Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Brighton
Flatshare in Brighton

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Brighton

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This city in the South of Great Britain is modern, cosmopolitan and young. It welcomes thousands of national and international students every year who come to one of its universities, such as the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex, so the youthful atmosphere is very lively in the city.

The amount of shared flat accommodation available at the beginning of each academic year is very high, but so is the demand. For this reason, if you want to live in an apartment with roommates and enjoy the relaxed and multicultural atmosphere, we recommend that you search on Erasmus Play well in advance before the start of the academic year.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Brighton

These are the highlights of living in shared flats in the English city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Brighton

  • You will have more of your budget available to explore this city and the rest of the UK. London is only an hour away by train! Take the opportunity to get to know the British culture to the fullest.

  • Your roommates will surely become your "Erasmus family" in a short time, so you will be able to enjoy different plans in the city with them, such as going to the beach, walking the promenade or going out to some of its bars.

  • You can choose spare rooms that are part of private apartments, houses and residences with additional facilities such as play areas, study areas and gyms.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Brighton

  • Many students move to Brighton every year, so finding good accommodation can be difficult. This causes the price to increase, so you should start looking for a shared flat as soon as possible.

  • Some flats in the city centre are small, so you can consider neighbourhoods like Moulscoomb, Elm Grove, Kemptown and London Road to find one with better features.

Apps for your international exchange in Brighton

You can use various apps to make the whole process of your exchange the best and simplest possible. There are apps for exchange that belong to the host universities and others that are general, with information on life in the city and student advice. One of these is that living in Brighton has a high cost of living, so one way to save is to get a second-hand bike instead of using public transport.

How to meet people in Brighton

Here are some of the easiest ways to meet other students in the English city:

Student associations in Brighton

The two universities in this city, the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex, offer the chance for you to join one of their many Students' Societies. There are more than 100 in each of them that cover diverse fields, such as various sports, hobbies, nationalities, and religions, among others.

Facebook groups for international students in Brighton

On Facebook, you will find several groups created to support international students. In these groups, you will not only be able to meet other students, but you will also be able to see different plans that you can join and ask any questions you have about life in the city and the necessary procedures of the exchange.

Whatsapp groups for international students in Brighton

Usually, Students' societies and Facebook groups create Whatsapp groups so that you can be in more direct contact with other students, both local and international, and so that you can join plans more easily.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Brighton

Here are some recommendations for sharing a flat in this English city:

  • The traffic in the city is a bit chaotic, so you should look for accommodation in areas that are convenient for you, that are near your university and the most popular leisure areas for young people.

  • If you are going to be in the city in May, you will enjoy the Brighton Festival! It is a festival that brings together live music, dance, theatre and other performing arts. The Brighton Pride Festival is also known as the most popular LGBT event in the country.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Brighton

How much does a shared flat cost in Brighton?
The average price of a spare room in a shared apartment is 660-700£ per month, a fairly high price so you should look well in advance.
How to meet people in Brighton?
You have the chance to join over 100 student associations at each of Brighton's universities, as well as access Facebook and Whatsapp groups to stay in touch with other young people.
Should I share a flat or live alone in Brighton?
The cost of rent in Brighton is very high, so if you have a student budget, it is generally best to live in a shared flat. This costs less than renting an entire apartment on your own.
What should I look for before joining a flatshare in Brighton?
You have to bear in mind that traffic in the city can be chaotic, so you should determine where your university is and choose a neighbourhood with a good location. Also, remember that the bicycle is a good means of transportation, so you can consider it to calculate the route from one place to another.
What are the best apps to find flatmates in Brighton?
One of the best apps/websites you will find is Erasmus Play. Access it to also see the availability of verified shared flats that you will be able to rent in the city.