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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Colmar

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Colmar

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This city is located in the Alsace region, northeast of France. It looks like something out of a story: it has a very beautiful old town, with picturesque Renaissance and medieval buildings, and is crossed by canals of the Lauch river.

It is a quiet, peaceful and welcoming city, where people are usually calm and enjoying nature. In other words, this French city would not be the ideal one for you if you want an active nightlife and have a lot of parties. Of course, universities organize different activities for students and there are a variety of sports that can be done, so you won't get bored.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Colmar? In this post, we inform you of everything you need to take into account when looking for your ideal place in the city of Colmar, from different types of accommodation that you are going to find, to different areas that students choose to live in.

Student apartments for rent in Colmar

The price of a complete apartment in Colmar varies depending on the size and location. In general, young people who move to this French city look for accommodation that is close to the centre or the university and which is furnished so that they do not have to face extra expenses on arrival.

The rental price for students in Colmar ranges from € 350 for a studio apartment and can go up to € 1100, always depending on its characteristics and location. Also, the average monthly cost of a two-bedroom apartment is € 1,500.

Student room for rent in Colmar

Looking to rent a room for students in Colmar? You will find a varied offer, so pay attention to the characteristics that interest you the most to choose the ideal one for you. You have to see if the room includes, for example, a desk and closet. Also, look at the details of the house, as some do not include appliances, such as a washing machine or television, and others do include a private bathroom.

A private room in an apartment shared with other students in Colmar has a price ranging from € 300 onwards, with an average of € 350 per month.

Student accommodation in Colmar

All students, when we study abroad, want to find a furnished accommodation, with a good location and at a cheap price. What we recommend, first of all, is that you start your search as soon as possible. That way you make sure you have more options available, since the closer the start of the school year approaches the demand increases, both for international and French students.

The following are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by students to live in Colmar:

Apartments for rent in the Krutenau neighbourhood

This area is located next to the old town and has one of the most famous and picturesque areas of the city, called Little Venice. The central location makes it an interesting neighbourhood to consider, although accommodation prices tend to be a bit higher than others. For example, the cost of a studio flat can be € 1,100 per month.

Apartments in the Quartier Center neighbourhood

The Quartier Center neighbourhood is also located next to the historic centre of the city of Colmar, but in a north and west direction. Generally, here you will find prices a little cheaper than in Krutenau, such as € 600 for a studio flat for one person.

Rooms for rent in Saint Joseph / Mittelharth

These two districts are annexed to each other. Located to the west and northwest of the centre of Colmar, you will be able to get there quickly, in about 10 minutes on foot. A fully equipped room in these neighbourhoods has a cost that starts at € 350 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Haute Alsace IUT

The campus of this institution is located very close to the old town of Colmar (Vieux Colmar), heading east. This area would be a good alternative to find student accommodation near the University, as well as the Quartier Saint-Léon or Krutenau. The Champ de Mars, Saint Joseph and Mittelharth areas are a little further from the institution, it takes around half an hour to reach it by public transport.

University residence in Colmar

In the city of Colmar, there are practically no university residences or residences dedicated to young students, most of them are for tourists. However, if you want to stay in a residence hall, what you can do is look in Strasbourg, which is a larger city and welcomes a larger number of students every year. From one city to the other there are frequent connections with trains and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. You will have to assess whether it is worth travelling every day or locating you near your university.

Frequently Asked Questions about Colmar

How much does a student room for rent in Colmar cost?

The price of a room generally depends on its location and its features. For your reference, the average price of private rooms in shared flats in Colmar is € 350 per month.

How to find cheap student flats in Colmar?

Sometimes finding cheap accommodation in Colmar for young people can be tricky. However, from Erasmus Play we make it easier for you. Access our free search engine.

What are the best areas to live near the University of Haute Alsace IUT?

If you want to live close to this institution, so you don't have to spend a lot of time going to and from it, the neighbourhoods that you can mainly consider are Vieux Colmar, Quartier Saint-Léon and Krutenau.

How much does a student rental apartment cost in Colmar?

If what you want is a studio apartment just for you, keep in mind that prices start from € 350 and can go up to € 1100. On the other hand, the average is € 1500 if you prefer an apartment with more rooms to share.

Why go on Erasmus to Colmar?

This city in Alsace, in France, is suitable for those students who want to focus on their studies and go to a quieter destination and not with many parties. One of the advantages of studying here is that you will be able to learn or improve your French, since you will surely interact with many local people. Also, if you have the opportunity to live in Colmar during autumn or Christmas, you will surely love it.