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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Chieti

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Chieti

Private rooms Chieti 1 840/month
Apartments Chieti 1 1600/month

This Italian city is located in the Abruzzo region, about 200 kilometres away from Rome. It is one of the oldest cities in Italy, it is believed to have been founded by the Greek hero Achilles in 1181 BC

Chieti is a relatively small city that has a quiet, friendly and welcoming student atmosphere. With fewer people than in the larger cities and thanks to the student association that organizes activities, it is usually easy to meet other young internationals in Chieti. You will also be able to enjoy the beaches and nightlife that nearby Pescara offers, which is just a few minutes away by public transport.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Chieti? You have to know that this city is divided into two parts: Chieti - Scalo and Chieti. The first is the main university area and the most modern. In Chieti, you will find the old town, the museums and the oldest buildings to visit.

Student apartments for rent in Chieti

If you want to rent a complete apartment, you have to know that you will have two options in this Italian city: a studio apartment for yourself or one with more rooms to share with other students. This last option is usually preferred by international young people, since it allows them to save on rental expenses per month and utility bills, such as water, electricity, internet, etc.

The price of a studio flat usually goes from € 380 onwards and that of an apartment with more rooms to share from € 390, always depending on the features they include and their location. In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to filter by the characteristics of each accommodation, easily finding those that meet your requirements: number of rooms, internet, desk, double bed, etc. 

Student room for rent in Chieti

In this Italian city, you will find a wide variety of rooms for rent, which can be individual or shared. In the case of shared, generally the price shown is per person. The cost of shared rooms usually goes from € 120 onwards and that of single rooms from € 170 per month.

It should be noted that for both types of rooms, the features usually include all the basics for a student to move in, such as a bed, closet, desk, and study chair. Of course, you have to check if they offer bedding or shower towels, for example, since some of them do not include it. So you will have to bring them by yourself from home or buy them directly in Chieti to save more space for your clothes in your suitcase.

Student accommodation in Chieti

Despite being a relatively small city, in Chieti, there are several areas that you can choose from when looking for student accommodation. To make your choice easier, in this section we tell you which are the most convenient neighbourhoods to live in this Italian city during your Erasmus experience.

Apartments for rent in the old town of Chieti

Many of the city's attractions, such as museums and historic buildings are located in this area. Here there are also a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are frequented by students every year, so there is usually a good youthful atmosphere. From here you will be able to easily get to the university.

Apartments in Chieti Scalo

Chieti Scalo is where the main campus of Chieti University is located. In addition, the urbanization is more modern than that of the old town. Here you will find a multitude of restaurants, shops, bars and other places of interest for young people, such as the largest shopping centre in the city.

Rooms for rent in Madonna della Vittoria

This area is south of Chieti Scalo and is where the main shopping centre and train station of the city of Chieti are located. Thanks to its location, you will be close to both entertainment venues and the university campus.

Erasmus accommodation near the Università degli Studi 'G. d'Annunzio ', Chieti e Pescara (UdA)

This institution has faculties both in Chieti and in the nearby city of Pescara. The main campus is the one in Chieti, in Madonna delle Piane, in the area of ​​the city called Chieti Scalo. For its part, the campus in Pescara is called Viale Pindaro.

University residence in Chieti

There are few residences available in Chieti for students. Each of them offers different characteristics, such as common rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, restaurant, laundry, gym and/or garden. Remember to pay attention to all the details to be able to choose the ideal type of accommodation for you. Keep in mind that students generally decide on rooms in private shared flats.

Frequently Asked Questions about living in Chieti

How much does a student room cost in Chieti?

This mainly depends on whether it is a single room or a shared room. The former usually have a minimum price of € 170 and the cost of shared rooms goes from € 120 per month onwards.

Where to look for student accommodation in Chieti?

We recommend that you start your search as soon as possible to find the ideal accommodation for you and use the Erasmus Play search engine. You will be able to compare between different types of verified accommodation, seeing all their images, descriptions, prices and locations on the map. Once you find your preferred accommodation, you will be able to make the reservation 100% online and securely.

How is the student atmosphere in Chieti?

It is much quieter than in larger cities like Bari, but Chieti offers different activities and places of interest that students enjoy. The ESN is an association that organizes different events and activities for students and Erasmus students, so surely you will not have the opportunity to get bored.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Chieti?

The cost of living in Chieti is relatively low, although it always depends on the lifestyle you lead and how much you travel. Estimates that, by renting a room in a shared flat and adding leisure and food expenses, you have to have approximately € 500 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Chieti?

In this Italian city, you will be able to experience the culture of this country, enjoying the tranquillity of its medium-sized cities and also the fun of its beaches and natural areas. Here you will learn about its traditions, the language and enjoy the delicious Italian gastronomy, known all over the world.