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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Bruges


Entire place

Apartment at Vrijdagmarkt, Smedenpoort



Studio at Jozef Suvéestraat


Private room

Room at Joseph Wautersstraat, Sint-Michiels



Studio at Jozef Suvéestraat


Entire place

Apartment at Zwarteleertouwersstraat, Astridpark


Entire place

Apartment at Zwarteleertouwersstraat, Astridpark

Information about Bruges

Bruges is located in the northwest of Belgium and is the capital of West Flanders. This historic city is known for its canals, medieval buildings and cobbled streets that give it a very beautiful and unique atmosphere. It should be noted that Bruges extends to the sea and also has a port, Zeebrugge. UNESCO declared Bruges a World Heritage Site for its importance and the beauty of its historic centre.

Available accommodationTotalAverage price
Private room Bruges1€400
Residence Bruges0
Studio Bruges2€1400
Entire place Bruges3€1566
*Last update:

It is a small city in which the atmosphere is usually calm but lively, students from previous years assure that the nightlife is very busy and that you will find everything you need to live. One of the advantages of being small is that you can get anywhere on foot or by bicycle. From Bruges, you will also be able to easily travel to other cities in Belgium (such as Brussels and Ghent), as well as to France and the Netherlands.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Bruges? Keep reading! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to find the ideal accommodation quickly and easily.

Student apartment for rent in Bruges

There is a wide variety of apartments for rent in this Belgian city. Surely you are wondering, how much does a student rental apartment cost in Bruges? This mainly depends on its location and the characteristics it has. You will find studio flats and apartments to share between several students, with two or more rooms. 

Normally the studio flats have the capacity for one or two people, but in those available, in Bruges, you will find some in which up to three people can live.

The price of a studio apartment has an average of € 1200 per month and that of a shared apartment can go from € 850 onwards for a two-bedroom apartment.

Student room for rent in Bruges

If you are looking for a cheap room for students in Bruges, we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible as there are many students interested in renting a furnished room, at a good price and with a good location. In the Erasmus Play search engine you will be able to find it by following these steps:

  1. Access the Erasmus Play search engine
  2. Set both your maximum monthly budget, as well as your arrival and departure dates
  3. Filter between the different rooms according to the characteristics that are important to you, such as a private bathroom, wardrobe or balcony, for example
  4. Compare between the different verified rooms, always remember to also pay attention to the characteristics of the entire apartment.
  5. When you find the ideal room, book 100% online and secure.

Keep in mind that the rooms can be part of an apartment or a 'Kot', a building in which there are several rooms available and where the common areas, the kitchen and usually the bathroom are shared.

Student accommodation in Bruges

In this section, we inform you of the most chosen locations every year by Erasmus students who move to the city of Bruges to live their experience.

Apartments for rent in Magdalenakwartier

The Magdalena neighbourhood is located in the historic centre of Bruges. Here you will be able to easily access everything frequented by students: universities, bars, restaurants, parks and other places of interest.

Apartments in Sint Gillis

Sint Gillis is located north of Bruges, a few minutes walk from the city centre. It is a quieter area than the centre, but just as beautiful. It has parks, medieval buildings, walks along the water and some bars and restaurants.

Rooms for Rent in Sint Michiels

This area is located south of the historic old town of Bruges. The city's central train station and the campus of the University of Applied Sciences are located here, making it very convenient for students going to that institution.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Bruges

These are the universities of Bruges that receive the most Erasmus students every year:

University of Applied Sciences VIVES

The two campuses of this university are located south of Bruges, one next to the central train station and one in the heart of the Sint Michiels neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is a good option for students who are going to have classes at one of these campuses.

College of Europe - Collège d'Europe

One of the campuses of this institution is located in Bruges, in its historic centre. Thanks to its location, you will be able to find accommodation both in the centre and in the surrounding neighbourhood.

University residence in Bruges

Some of the universities in Bruges offer places in different accommodation for students. The type of accommodation generally corresponds to individual rooms in flats shared with other young people, which can also be a Kot. The price of these residences depends on each university and the facilities they have, so you should compare them to choose the ideal one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Bruges 

How much does a student flat cost in Bruges?
The price of a studio apartment has an average of € 1200 per month and that of a shared apartment can go from € 850 onwards for a two-bedroom apartment.
Where to live in Bruges as a student?
Some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by international youth are the city centre and some surrounding neighbourhoods, such as Sint Gillis and Sint Michiels. Keep in mind that the central areas also welcome many tourists every year, so if you want to have a little more tranquillity, the surrounding neighbourhoods are convenient.
How to find cheap student accommodation in Bruges?
Thanks to Erasmus Play this is easy: you can compare all the accommodation options available in Bruges, from a multitude of companies and online accommodation platforms, quickly and easily to choose your preferred one. In addition, you will be able to book 100% online and secure.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Bruges?
Keep in mind that a student's monthly budget tends to depend to a great extent on the type of accommodation they choose since it represents a large part of young people's spending per month. It will also depend on how much you go out, what activities you do, how many times you eat out and how much you travel.
Why study in Bruges?
Living in Bruges means living in a historic and very important city, sharing the experience with both local and international students. From here you will be able to travel to other nearby places in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, so young people do not usually mind that their size is small.

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