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Are you searching for a new room, apartment or studio to stay in?

Whether you are an ex-pat, young professional or local resident you can find your housing options here.

As hard as it is to find housing that fits your needs, in the search engine of Erasmus Play, we have thought about how to make it easy. There are tons of real estate websites out there to look into, this is a tedious job which have wasted most of your time until you got here. Moreover, you barely know which ones are trustworthy and how to avoid scams.

We have grouped all available and verified accommodations into the search engine.

Where does these housing options come from you?

Just like Skyscanner, we have partnered with key local and international verified housing providers to display all accommodation in each city just for you.

Searching for accommodation

What steps do you have to take to find your new place?

What are you looking for: is it a room to rent? an apartment to rent? a flat? or even a studio to rent?

How to find your new room, apartment or studio

it is very simple, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the city on the search bar on the right

  2. Set in your dates and click on search.

  3. Apply your preference with the filters

  4. Compare all options

  5. Click on view for more information or to book 

Best price-value housing in Madrid

Find the best housing options in Madrid. Rooms for rent, with internet, double bed, heating and even private bathroom. Fully furnished apartments with all amenities at your disposal for rent. You can find modern designed studios for rent too.

Best price-value housing in Paris

As expensive as Paris is, you have to be able to find your room for rent as soon as possible. The search engine enables you to compare all the available apartments for rent in Paris. Don't wait for too long to book the best housing you find in the search engine as they don't stay for long.

Best price-value housing in Budapest

Find your room for rent in Budapest without checking tons of websites. The apartment for rent you need is awaiting you in the search engine. 

Best price-value housing in Amsterdam

Do you need to rent housing with registration in Amsterdam. The rooms and apartments in the search engine for rent will like you to the landlords, who will inform you before booking if you can register o not.

Best price-value housing in Barcelona

Barcelona holds a lot of international people, people go there to work, on holidays, just for the views and so on. Being highly populated cheap rooms and apartments for rent fly very fast. Fortunately, our housing search engine have tons of housing options waiting for you. Find the room or apartment for rent in Barcelona you need.

Best price-value housing in Berlin

Don't miss out on the best housing for rent in Barcelona. Rooms for rent, with internet, double bed or single bed, heating, including private bathroom. Fully furnished apartments with all amenities at your disposal for rent. You can find modern designed studios for rent too.

Best price-value housing in Rome

Rome got nothing but true beauty to give its locals and visitors. If you are looking for a room to rent in Rome, don't miss the search engine. Search for an apartment to rent in Rome that fit your needs in the search engine on the right.

Best price-value housing in Lisbon

Portugal can always make you feel at home due to its friendliness of its people. The capital city, Lisbon, is full of international people. Most of the local stores and organizations speak English and probably Spanish. Find your room, studio or apartment for rent to have a better stay in Lisbon.

Best price-value housing in Brussel

The capital of Belgium has some amazing housing options for rent. Check the available and verified rooms, apartments and studios for rent.

Best price-value housing in London

As cosmopolitan as London is, finding housing of any type has never been this easy. Compare prices of apartments, studios and rooms very well located in the capital of England.

Best price-value housing in Prague

Prague never seems to disappoint regarding its charm, due to this many digital nomads and ex-pats fleed to this city to enjoy its atmosphere. To enjoy this city use the search engine on your right to find the best apartments, rooms and studios to rent in Prague.

Best price-value housing in Warsaw


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