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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Budapest

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Budapest

Private rooms Budapest 706 369/month
Studios Budapest 21 692/month
Apartments Budapest 668 1155/month

Budapest, better known as the pearl of the Danube, is the capital of Hungary and also the city with the largest population. This renowned European city is gaining more and more followers who choose it as their Erasmus destination, due to the quality of its educational system and because it is a cheap city to live in.

If you have chosen this option (or at least is considering it), keep reading till the end as we are going to present the different types of accommodation that you can find and their characteristics.

Apartments for rent for students in Budapest

Budapest receives the largest community of foreign and exchange students every year in Hungary. As we have told you, its low prices, its culture and nightlife, make young people always keep it in mind.

Due to its affordable prices, most students choose to rent a shared apartment, but it is not the only option available. You can also choose a residence or rent a single room in an apartment.

An important factor to consider when searching for a place to live in Budapest is the location. The big university campus in the city are mostly located in the centre, a place that is filled with international students every year.

As you know, Budapest is divided into two by the Danube River, the west being Buda and the east Pest. In general, the city is divided into 23 different districts, of which V, VI and VII will be the ones that you should frequent the most (located in Pest).

Accommodation in Buda

Buda is the oldest part, and perhaps also the richest. Normally, Erasmus and international students want to be close to the centre, in this case, they should choose to live in Pest especially in the districts that we discussed earlier.

However, if you want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in quieter areas and with larger neighbourhoods, you can start your search in the Buda area (Districts I, II, III, XI, XII and XXII). Also, most of the universities are located in this area of ​​the city.

Accommodation in Pest

The Pest region is much broader, where the remaining seventeen districts meet, of which V, VI, VII, VIII and IX, which are the closest to the centre, should be highlighted. The VII may be somewhat less recommended, since restaurants and entertainment venues are concentrated there, so it can be noisier.

It is recommendable to live close to the place of work or study.

Cheap accommodation in Budapest

Many Erasmus students travel for a few months to study in Budapest. In our blog, you can find information of interest for Erasmus students. Do not worry about the accommodation, we take care of that, we have aggregated on this website the entire offer of verified apartments and rooms so that you do not have to worry about frauds.

Shared apartments in Budapest

A good accommodation option when you move to another country is to share a flat with other people. This has its pros and cons, but the experience is worth living. Besides, this will allow you to save money on the monthly rental expense. 

Student room for rent in Budapest

The preferred option in Budapest is to rent a flat, either to live alone or to share a room with friends or colleagues. This option is in high demand because it is usually cheaper than living in a student residence and also, you will gain comfort.

On average, people can pay up to 400 euros per month or approximately 145.000 HUF, to which should be added expenses such as electricity, internet, gas, etc. Generally, if you know where to look, renting a student room in Budapest at all costs could range from 250 to 400 euros.

But where do I find the best student room rentals in Budapest? Erasmus Play compares for you the different websites specialized in this type of accommodation and will show you your best option.

Erasmus accommodation in Budapest

Budapest is full of students from all over the world, something that characterizes it and makes its streets special, especially those in the city centre. The language may throw us back a bit, but you should know that with average English you can make yourself understood perfectly, without the need for Hungarian.

One peculiarity that we can find is that they do not use the Euro, but rather the Hungarian Forint, so you will have to get used to this conversion. The conversion rate normally is around: 1 EUR = 360,336 HUF and 1 USD = 295,000 HUF. The standard of living is not expensive at all and leisure in this city can be one of the cheapest in Europe.

The gastronomy, its good communication and the leisure that Erasmus students can enjoy, makes this city a pleasant one to study or work in. There are some outstanding careers to study in this city. 

For which careers can I request Erasmus in Budapest? 

The Hungarian academic system has a very good reputation and has a large number of universities spread throughout the city, both public and private. Highlights include the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in Budapest, Corvinus University or the Universities of Semmelweis.

Those who travel to the city usually do so in exchanges for many university courses that have international mobility programs. 

University residences in Budapest 

In Budapest, there are different student residences that you can find located near the different Universities. In many cases these residences are managed by the educational institutions themselves, so if you are thinking about this form of accommodation, we recommend that you directly ask the University you are going to attend.

The average residence price in Budapest is about 350 euros per student. A recurring issue with residences is usually availability, hence you should check with the entity as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about Budapest

Why study in Budapest?
The capital of Hungary is one of the destinations that is becoming more popular among Erasmus students and this is because it is considered a “cheap destination”. To this is added its great nightlife, which attracts those adventurers who do not only seek to learn but also want to take a good memory of their stay.
How to find cheap apartments in Budapest?
We make it very easy for you. Click on the Erasmus Play search engine and quickly find the available accommodation, whether they are residences, apartments or rooms. The reservation can be done 100% online and it is also totally safe since all the floors are verified.
How much does a student apartment cost in Budapest?
This will vary greatly depending on the area. Buda is indeed the most “expensive” part of the city, since the standard of living is higher, but Pest is still the tourist centre. On average, we talk that the rent of an apartment can be around 250-400 euros, not bad if we compare it with other cities.
How much do student residences cost in Budapest?
The residences also vary a lot in price depending on the University to which you belong. To give you an idea, the average price can be around 350 euros.
Where to live in Budapest?
There are colours for tastes and in Budapest, you have up to 23 districts to choose from. If you want to live the life of its centre, we recommend that you access the districts of Pest (highlighting from 6 to 9). For those who prefer a more secluded life without so much noise, the districts of Buda are your choice, and your future university is probably in this area.