Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Dijon

Dijon is located in eastern France and is the capital of the Burgundy - Franche-Comté region. This French city has a very beautiful old town, with several museums and buildings that are worth visiting. An advantage is that being a small city, you will be able to easily walk around it.

Knowing that it is not large, you are surely wondering what student life is like in Dijon. We tell you that Erasmus students from previous years have felt very well integrated into the population, being able to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities, including parties and trips to other nearby places of interest.

Another question often asked by students considering going to study in this French city is, How much does it cost to live in Dijon for students? This depends both on the lifestyle you lead and the type of accommodation you choose since the latter usually represents a large part of the monthly expense. Here are the details to pay attention to when looking for accommodation in Dijon, don’t miss out on any point.

Student apartments for rent in Dijon

Are you looking for a cheap rental apartment in this French city? As a general rule, the apartments that are in central locations of the city have a higher price, although this also depends on the characteristics that each one presents. Most of them are furnished and have everything you need to move into, including basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, washing machine and microwave. However, pay attention because many of the floors may have characteristics that differentiate them and give them a plus, such as having a terrace or balcony.

The cost of a studio flat ranges from € 320 onwards, with an average of € 450 per month, although it can go up to € 1,700. An apartment to share with other students usually costs more than € 2,000 per month.

Student room for rent in Dijon

Most of the rooms on offer in this French city include basic furniture, such as a wardrobe, desk, bed and linens. However, you should also pay attention to some characteristics of the apartment: the location, whether it has a private or shared bathroom, how many people share the apartment, and whether it has internet and basic appliances. You will surely find a room in Dijon with all the characteristics you need. However, you have to start searching well in advance since the best places are often the fastest to be booked. With the Erasmus Play housing search engine, we make it easy for you to search and compare all the verified rooms in Dijon. The price of a room in a shared apartment in Dijon usually has a minimum of € 310 per month, with the average being € 400.

Student accommodation in Dijon

When looking for accommodation in a new city it can be overwhelming not knowing in which area to do so. For this reason, below we are going to advise you on some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by Erasmus students to live in, both for their location and for what they offer.

Apartments for rent in Center Ville

This neighbourhood is the centre and historic centre of the city. In it you can see houses and buildings with very beautiful architecture, walk through its cobbled streets and taste the delicious cuisine in its markets, shops and restaurants. It is also close to the university's main campus and the most popular nightlife spot for students.

Apartments in Faubourg North 

This lively neighbourhood has both residential and office buildings. It is home to several nightclubs, restaurants and cocktail bars, which is why it tends to attract a lot of young people in the evenings. It also has the Jardin Darcy park, where you will be able to go for a walk and relax.

Room for rent in Montmuzard

Montmuzard is an area that is located to the east of the centre of Dijon, next to the main campus of the university. For this reason, it is one of the best neighbourhoods to live in if you want to be close to the institution.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Bourgogne

This institution has several campuses located in different areas of Burgundy. The main and oldest is the one in the city of Dijon, about 10 minutes from the city centre. It is a large campus with a wide variety of facilities including a sports centre, a cultural centre, art galleries, restaurants, and residences.

The University Institute of Technology welcomes many international students every year and is also located within the main campus of the University of Bourgogne.

The other campus near Dijon is called Le Creusot. It's about an hour away.

University residence in Dijon

The public residences in Dijon are managed by the CROUS and, when available, the same university offers places to Erasmus students. Keep in mind that this requires a lot of paperwork and procedures, so many young people prefer to rent private rooms or apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dijon

How much does a student room cost in Dijon?
The average cost of a room in a flat shared with other young people in Dijon is € 400 per month. As data, the minimum is usually around € 310 per month.
What are the best areas to live in Dijon as a student?
This depends on whether you want to stay near the main university campus or in the city centre. The advantage is that it is a small city and you can get from one place to another quickly, both on foot and by bicycle. Some of the neighbourhoods to consider are Center Ville, Faubourg North, and Montmuzard.
How is the student atmosphere in Dijon?
This small French city has a good atmosphere due to the number of students it receives, although it is usually much quieter than larger cities such as Lyon or Paris. However, here you will find a wide range of activities to do, as well as nightlife spots to enjoy.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Dijon?
It is an expensive city, but students are often given benefits in different areas. For example, you will be able to eat in university canteens, where the menu is usually quite cheap and delicious. However, as an estimate, think that you should have between € 700-800 a month between rent, food, leisure and some cheap trips.
Why go on Erasmus to Dijon?
This small town is highly recommended if you want a quieter lifestyle than in the big cities, but not boring for that. In addition, in Dijon, you will be able to immerse yourself in French culture and learn or improve your French speaking skills. Of course, many students from previous years recommend having at least a basic knowledge of French before arriving, although universities usually give free courses.




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