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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Gijón

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Gijón

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Gijón, also called “Xixón”, is a city in northern Spain located in the Principality of Asturias, on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea. It is a very beautiful city with historic buildings, museums and beaches. Yes, the water is usually very cold, but according to students from previous years that does not prevent them from enjoying the sea, days in its sand and the promenade that is full of attractions.

When it comes to its student environment, Gijón is usually a very active and fun city. There are plenty of activities to do during the day, both in the city and in the surrounding nature. In addition, the nightlife is quite varied and there are usually several places to go out at night, both bars, discos or restaurants.

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Student apartments for rent in Gijón

The option of renting a flat is one of the most common for young people studying in this city. The price of the apartments depends, to a large extent, on the area in which they are located and the characteristics they have. Generally, the apartments are usually fully furnished, but keep in mind that they offer different characteristics. All usually have basic appliances such as oven, washing machine, refrigerator and microwave, and some also have other details such as dishwasher, balcony and/or terrace.

The monthly price of a studio apartment goes from € 550 onwards. A three-bedroom apartment to share with other students has a minimum price of around € 750 per month. Of course, you have to check if the price includes the costs of utility bills (water, electricity, internet, etc.), since if they are not, you will have to add a small amount to the total monthly price.

Student room for rent in Gijón

Are you looking to rent a room for students in Gijón? Sharing a flat with other students is the most chosen alternative by international young people who move to this Spanish city for Erasmus. It is cheaper than looking for a complete apartment for one person and makes the experience more fun since you will be able to meet people and share the experience with them closely.

Most of the rooms for rent in this Spanish city have a wardrobe and desk, as well as WiFi connection, heating and an equipped kitchen on the floor.

The cost of a room in a shared apartment starts from € 180 and can go up to € 500, always depending on the characteristics of the room and the apartment and the location.

Student accommodation in Gijón

Next, we are going to advise you on some of the most chosen neighbourhoods to live in by international students, both for its location near the universities and for being close to the most popular leisure sites.

Apartments for rent in La Arena

La Arena is located next to San Lorenzo Beach, one of the busiest in Gijón. Here there is also a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cider houses.

Apartments in El Llano

This neighbourhood is located next to the city centre. Being a little further from the places of interest, the price of accommodation can be a little cheaper. However, you will be able to reach the beaches and entertainment venues in less than 30 minutes on foot.

Rooms for rent in Gijón este

Gijón-este is made up of different neighbourhoods, such as Viesques and El Coto. Many students choose these areas every year as they are located between the university campus, the beaches and entertainment venues.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Oviedo (UNIOVI)

This institution has one of its campuses in Gijón, southeast of the city. On this campus, you can find; the Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering, the Jovellanos Faculty of Commerce, Tourism and Social Sciences, the Higher School of the Civil Navy and the Gijón School of Nursing.

In general, students who go to this university prefer to find accommodation between the centre and the campus, to be close to both the university and the most frequented places of interest. Some of the neighbourhoods may be El Coto and Viesques.

University residence in Gijón

There are several private residences for students in this Asturian city. It is convenient to pay attention to the characteristics they present since each one of them offers different details. There may be common study rooms, common leisure rooms, terraces, shared kitchens, and/or gyms. Also, in the offer of available accommodation, you will find private rooms, shared rooms and studio flats. Each one has different prices, so you should compare them to choose the best one for you.

Frequently asked questions about living in Gijón

How much does a flat for students cost in Gijón?

In the case of a studio flat, the price usually goes from € 550 onwards. For its part, an apartment with more rooms to share starts at € 750 per month.

What are the best areas to live in Gijón as a student?

You can choose several areas as a student since in Gijón there is also a very good public transport network. However, for reference, some of the preferred areas of the city by students who move to Gijón are La Arena, El Llano, El Centro, Laviada, El Coto and Vieques.

How to find cheap accommodation for students in Gijón?

First of all, we recommend that you start your search well in advance so that you can find cheap accommodation in a good location. If you use the Erasmus Play search engine and comparator, you will see the different characteristics of each one. In addition to the comforts of your room, you will be able to see what the entire apartment consists of, viewing all the images, locations, etc.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Gijón?

With approximately € 500-550 per month, it should be a sufficient budget for rent, food and leisure. However, it always depends on the lifestyle you live. For example, if you choose to travel a lot, the monthly cost will surely increase.

Why go on Erasmus to Gijón?

Gijón is a beautiful city on the Cantabrian coast, where you will be able to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and enjoy its leisure and nature offerings. During the year many festivals and events take place. You might as well take the opportunity to improve or learn Spanish just as many other students do.