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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Bonn

Erasmus in Bonn

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Bonn

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Why do your Erasmus in Bonn? If you like to live a relaxed lifestyle and are overwhelmed by large spaces, Bonn is the perfect Erasmus destination for you. Located in Germany, Bonn is an ideal size for students, as it is neither too big nor too small, which means you can walk or cycle everywhere. Furthermore, studying at the University of Bonn is a privilege, as it has a high reputation. If you want to continue discovering more information about Bonn, we invite you to continue reading.

Cost of living in Bonn, Germany

The cost of living in Germany is usually high, however, Bonn is one of the cheapest German cities to live in compared to places like Munich or Berlin. The standard of living of a student in Bonn will depend mainly on the price of accommodation and the lifestyle that they lead. We recommend that you look for the best option for you from our Erasmus Play housing search engine. Even so, most young people prefer to stay in university dormitories, since they are often cheaper than a spare room in a flat.

As for public transport, you will be interested to know that if you have a university student card, you can move around the entire region for free.

Student life, Erasmus parties and leisure in Bonn

In Bonn, you will always find a party atmosphere since there are many university students there. Bonn has many bars and clubs, such as "Die Wache" or "Tabu Bar", where you can go dancing or just have a drink with your friends.

When the good weather approaches, open-air concerts are held in Bonn. The most famous festival is the "Rhein in Flammen" (the Rhine in flames), held in the Rheinaue municipal park, where there are several musical and theatrical performances.

On the other hand, many students recommend going to Cologne as well, since it is only 30 km from Bonn and being a little larger, you will find more offers, both in terms of nightlife and entertainment.

Culture and Food in Bonn, Germany

Located on the banks of the Rhine River, Bonn is a very manageable city that can be visited in a couple of days. It should be noted that Bonn was the city where the well-known composer Beethoven was born, and that is why you cannot miss a visit to his birthplace, which is currently a museum. Other important tourist attractions are:

  • The Cathedral of San Martín.
  • The ruins of the castle "Godesburg".
  • The Botanical Garden.
  • The Market Square or “Marktplatz” and the old Town Hall.
  • Poppelsdorf Palace.
  • Go to the avenue "Heerstrasse", known as the avenue of cherry trees. The trees on this street form a kind of tunnel that turns pink in spring and is worth visiting.

Regarding the gastronomy of Bonn, you will find options of restaurants both German and from other cultures. Some of the most typical dishes are the “Currywurst”, the “Schweine Ax” (pork knuckle), the “Potthucke” (potato cake), etc.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Bonn

  • Study at the prestigious University of Bonn.
  • It is a very welcoming city that receives thousands of foreign students every year, which means that you will be able to make friends from all over the world.
  • You can travel to other nearby cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf or Amsterdam.
  • In Bonn, you will never have time to get bored, as it has a great cultural offer: cinemas, theatres, opera and open-air events.
  • Enjoy nature (particularly the Rheinaue park) on the banks of the Rhine river: you can walk, play sports, go on a picnic...

Cheap Erasmus accommodation in Bonn, Germany

As a university city finding accommodation might be hard. We place at your disposal the housing search engine of Erasmus Play to find the best spare rooms and apartments for free.

Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Bonn

What language do they speak in Bonn?

The official language in Bonn is German, although most locals there also speak English. Our advice is that you learn a basic level of German to be able to get around the city better and understand the vocabulary of everyday life. In any case, the university offers German courses of all levels for Erasmus students.

How is student life in Bonn?

In Bonn, there is a lot of student atmosphere since the University of Bonn has great prestige: the level of demand is high, but they use very good teaching methods. That is why thousands of students from all over the world decide to come to study here. On the other hand, in Bonn, you will also find many leisure and party activities.

How much does student accommodation cost in Bonn?

A spare room in a university residence usually costs between €200-300 approximately, the price of which will vary depending on the location and whether it is a single or shared room. This is the most popular option among Erasmus students, as they are cheaper than a spare room in a shared flat. Also, living in a residence will allow you to meet people faster. Of course, we advise you to start searching for accommodation as soon as possible to choose the option that best suits you. From our Erasmus Play housing search engine, we make it easy for you and we help you compare the best offers.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Bonn?

The amount of the Erasmus scholarship will vary depending on your country of origin. Therefore, we recommend that you check with the international relations office of your home university, which will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

What are the best areas to live in Bonn?

Students prefer to live close to the campus where they are going to study. Now, the University of Bonn has four different campuses scattered around the city. For this reason, you must know what your campus is to choose the closest area. Likewise, living in the centre of Bonn will always be a success because you will be close to everything, and you will be able to access any faculty, either on foot or by public transport.