Coventry University

Renting flats, apartments and rooms near Coventry University

Coventry University is the university corresponding to the British city of Coventry. Its main campus is located in the eastern part of Coventry city centre and has one of the libraries most innovative university in the UK. This university stands out in particular for its renowned courses in automotive engineering and design as well as offering the first program in Disaster Management in the UK. It welcomes several students from different countries. Finding accommodation in Coventry for students can be a difficult task, especially if left at the last minute. Here are some tips to make your search much easier and save time and money. To study in Coventry, it is essential to find an accommodation that meets your needs.

Erasmus accommodation in Coventry near Coventry University

The Coventry University campus is relatively close to the city centre. So in Coventry, Erasmus students can find accommodation anywhere in the city and access the university easily. The public transport connection is highly optimized in Coventry, so students will have no problem getting around. It is important to find accommodation in areas that allow you to access the university relatively easily, either on foot or with transport. 

Cheap rooms for rent near Coventry University

The first thing to know before looking for accommodation in Coventry is that the prices of student room rentals are slightly higher than in other British cities. If you are looking for rooms in Coventry at the last minute, you will always come across more expensive rooms. It is therefore advisable to start your search for rooms in Coventry as soon as possible. Here are the important things to consider when looking for rooms in Coventry.

  1. Find the location of your University.
  2. Establish a maximum monthly rent budget.
  3. Define the dates of your mobility.
  4. Compare the prices of all the websites in search of the best room.

Comparing thousands of accommodations on many websites is a difficult task, which is why at Erasmus Play we have created the first comparator for student accommodation in Europe. Use the search Erasmus student accommodation Play to find your room in Coventry. 

University residence in Coventry

in all university cities can find student residences. The value that residences provide is their simplicity and the inclusion of all the services you may need, such as food and cleaning. For all the services it provides, its price is also usually higher than other more independent options.

Apartments for students at the Coventry University

As we have already explained throughout the page, there are different options to live in Coventry if you study at the University. A very valid option is to rent an entire apartment or flat for you and your colleagues. It is a very accurate and inexpensive way for Erasmus students in Coventry. You share all the costs of rent, electricity, water, wifi etc. Sharing an apartment in Coventry with other students like you helps you grow and mature in that environment. There are many apartments for rent in Coventry, don't miss the best ones, go to Erasmus Play and compare them all.

Flats for rent for students near the Coventry University

As any student who appreciates, look and compare all possible accommodation in Coventry before choosing one. One type of accommodation widely chosen by Erasmus is to search for apartments for rent in Coventry. With a flat, you can share with classmates or other students like you. This option is widely exploited so you don't waste time and start looking for your apartment in Coventry. The Erasmus Play platform makes it easy for you to search by grouping all the flats on a single website.


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