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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Geneva

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Geneva

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Geneva is surrounded by the Alps and the Jura Mountains, south of the Lac de Genève in Switzerland. It has a lot of French influence, which can be seen in its gastronomy and some of the districts, as well as in its language since it is the area of ​​Switzerland where French is spoken. It is known for having the European headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross.

Geneva is a multicultural city where you will be able to meet other young people from all over the world. About half of the population is made up of expats and international students. Many young people take advantage of Geneva's central location to travel to other European countries.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Geneva? The first recommendation we give you is that you start your search as soon as possible, at least two or three months before you arrive in Geneva. This will allow you to find accommodation that meets all the important characteristics for you, as well as one that has a good price and location within the city. Secondly, we recommend that you use the Erasmus Play housing search engine, in which you will be able to compare the available and verified accommodations from a wide variety of websites and online housing companies.

Student apartments for rent in Geneva

In Geneva, you will find both studio flats, with capacity for one or two people (ideally a couple), and apartments with several rooms to share with other students. In general, the second option is the most chosen, since the monthly cost is usually lower and the day-to-day is more fun since you share experiences with other people, generally from other countries.

Each of the flats has different characteristics, although they all tend to have basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, heating, and washing machine.

The cost of a studio flat normally starts at € 1,100 per month and a shared apartment starts at € 2,600 for one with two bedrooms. However, depending on the characteristics, the price can go up to € 3,450 or even more.

Student room for rent in Geneva

Considering that the cost of living in Geneva is high, renting rooms in shared flats is often the preferred option for many students. This is because the monthly price of renting a room is generally lower than renting an entire apartment, although it always depends on the characteristics and location of each room and apartment in which it is.

As a reference, the monthly price of a room in a shared apartment in Geneva usually goes from € 740 onwards and can go up to € 1600 per month.

Student accommodation in Geneva

Finding accommodation in a new city can be difficult, especially if you do not know which are the best areas to live as a student. To make your search easier, here are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by young people to live in Geneva.

Apartments for rent in Quartier des Bains

This neighbourhood is located in the centre of the city and is home to several schools, universities, and cultural centres. It is a neighbourhood with a lot of atmospheres where you will also find bars, restaurants, galleries, and museums.

Apartments in Les Avanchets

This neighbourhood is located a bit away from the city centre, about 20 minutes by public transport. For this reason, the cost of rent is usually a little cheaper than housing with a more central location. This neighbourhood is especially suitable for those students who are going to the International University of Geneva.

Rooms for Rent in Champel

The Champel neighbourhood is part of the area known as the University City of Geneva. It is located near the city centre and has several affordable places for students (despite being a somewhat luxurious residential area), as well as sports centres and parks.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Geneva

These are some of the universities that receive more international students every year in the city of Geneva:

Université de Genève (UNIGE)

The University of Geneva was founded in 1559 by Calvin. Its campus is located in the centre of the city, in Saint - Leger, and there are all its faculties.

International University in Geneva (IUG)

This is one of the most prestigious business universities in Switzerland. The IUG campus is located far from the city centre, in the neighbourhood of Les Avanchets, approximately 20 minutes away by public transport.

University IFM Institute of Finance and Management

The campus of this institution is located in the city centre of Geneva, in the Quartier des Bains neighbourhood that is packed with universities and schools.

University residence in Geneva

There are a large number of student residences in Geneva, each offering different types of accommodation. Among them, you will find small, medium, or large rooms, with private or shared bathrooms, with balcony and also studio-type apartments. Likewise, each residence has different facilities, such as a leisure room, dining room, study room, gym, etc. The cost generally goes from € 550 onwards, but it all depends on each one and the time your lease will be for.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Geneva

How much does a student room cost in Geneva?

The monthly price of a room in a shared flat in Geneva usually goes from € 740 onwards and can go up to € 1600 per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship for students in Geneva?

This depends on the country in which your home university is located because each of them has different regulations in this regard.

How is the student life in Geneva like?

The atmosphere in Geneva is very friendly, dynamic, and multicultural. Here you will be able to enjoy museums, concerts, theatres, cinema, sports, and the surrounding nature, both on Lake Geneva and in the nearby mountains. One of the advantages of Geneva is that it has very good public transport, so you will be able to get everywhere easily.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Geneva?

Living in Geneva is very expensive, just like in the rest of Switzerland. If you choose accommodation with a cheap rental price and additional expenses for food and some leisure, estimate that you have to have around € 1200 per month approximately.

Why go on Erasmus to Geneva?

In this Swiss city, you will be able to enjoy a very dynamic international environment, enjoying both the local culture and that of the other students. From Geneva, you will be able to travel to other nearby cities and countries, and also enjoy the varied leisure and restaurant offers that the city has to offer.