fashionable among young Spaniards and international people. Barcelona has been one of the most attractive cities in Europe for years, its coastline, good weather, international environment and job offer are factors that attract thousands of students and young professionals every year. The rental price of the accommodation is higher than in other remote areas, however, there is no shortage of apartments and flats to share to choose from. We invite you to look for spacious rooms, even with a private bathroom, you will surely find an accommodation in the centre at the best price!

Accommodation in Manresa near UPC, Barcelona


One of the UPC campuses is located in the city of Manresa. If you are going to study on this campus and want an apartment near the campus, living in Manresa is a good option. In addition to getting to your University quickly, the prices are more affordable than in Barcelona and you can meet your classmates whenever you want. In addition to the UPC there are more universities in the city, so finding a flat to share and rooms is quite simple.

Housing in Terrassa near UPC, Barcelona


There is another UPC campus in the city of Terrassa. One hour by public transport from the centre of Barcelona, ​​if you are going to study on this campus and want an apartment near the campus, we recommend you to look for accommodation in Terrassa. You will find accommodation at a better price, whenever you need it you can get to Barcelona by public transport using line S1.

Accommodation in Sant Cugat del Valles near UPC, Barcelona

Another UPC campus is located in the municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallés. This municipality is located on the other side of the Sierra de Collserola Natural Park. If you are looking for a quiet apartment near UPC and you study on the Sant Cugat campus, this municipality offers you a great natural environment in which to live. If you prefer to live in the city of Barcelona, ​​the Gracia neighbourhood and the Les Corts district are some of the most recommended nearby areas for young people.