Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Dundee
Flatshare in Dundee

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Dundee

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This city has the most hours of sunshine per year in Scotland, which is why it is chosen by many international students who want to improve their English and delve into the local culture of this country. Young people often select to live in shared flats in this city, to make their student budget more affordable and allow for more experiences and activities, such as exploring other sites in Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and the Cairngorms National Park. In addition, living with roommates from different parts of the world will make your day-to-day life more interesting and fun.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Dundee

These are some of the most relevant pros and cons of living in shared flats in the Scottish city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Dundee

  • Some flats have access to additional common areas like a game room, a gym, or a garden.
  • You will find a flat with a convenient location to live as a student, that is, close to the university you are going to and the city centre. Remember that some favourite neighbourhoods for students are the centre of Dundee, West End and East Marketgait.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Dundee

  • The temperature in winter in this city is usually quite low, so you have to talk with your flatmates to agree on the use of heating so that everyone is comfortable in the apartment.
  • The only space of your own will be your room, so make sure you make it comfortable and decorate it however you like.

Apps for your international exchange programme in Dundee

There are several Apps that you can use to make your international stay in Dundee the best it can be. In these apps, you can access relevant information for the exchange, including information about your host university, the necessary paperwork and life in the city. You will also be able to read the experiences of students from previous years, who encourage you to try as many typical gastronomy dishes as possible, such as Neeps and Tatties, Scotch Pies, Cullen Skink and Haggis.

How to meet people in Dundee

Foremost, we recommend you to befriend your flatmates as soon as you arrive in the city, who will surely be the closest people during your exchange. Secondly, we suggest you consider the following options to meet people in the Scottish city:

Student associations in Dundee

In the universities of this city, you will be able to join numerous societies and clubs, there are over 240 at the University of Dundee. There are so many possibilities that you will find one that meets your interests, be it dance, cooking, Harry Potter, aeronautics, board games, concerts, Esports and creative writing, for example.

Facebook groups for international students in Dundee

To meet other international students, we recommend that you join the Facebook group of the society specifically for them, called “International Student Society, Dundee University”. You will also find groups of other societies, being able to join the one you want.

Whatsapp groups for international students in Dundee

Surely, there are WhatsApp and Telegram groups that you can join with other students in Dundee. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and give information about yourself, so you can find other young people with similar interests to yours with whom to make different plans.

Tips for living in a shared student apartment in Dundee

We give you some tips to keep in mind when living in shared flats in this Scottish city:

  • If one of your roommates is Scottish and you don't understand them well when they speak as soon as you arrive, don't worry! The accent of this country is very close, but you will surely get used to it quickly when talking to locals.
  • Chances are that during your exchange you will be able to enjoy various festivals and events with your flatmates, including the Dundee Jazz Festival and Westfest.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Dundee

How much does a shared flat cost in Dundee?

The minimum price of rooms in shared flats in this Scottish city is usually £420 per month, and the maximum can be up to £900 per month.

How to find roommates in Dundee?

The best thing you can do is search in online communities like Erasmus Play where you will be able, at the same time, to compare the different accommodation options in available and verified shared flats.

How to meet people in Dundee?

In the universities, you can join numerous societies and clubs from different fields. You can also be part of Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram groups to get in touch with other young people.

Why share a student flat in Dundee?

Sharing a flat is the preferred alternative for young people because it allows them to spend less money on rent and have more budget to carry out different activities and plans.

How to choose ideal roommates in Dundee?

In our opinion, the ideal is for your roommates to be of different nationalities, so they can learn from different cultures and converse in English, making the most of the experience to improve in that language.