Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Bloomington

Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Bloomington

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This city is located in the southwest of the state of Indiana, in the central-eastern part of the United States.

From Bloomington you will be able to visit other cities in the country, such as Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. In fact, Indianapolis is about an hour and a half away by public transport, so young international people often take advantage of all the cultural and entertainment that the city has to offer. The city of Bloomington itself has several museums, shopping malls, parks, and other sites of interest for young people. In addition, from Bloomington you will have access to nearby natural sites, such as parks with waterfalls, forests, lakes and its beaches. Students usually take the opportunity to do different sports outdoors and enjoy the surroundings of the city.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Bloomington for students? You have to know that a large part of your budget will be represented by the cost of the accommodation you choose. For this reason, we recommend that you continue reading this article in which we give you information and advice so that you can choose the type of accommodation that suits your preferences.

Student apartments for rent in Bloomington

Are you looking for cheap student flats for rent in Bloomington? This task is usually not easy, since the availability of this type of accommodation is not abundant in this city of Indiana. However, from Erasmus Play we make the search easier, putting at your disposal a search engine in which you will be able to see all the verified apartments that correspond to a wide variety of websites and online accommodation companies.

All you have to do is access the housing search engine, determine your budget and your arrival and departure dates. Then, compare between the verified and available floors, filtering between the characteristics that are most important, such as the number of rooms and details you want. When you find the ideal one for you, in the Erasmus Play search engine you will be able to book with complete safety, so don't let them rent your ideal apartment before you!

Student rooms for rent in Bloomington

Most of the rooms in this city tend to belong in shared apartments that are furnished and have amenities such as the bed, bedding, closet, desk and chair. Some of the rooms may also include a private bathroom or balcony, so it is worth paying attention to the characteristics that each one has. Also, you have to look at the details included in the floor in which the room is located, since they can include features such as an outdoor pool, terrace and / or access to a garden.

Regarding the price of rooms in shared flats in Bloomington, the cost usually goes from $ 400 onwards, and can go up to $ 1000, always depending on the location and the characteristics that it has. Of course, the average price is usually around $ 650-700 per month.

Student accommodation in Bloomington

In this section we will tell you which are the most convenient areas to live in Bloomington as a student, so that you can choose an apartment with a good location, that is, one that is close to the university and places of interest

Apartments for rent in the center of Bloomington

In the center of the city you can find most of the frequented places by students like restaurants, bars and cafes as well as entertainment venues and various shops. The campus of Indiana University is located here, making this neighborhood one of the most convenient for international youth to live in.

Apartments in Vinegar Hill Historic District

This historic district is adjacent to, southeast of downtown, and south of the Indiana University Bloomington campus. This residential area has some places to do sports, as well as some restaurants and shops.

Rooms for Rent in Hoosier Acres

This area is located southeast of Bloomington, approximately 25 minutes from the city center. Here you will find a large shopping center with a wide range of restaurants. In addition, the cost of rent is usually a little cheaper than in the more central neighborhoods.

Accommodation near Indiana University in Bloomington (IU Bloomington)

The campus of this institution in Bloomington is one of the main ones of the university due to the number of students it welcomes every year. In addition, Indiana University is one of the largest colleges in the state. The campus of Indiana University in Bloomington is located in the center of the city and extends to the east of it.

University residences in Bloomington

Indiana University in Bloomington offers its students the possibility of staying in one of its residences, and you will also be able to choose accommodation in a private residence. Take a good look at the characteristics of each one, both the room and the building in which it is located, to be able to choose the place that meets all your preferred characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Bloomington

How much does a student room cost in Bloomington?
The cost usually goes from $ 400 onwards, and can go up to $ 1000, always depending on the location and the characteristics it has. Of course, the average price is usually around $ 650-700 per month.
Where to find cheap student accommodation in Bloomington?
Do it with our Erasmus Play verified accommodation comparison site, in which you will be able to see all the images, prices, locations and characteristics of each one of them. When you find an accommodation that meets all the characteristics that are important to you, make up your mind quickly and make the reservation 100% online and completely secure.
What are the best areas to live in Bloomington as a student?
Some of the neighborhoods most chosen by international young people moving to Bloomington for a season are Downtown (this is usually the most chosen), Hoosier Acres, Vinegar Hill Historic District, Park Ridge, Grandview Hills and Eastern Heights.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Bloomington?
This will always depend on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose. Estimate that renting a room at a cheap price, you will have to have about $ 1200- $ 1300 per month approximately.
Why study in Bloomington?
In this city, you will be able to delve into American culture living in a quieter city than the large cities of the country. However, you will also be able to travel to other nearby cities (such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and St. Louis), as well as explore the natural surroundings.