Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Enschede
Flatshare in Enschede

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Enschede

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The two higher education institutions in this city, the University of Twente and the University of Saxion, have a very good quality of teaching. For this reason, despite being a relatively small city, many students choose this destination for their Erasmus or international exchange.

If you want to live in a shared apartment in Enschede, we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible because it is often difficult to find your ideal one. But we assure you that searching in advance is worth it, living with roommates and in a multicultural environment will be one of the best experiences you can have!

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Enschede

Here are some of the highlights of living in shared flats in the city of the Netherlands:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Enschede

  • Shared flats are usually found in neighbourhoods that are convenient for students, such as Boddenkamp, ​​Roombeek, Velve-Lindenhof or Mekkelholt. Take a good look at the location of your university to choose the most convenient area for you

  • You can choose between spare rooms in private shared flats, in shared houses and others that are part of university residences.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Enschede

  • Your room will be the only complete space for you, and student shared apartments can be home to up to 15 people at the same time! You have to think about whether you want to share the common areas with so many people and check how many bathrooms are in it.

  • It is often difficult to find accommodation in a shared flat, especially when the beginning of the academic year is near. Make sure to search well in advance.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Enschede

Do you want your exchange process to be simpler? We recommend that you download some of the Apps for Erasmus+ that you have available. In them, you will not only find instructions to carry out procedures, but also information and advice from students from previous years. One of the suggestions is that you buy a second-hand bike to move around the city, but don't worry about it being very nice as they tend to be stolen a lot, just like in other cities in the Netherlands.

How to meet people in Enschede

Take the opportunity to befriend roommates and enjoy different experiences and activities with them, since they are the ones you will probably spend the most time with. You also have the following options:

Student associations in Enschede

Within the associations for international students at the University of Twente is the ESN Twente, a student association that plans a wide variety of activities and events for young people. This way you can meet other students doing different fun activities. 

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Enschede

On this platform, you will find groups organized according to the academic year and to the university you are going to go to, the University of Twente or the University of Saxion. In these groups, you will be able to connect with international young people and also solve any doubts you have before arriving in the city.

WhatsApp groups for Erasmus in Enschede

If you find a WhatsApp group to join, do it! They are generally created by the students themselves or by associations and are used to keep you in contact with other young people. In addition, you will be able to propose your plans and find other students with your same interests.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Enschede

Keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Take advantage of the rest of your budget to get to know the surroundings of Enschede, but also to travel to other nearby cities in the Netherlands and Germany. Munich is only 1.30 hours away by train and Amsterdam 2 hours away!

  • If you're going to be in Enschede at the end of April, you can't miss King's Day! As in the rest of the country, in this city, they celebrate the king's birthday with style. In Enschede, you can go to a free entrance festival of live music, workshops and markets.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Enschede

How much does a shared flat cost in Enschede?
The average cost of a room in a shared flat in Enschede is usually around €400 per month, although it always depends on the number of people you share the flat or house with and the cost of the bills.
Where to look for shared flats in Enschede?
One of the best sites is Erasmus Play since there you will find all the verified accommodations that correspond to shared apartments and you will be able to compare their characteristics to easily find the ideal one for you.
How to meet people in Enschede?
There are several associations for international students (such as ESN Twente) that you can join to enjoy activities while meeting people. You can also join Facebook and WhatsApp groups before arriving in the city to be able to answer your questions and connect with other students beforehand.
What are the advantages of sharing a flat in Enschede?
One of the biggest advantages is that you can save on the cost of the rent. It will also allow you to be accompanied as soon as you arrive in the city, surely your roommates will guide you and help you get to know the city at first.
What to ask before entering a flatshare in Enschede?
You have to ask your roommates what the basic rules are, especially regarding cleanliness, visits hours, pets, parties and smoking inside the house. If there is something important to you, share it to reach an agreement among all.