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Information and advice for Erasmus students in Hamburg

Erasmus in Hamburg

Information and advice for Erasmus students in Hamburg

Private rooms Hamburg 1434 1880/month
Studios Hamburg 62 2079/month
Apartments Hamburg 392 2039/month

Why do Erasmus in Hamburg? This is the third-largest city in Germany and every year it welcomes thousands of students from all over the world. Hamburg offers many cultural activities and events to its inhabitants, as well as incredible opportunities for its students. If you want to live in a city with a lot of atmosphere and countless plans, Hamburg is the ideal destination for you. Here we tell you everything about the city. We started!

Cost of living in Hamburg, Germany

The cost of living of an Erasmus student in Hamburg mainly depends on the price of their rent. This is usually the biggest expense during an Erasmus stay in any country. We recommend that you do not leave the search for your accommodation until last, as there is a lot of demand and the process could be complicated. If you need help to find out what type of accommodation is the best suited to your needs, you can take a look at our Erasmus Play website. Through our search engine, you can compare several accommodations and choose the best option for you.

A room is usually around € 300-400 per month, but other expenses such as shopping, possible leisure activities or transport are added to this amount. Hamburg is a very big city, so you will surely use public transport frequently. In the city tourism offices, you can ask about the possible offers in the transport vouchers that usually exist for students. Another very popular option in this city is the use of bicycles. These can be obtained in the markets that are organized in the city or buying them second-hand from former students.

Erasmus parties and entertainment in Hamburg, Germany

Since this city welcomes so many students and young people every year, it is not surprising that there is always a lively, festive and very dynamic atmosphere. The options in Hamburg to go out with friends for a drink or party are very varied and there are places for all tastes. Some areas quite frequented by students are the neighbourhood are Sternschanze, where you can find several bars, or Reeperbahn, a part of the city where there are more discos.

Besides partying, Hamburg offers other leisure activities such as the large amount of music that is in the city, eating out at a restaurant or just visiting their areas and most important corners. It is a very big city and the amount of plans and things to do there is really wide and varied.

Culture and Food in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg has many theatres, museums and venues where concerts, exhibitions and musicals are held. The city centre was destroyed during World War II, so many of the most iconic buildings in this part disappeared. Even so, the buildings in the different areas of the city show a great richness in their architecture and their history. Some buildings that are mandatory stops in this city are the Hamburger Kunsthalle (one of the most famous museums in the city), the Cathedral of Saint Peter (Petrikirche) or the theatre Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg. In addition, you can attend such important cultural events as the Dom festival (which takes place three times a year) or a traditional festival that takes place in the port of Hamburg and is known as Hafengeburtstag.

Regarding the typical gastronomy of Hamburg, we can highlight such well-known dishes as:

  • Finkenwerder Scholle
  • Hamburger Aalsuppe
  • Birnen, Bohnen und Speck
  • Himmel und Erde

Advantages of doing the Erasmus in Hamburg, Germany

  • Hamburg is the third-largest city in Germany and offers many opportunities to its inhabitants, whether in transport, leisure, education or culture.
  • You can go to theatres, musicals and other events throughout the year.
  • You have the opportunity to practice your German day by day. If you don't know this language, it is the best time to learn the basics.
  • People are usually very friendly, so if you need help at some point and you talk to them politely, they will help you with whatever you need.
  • From this city, you will have many facilities to travel to other cities in Germany or even to neighbouring countries such as Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands or Poland.

Cheap Erasmus Apartments in Hamburg, Germany

Do you need accommodation in Hamburg and don't know how to get it? Through our Erasmus Play comparator, you can easily and quickly find the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Hamburg. We help you make the process of finding accommodation as less complicated as possible.

Frequently asked questions from Erasmus students in Hamburg

How much does it cost to live in Hamburg as a student?

If you decide to rent a single room in a shared flat, your budget can be between € 700-750 per month. This amount also depends on your lifestyle and your priorities.

What is student life like in Hamburg?

Hamburg is the third-largest city in Germany and a very popular destination for exchange students. Therefore, you can imagine that the student life in Hamburg is usually dynamic and joyful. You have many opportunities in this city, make the most of the experience!

How much does student accommodation cost in Hamburg?

The rental price usually varies depending on the type of accommodation we are looking for or its location. The average price of a room in Hamburg is around € 300-400 per month.

Shared apartment or student residence during an Erasmus in Hamburg?

In Hamburg, you can find both residences and shared flats. The final decision depends on your preferences, however, finding accommodation in a shared apartment is usually easier (and many times cheaper) than in student residences. This is because there is a high demand for accommodation and the residences tend to fill up very quickly.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Hamburg?

The characteristics and conditions of the Erasmus scholarship to study in Hamburg vary depending on the country of residence of each student. For this reason, we recommend that you contact the international relations office of your university and ask them any questions you may have regarding this scholarship or your stay in Hamburg.

Where should I live as a student in Hamburg?

Hamburg students usually stay close to their study centres. It is a fairly large city and, although it is very well connected thanks to public transport, many students prefer to avoid commuting every day. The most popular neighbourhoods are Uhlenhorst and Harburg.