Student housing, apartments, and rooms for rent in Bryan

Student housing, apartments, and rooms for rent in Bryan

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Bryan is a city located in the state of Texas, in the center of the Brazos Valley. It is a relatively quiet city, at least compared to other cities in the state such as Houston, Austin and San Antonio. However, students often find activities to do and events to go to. Also, from Bryan, you will be able to reach some of the best-known cities in Texas in a short time, such as those named above.

Bryan attracts many students as it is adjacent to the city called College Station, where the main headquarters of Texas A&M University is located.

Looking for student accommodation in Bryan? First of all, we recommend that you continue reading this article, in which we give you different tips to keep in mind when looking for your ideal accommodation. Secondly, we suggest you use the Erasmus Play housing search engine, where you will be able to compare the different verified apartments, rooms, and residences available for international students, coming from a wide variety of online platforms and websites.

Student apartments for rent in Bryan

The price of apartments for rent in Bryan is quite high, which is why it is not usually a very popular option for international students who have a medium / low budget. A studio apartment can cost about $ 3420 per month approximately and one with several rooms to share, about $ 4000 per month. Of course, the apartments are usually modern and have all the basic appliances (such as refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, oven, etc.), as well as having the costs of services (water, electricity, internet, for example) included in their price.

If what you want is to rent a complete apartment for yourself, we recommend that you start the search well in advance since cheap apartments are normally booked out first.

Student rooms for rent in Bryan

Do you want to rent a room in a shared apartment in Bryan? Most of those that you will find in this American city correspond to individual rooms. They are usually fully furnished, with all the necessities for a student, such as a bed, bedding, wardrobe, desk, and chair.

The cost of a room in a shared apartment usually goes from $ 400 onwards, but it always depends on the characteristics of the room and the apartment itself, as well as the location of the apartment.

Student accommodation in Bryan

Another aspect that you have to consider to find your ideal accommodation is the location in which it is. Each neighborhood of the city presents different characteristics and advantages for students. Below we will share with you some of the most chosen areas every year by young people, as well as the characteristics for which they stand out.

Apartments for rent Downtown Bryan

Downtown Bryan is a good idea to live in if you want to be close to most of the dining and entertainment venues that are popular with international students.

East Bryan apartments

The East Bryan area is generally preferred by young people as it is where most of the city's college campuses are located.

Room for rent in College Station

Many students choose the nearby city of College Station to live in because it has a very good student atmosphere and a wide range of accommodation for young people.

Accommodation near the universities of Bryan

These are the institutions that more international students welcome every year in this city of Texas:

Blinn College

This university has one of its campuses in the city of Bryan, which is located southeast of the city center. In it are all its faculties and other facilities.

Texas A&M Health Science Center

This institution is part of Texas A&M University, and it teaches classes from faculties related to Health Sciences, such as dentistry, biomedical science, and nursing, for example. The Texas A&M Health Science Center is located south of the city of Bryan, near the border with College Station.

Texas A&M University

The main campus of this university is, in fact, in the city located next to Bryan, called College Station. However, being so close, many students also take the opportunity to find accommodation in Bryan, which is usually a little cheaper than in College Station.

University residences in Bryan

The student residences that are available for the institutions near this city are located in College Station, the city that is next to Bryan. For this reason, if you prefer to live in Bryan, you should choose a room in a private shared apartment or a complete apartment outside a residence.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Bryan

How much does a student room cost in Bryan?
The cost of a room in a shared apartment usually goes from $ 400 onwards and can go up to $ 950 a month depending on its characteristics and the location in which it is located.
Where to look for student accommodation in Bryan?
We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine, where you will be able to filter by the characteristics and prices of the offered accommodation. Try to book quickly, as the demand for accommodation is high and the properties sell out quickly.
How is student life at Bryan like?
Although the city itself is relatively quiet, its proximity to College Station makes its youthful vibe very lively. In Bryan, you will be able to enjoy restaurants, museums, bars with live music, film festivals, markets, and events on the first Friday of each month, called 'First Friday'. Also, if what you are looking for is partying and nightlife, you will be able to go to College Station to enjoy everything it has to offer.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student at Bryan?
The cost of living in Bryan is usually cheaper than in other Texas cities like Houston or Austin. Estimate that you have to have about $ 1,200 a month between cheap rent, food, and leisure expenses.
Why study at Bryan?
This city is ideal for those who prefer to live in a quieter environment than in the big cities. It has a wide variety of things to see and do, and you will also be able to enjoy all that College Station has to offer for young people. From Bryan, you will also be able to easily reach other cities in Texas, such as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.