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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Bari

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Bari

Private rooms Bari 90 453/month
Apartments Bari 3 1733/month

With the calm and relaxed lifestyle that is usually breathed in southern Italy, Bari is a good option to go on Erasmus or international studies. Known as the cultural crossroads between Eastern Europe and the Middle East, this city is traditionally commercial and offers good career opportunities. Also, as a student, in Bari, you will be able to enjoy its youthful atmosphere in its bars, restaurants and historical sites.

Surely you are wondering, how much does accommodation in Bari cost for students? This depends on several factors, such as whether you prefer a complete apartment for yourself, a room in a shared apartment or in a residence hall. In addition, other characteristics, such as the location and details of the accommodation, also play a role. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to find the perfect apartment or room for you and make a safe rental.

Student apartments for rent in Bari

In Bari, the rental apartments are mostly studios, but there are also some apartments with more than one bedroom. The latter are usually rented between two or more people because they give the option of dividing the cost of the rent and the expenses of the services.

There is usually little offer of complete apartments to rent in Bari for students, so if you find one that suits your preferences and possibilities, do not hesitate to book quickly. You can do it with the Erasmus Play search engine, where you will see the characteristics of each accommodation and the comforts of your room, seeing all the images and locations, and being able to compare between all the options.

Student room for rent in Bari

This alternative is probably the most chosen by Erasmus students who move to Bari every year. Each room has different characteristics, they can include a wardrobe, desk, air conditioning, fan, etc. Make sure you look at them carefully before choosing!

When you rent your room in Bari you also have to pay attention to the particularities of the apartment. Shared flats can have 2, 3, 4 or 5 rooms and can have more than one bathroom or just one to share among all who live there.

Don't worry, on the Erasmus Play map you will be able to see all the apartments in their locations and see the features they offer.

Keep in mind that the average price of a room for rent for students in Bari, in a central neighbourhood, is € 360 per month.

Student accommodation in Bari

Are you wondering what are the best areas to live in Bari if you are a student? This depends on whether you want to be in a central neighbourhood, near the university or in a cheaper place. Here are some of the neighbourhoods most chosen by students in Bari:

Shared flats for rent in Picone-Carrassi

This district is located across the central station of Bari from the city centre, so it is a little away from places of interest. It is a residential area that was built near the Polyclinic Hospital of Bari.

The rooms in the Picone-Carrassi neighbourhood have a monthly price ranging from € 340 onwards and have an average of € 360 per month.

Apartments in Murat and Libertà

Murat is the epicentre of the capital of Apulia and is located next to the old city. It is the neighbourhood with the most atmosphere and nightlife in Bari. For its part, the Libertà neighbourhood is close to Murat, to the west. 

A studio apartment in one of these neighbourhoods has a price ranging from € 649 onwards and a two-bedroom apartment has an average price of € 749 per month.

Rooms for rent in the Madonnella neighbourhood

The Madonnella neighbourhood has an unbeatable attraction, and that is that it has a part of the Bari coastal walk. In addition, it is a quiet, economical and multi-ethnic area. It is close to the central neighbourhoods of Murat and Bari Vecchia.

The average price for renting a room in a student flat in Madonnella is € 370, with the minimum being € 350.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Bari

In Bari there are two universities most chosen by foreign students:

University of Bari Aldo Moro

The main campus of the institution is located in the centre o the modern city, with a very good connection with the rest of the city, as it is very close to the Bari Centrale station. It is located in the Murat neighbourhood, so both that neighbourhood and the other areas mentioned above are good options to find student accommodation in Bari near the University of Bari Aldo Moro.

Polytechnic University of Bari

This university is in a location further south than the city centre, although in just over 20 minutes on foot you will reach the Bari Centrale train station and in about 30 minutes the city centre. To find student accommodation near this institution, look in the neighbourhoods of San Pasquale or Picone-Carrassi.

University residence in Bari

University residences are not the most popular in Bari, since they are usually far from the centre and are more expensive. A room costs approximately € 500 per month. Of course, they have services such as laundries or restaurants, common areas to study and even to play sports.

Frequently asked questions about Bari

How to find cheap student rooms in Bari?

From Erasmus Play makes it easy, follow these steps:

  • Step into the search engine and type destination

  • Set your monthly budget and dates

  • Compare the various accommodations available, you can see the prices and features of the room and the floor

  • Once find your ideal accommodation, book it as soon as possible in a totally secure way and 100% online.

How much does a room near the University of Bari Aldo Moro cost?

The main campus of this university is in the modern centre of Bari, so neighbourhoods like Murat, Libertà and Madonnella are perfect for not having to travel a lot to go to classes. A room in these neighbourhoods costs, on average, about € 370 per month.

How long will it take to look for accommodation in Bari?

It is a small city with a high demand for student flats, so we always recommend booking as soon as you can.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Bari?

This city in southern Italy is cheaper than larger ones like Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan. Making a calculation of rent, food and leisure, on average you have to have about € 600 per month.

Why study in Bari?

Bari is a city that has a lot of history and interesting places to visit, both in the centre and in nearby places. If you want a small but fun, relaxed and welcoming city, the capital of Puglia is perfect for you. Also, it is ideal if you want to learn the language.