Erasmus in Glasgow

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Why should you do your Erasmus in Glasgow? Are you interested in the Erasmus Program but don’t know what destination to choose? Here we will give you a very good option: Glasgow. This city is often compared to Edinburgh, but… are they really on the same level? Let’s find out!

Cost of living in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow is the third biggest city in the United Kingdom, after London and Birmingham. Having that in mind you could think that the cost of living in Glasgow will be quite high. Well, although it is true that prices here are more expensive than in other cities, there is no need to be alarmed, as it always happens to every student, you will realize that you can find really good offers if you look with enough time and in the right places.

Your biggest monthly expense will probably be rent. If you start looking with enough time, you will be able to find good offers. A great option for students is finding a room in a shared apartment, which usually costs around € 500-700 per month. The rental price will depend on your preferences, the type of accommodation and its location. We are accommodation experts! So don’t worry, on our browser you will be able to compare all the prices very quickly.

Don’t forget to also take into account other monthly expenses such as food, transportation, or your possible leisure activities. Exchange students always look for (and find) the best offers for everything, you will soon realise…

Erasmus parties and leisure in Glasgow, United Kingdom

In Glasgow, there are several universities, some of them very renowned, and each year a lot of students arrive in the city. That is why this city is always full of life and parties. If you are looking for coffee shops or quieter places to go and study, you can find several options in the centre, some of them even offer discounts for students.

Now, if partying is what you are interested in, you will love the night atmosphere in this city. There is a great variety of bars and nightclubs where you can go every day of the week. Many students prefer going out on weekdays since it is usually cheaper than on the weekends. You can go to pubs, bars or nightclubs such as Mango or Garage. Another quite frequented area by students is the so-called West End.

Culture and gastronomy in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow is one of the most famous cities in Scotland and, in part, this is because of its varied cultural offer. During the whole year, you can enjoy its most important festivals such as the Celtic Connections Festival, or the Glasgow Film Festival, among many others. You can also visit many theatres, art galleries and museums. If you enjoy music, you can attend live concerts, one of Glasgow’s biggest attractions, in places such as the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Maybe you don’t know a lot about this city’s gastronomy, but if you live there it is almost impossible not to go out and enjoy its most typical dishes. Just like in all the places in Scotland, one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast and, especially, Scottish breakfast. This dish can be prepared with different ingredients but it will fill you, that’s for sure. Other typical recipes are porridge, haggis, the Sunday roast or anything coated in batter and fried, which they call “deep frying”.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Glasgow, United Kingdom

If you go on your Erasmus to Glasgow, you will have the opportunity to improve your English level a lot and study in universities of great prestige all over the world. You will also be able to compare if it is true that the people from Glasgow are the most welcoming and friendly people of all Scotland and see if Glasgow has something to envy to Edinburgh. Would you like to live all this and more? Then Glasgow is waiting for you…

Cheap accommodation in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Are you looking for accommodation in Glasgow but don’t know where to find it? On Erasmus Play you can compare the prices from all the webs very quickly. You can easily find a flat, room, or student apartment in Glasgow through our browser.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Glasgow

How much does it cost to live in Glasgow as a student?
The cost of living in Glasgow for a student can be around € 800-900 per month. The rent of your accommodation has a big influence on your monthly expenses, so bear in mind that this number might change.
How is student life in Glasgow?
The city of Glasgow has several very important universities, therefore, a great number of students, both local and international, arrive in the city excited to meet new people and have a great time. In the centre of the city, you can find anything you may need and it is an area full of life.
How much does student accommodation cost in Glasgow?
A student room in Glasgow can cost around € 500-700 per month. The type of accommodation and its location can vary this price. On our browser Erasmus Play, you can find the best offers for accommodation in Glasgow.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Glasgow?
The conditions to receive this scholarship and its characteristics vary depending on the country of origin of each student. If you want to know this information, we recommend you to check it with your university in your country of origin. You can ask at the international relations office and solve all your doubts.
What are the best areas to live in Glasgow?
The areas near the different universities are the most chosen ones by students. Even though you may not be in the centre, it is not too complicated to get there. The perfect location for you also depends on your priorities and necessities.


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