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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Berlin

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Berlin

Private rooms Berlin 11712 1630/month
Residences Berlin 135 1210/month
Studios Berlin 1414 1505/month
Apartments Berlin 4383 2087/month

The city of Berlin is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. This is also reflected in the young population, as more and more students and young professionals decide to travel to Berlin for a period of time, to train and develop professionally. Now, we all have the same concern:

How much does it cost to live in Berlin if you are a student?

The first thing you have to know is that Berlin is not a cheap city, the highest cost that you are going to have to assume is going to be that of accommodation, which will be around € 500/600, if we add to this the maintenance, transport and necessary expenses, at least you must have a monthly budget of around € 800/900.

But don't worry, be very attentive to the information that follows, it will allow you to save money on the monthly rent of your accommodation in Berlin.

Student accommodation in Berlin

Every year, Berlin receives thousands of international students from all over the world, all of them looking for medium-term accommodation (less than 1 year), the prices are somehow high. Depending on the area or neighborhood in which you are located, you will pay a higher monthly price for your rent. Next, we break down which are the neighborhoods most chosen by students and young professionals who move to Berlin.

Rooms for rent in the center of Berlin

Ideal area to intensely live your experience in Berlin. As you can imagine, this area is full of bars, restaurants, clubs and shops. In addition, it is the area of ​​hipsters and people who love design. In it you can find neighborhoods such as the Hansaviertel, Mitte, Moabit, etc. Accommodation prices are slightly higher than other areas, however, if you search early and use our web accommodation price comparator, you can find really cheap apartments for rent.

Student housing for rent in Wedding

Years ago it was a not very fashionable neighborhood, however, today it has become a multicultural neighborhood, where many international people and students live together every day since the rental prices are cheaper than in other areas of Berlin. It is an area full of bars and restaurants and it is also very well connected with other parts of the city through public transport.

Housing in Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg

Undoubtedly one of the most fashionable districts in recent years. The Berlin middle class and a large number of international people are located there. It is a neighborhood closely related to art, where you will discover old factories converted into coworking spaces or even lofts. It is certainly a very attractive area for foreigners. If you also like doing sports and walking, you can do it in the Friedrichshain park.

Apartments in Neukölln

It is the preferred neighborhood of the Turkish population and that is why it is called “little istanbul”. It is also an area where a large number of international artists reside. It is an area with many parks and ideal for if you are a young person. You can find rooms for rent from € 400 onwards.

Rooms for rent in Mitte

Due to its location, it is a popular area to live in by young entrepreneurs, artists and students, as they are located in the start-up sector of Berlin. Berlin is a city that attracts a large number of young professionals due to the potential of its companies. It is a neighborhood with a young atmosphere, where you will find a large number of bars and restaurants for all audiences.

Erasmus accommodation in Berlin

Generally, Erasmus students who travel to Berlin do not have a student grant large enough to cover the monthly rental costs for accommodation. That is why we always recommend opting for cheap accommodation. If you search early and compare properly, you can find cheap rooms for rent in Berlin. Without a doubt, the best option as a student is to share a flat with other people.

Student apartments for rent in Berlin

A highly recommended option is to rent a fully furnished apartment and then find roommates so that you can share the rental costs. Be careful with that, because sometimes it is difficult to find those roommates and you will have to bear all the expenses. To do this, we have grouped together the entire offer of accommodation available for students in Berlin and you will no longer have to look for roommates, since you will only have to rent your own room and not assume the rest of the apartment rent.

Student room for rent in Berlin

Berlin is a very big city and therefore the location of your accommodation is very important. We recommend you to always look for accommodation near the University. Berlin has a lot of Universities (Humboldt University, Technical University, Free University, University of Arts, etc). For this, we recommend that you browse the Erasmus Play search engine and select your University, so you can see all the apartments near it and not waste time searching on maps for each accommodation you find.

We hope you have a wonderful experience in Berlin! See you very soon.

University residences in Berlin

The first question that all students ask ourselves is: What is better to live in a residence hall or in a shared apartment in Berlin?

This decision will depend on many factors. One of them is the duration of your mobility. Many residences require a minimum of months to rent their accommodation, others however do not, since they are summer student residences. It is recommendable to view all possible options. The first thing you should do is know what your monthly budget is and once you know that, search and search until you find a place to live. It does not matter if it is a room, a student flat or a residence, since in all of them you are going to have a great time, the important thing is that you like it and that you are going to be comfortable.

Frequently asked questions about Berlin

How much does a student apartment cost in Berlin?

In Berlin the average rental price of a room goes from 460 euros onwards. Accommodation located in the city center will be priced slightly higher than in more remote areas. The same happens with accommodations near the Universities.

Why Erasmus in Berlin?

Berlin is the preferred city for Erasmus students. You can find a wide range of accommodation and select the one that best suits your tastes.

How much time do I look for accommodation?

Our recommendation is that you always search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is Berlin, the sooner you search the better, since the best rooms for students sell out quickly.

How to find cheap apartments in Berlin?

In Erasmus Play search engine you will be able to quickly compare all the available accommodation, apartments and rooms for students in Berlin.

Where to live in Berlin?

We recommend that you look for a room, flat or apartment for students near the faculty. This will save you time and money on transport in Berlin.

How much does a university residence cost in Berlin?

There Berlin are many student residences in. Average prices for university residences are 750 euros per month. Many of them include dining and cleaning services.

Sharing a flat with other students in Berlin?

One of the options chosen by young people who move to the city of Berlin is to share a flat due to the cost of student accommodation. In this way they are able to reduce monthly expenses for rent, water and electricity.

How to find an apartment near the University in Berlin?

Erasmus Play, through its personalized maps of Universities in Berlin, allows you to effectively search for student houses near any University in Berlin.