Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Magdeburg

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Magdeburg

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Magdeburg is the capital of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, located in central Germany. It is on the Elbe River, which gives the city a natural and relaxed atmosphere. In fact, when the weather is nice, students take advantage of the city's green outdoor areas, such as parks and riverbanks. In addition, from Magdeburg, you will be able to easily travel to other cities such as Leipzig, Berlin, Potsdam and Halle.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Magdeburg for students? One of the characteristics of Magdeburg that attracts young people the most is that it is relatively inexpensive when it comes to accommodation and other expenses. Also, an important fact to keep in mind is that public transport in Magdeburg is free for students. Thanks to its cheap cost of living, the quality education it offers and the relaxed atmosphere, Magdeburg is a very pleasant city for students, which is why it welcomes many of them every year.

Student apartments for rent in Magdeburg

Most student apartments for rent in Magdeburg are studio apartments, where you will not have to share a kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. These apartments are ideal for one or two people (couples), as they are usually small in size. Generally, the flats are fully furnished, including kitchen utensils and bedding.

The price of studio flats usually goes from €830 onwards and can go up to €1600 per month. The cost of apartments with more rooms depends on the number of students who can live there.

Student room for rent in Magdeburg

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The cost of rooms in shared flats in Magdeburg averages €300 per month. Remember to pay attention to whether that price includes the costs of services (such as water, internet and electricity) or if you are going to have to add an extra amount each month to pay for them.

Student accommodation in Magdeburg

In this section, we advise you of some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by international students to live during their Erasmus experience in Magdeburg.

Apartments for rent in the old town of Magdeburg

The historic district, called Altstadt, is one of the most atmospheric for students, as it has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, museums and other places frequented by young people. From here you will be able to easily reach the universities of the city.

Apartments in Leipziger Straße

This neighbourhood is ideal for those students who are going to the campus that has the departments of the health area of ​​the University of Magdeburg. There are several green areas, shops and sports centres, as well as art galleries and museums.

Rooms for rent in Stadtfeld Ost

This area is located west of the city centre, very close to it. You will be able to get from one neighbourhood to the other in a few minutes on foot or by public transport. Due to its location, generally in Stadtfeld Ost, the rental cost is usually a little cheaper.

Erasmus accommodation near the Magdeburg universities

The following are the two institutions that host the most international students every year for their mobility in Magdeburg:

Magdeburg Otto von Guericke University (OvGU)

This institution has several campuses and buildings in the city. One of the campuses is in the Alte Neustadt neighbourhood, where some of its faculties are located, such as Mathematics. Near this campus, there is a building that houses, for example, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. South of Magdeburg and in the Leipziger Straße area is the campus with departments related to the area of ​​Health and the University Hospital, such as the Institute for Biometrics and Computer Sciences.

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal 

The building of this institution is located across the river Elbe from the city centre, in the Herrenkrug district. All its faculties are located on this campus and it is surrounded by green areas.

University residence in Magdeburg

The organization called Studentenwerk Magdeburg offers international young people ten residences to which they can apply. Each of the residences offers different characteristics and facilities, so you have to take a good look at each one to decide which one is ideal for you. In general, the cost of living in a residence is usually between €200 and €450 per month, depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Magdeburg

How much does a student flat cost in Magdeburg?
The price of studio flats usually goes from € 830 onwards and can go up to € 1600 per month. the cost of apartments with more rooms depends on the number of students who can live there.
Where to live in Magdeburg as a student?
Some of the neighbourhoods most chosen by international youth every year are the city centre, the old town (Altstadt), Leipziger Straße, Stadtfeld Ost and the further area called Salbke.
What is student life like in Magdeburg?
The student atmosphere in this city is usually very lively. When it comes to nightlife, there are usually several nightclubs and entertainment venues. Student associations also usually organize various events at universities during the year.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Magdeburg?
The cost of living in Magdeburg is usually cheaper than in other German cities, such as Berlin or Hanover for example. Here estimates that between the costs of accommodation, food and leisure, you will have to have around € 800 per month. However, it always depends on your lifestyle.
Why go on Erasmus to Magdeburg?
In this German city, you will be able to enjoy the culture of the country in a pleasant and inexpensive place. There are several things to do and places to see in the city, and you will be able to easily travel to other major cities in the country, such as Berlin and Leipzig. You will also be able to enjoy the high quality of teaching at universities, as well as learn or improve German.