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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Glasgow

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Glasgow

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This city is the largest in Scotland and is situated in the Wings, on the banks of the River Clyde. It is also the third-largest city in the United Kingdom behind London and Birmingham, so it is not surprising that there are always activities and leisure offers to enjoy. However, it is also a very welcoming city, where locals mix with international students without a problem.

Looking for student accommodation in Glasgow?

This city has several prestigious universities that attract thousands of students every year. For this reason, there is a wide variety of accommodation options that you can consider. From Erasmus Play we make your search simple: you just have to enter the map, select your preferences and compare between the different verified alternatives from different platforms.

Here are some of the most popular accommodation options for students moving to Glasgow. But, before you start, keep in mind that we recommend looking for an apartment or room as soon as possible. There is usually a lot of demand from local and foreign students, so if you find one that meets all the characteristics that are important to you, do not hesitate to book quickly.

Student apartments for rent in Glasgow

Surely you are wondering, how much does a student rental apartment cost in Glasgow? The answer depends on different factors, such as the location and the characteristics that each one offers.

On the map you will see that there is a very varied offer. All are usually fully furnished and have the basic appliances, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave and oven. With our comparator you can filter by the most important characteristics for you, in this way you are sure to find your ideal accommodation.

In Glasgow, you can find everything from a studio flat for rent with an average price of 750 pounds per month, to an apartment to share between six students for about 3700 pounds.

Student room for rent in Glasgow

There are a lot of rooms for students available, as it is one of the most chosen options by young people who move to live here. You are sure to find a room in Glasgow with all the comforts you are looking for, find it for free through the Erasmus Play comparator! You will be able to see features such as whether it includes internet, desk, private bathroom or appliances.

Keep in mind that a private room, in a central neighbourhood, in a flat with a shared bathroom costs from 440 pounds a month onwards.

Student accommodation in Glasgow

To find the ideal accommodation for you you have to consider which are the best areas to live in Glasgow for students. This depends on the location of your university and if you want to be in the centre of the city or a little further away. We tell you which are some of the neighbourhoods most chosen by students in Glasgow:

Apartments for rent in Woodlands

This neighbourhood is located between the city centre and the University of Glasgow, so its location is good if you study at that institution. A studio flat in the Woodlands area has an average price of £ 750 per month.

Rooms in the centre of Glasgow

The City Center is the most central neighbourhood in the city, so it is very close to all places of interest, entertainment and some universities. A room in a shared flat in this area has a price that goes from 440 pounds a month onwards, being the average of 600 pounds a month.

Rooms for rent in Kelvinhaugh

This neighbourhood is located a bit far from the city centre, but it has a very good connection by bus and metro. The price of a student room in the Kelvinhaugh neighbourhood averages £ 680 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the Universities of Glasgow

The following are the areas in which it is advisable to look for accommodation if you want to live near one of the three most important universities in the Scottish city:

University of Glasgow

The campus of this institution It is a bit far from the centre of Glasgow, but it has a good metro and bus connection, with which you arrive in approximately 20 minutes. However, if you want to find accommodation closer to the University of Glasgow, you can choose neighbourhoods such as Kelvinhaugh or Kelvinbridge.

University of Strathclyde

This university is located very close to the city centre. For this reason, this area is highly chosen by the students of this institution, as well as other nearby neighbourhoods such as Trongate, Townhead and Merchant City. From them you have a few minutes walking distance to the University of Strathclyde and a good connection to public transport.

Glasgow Caledonian University

The Townhead neighbourhood, which sits northeast of the city centre, is probably the best option for finding accommodation near Glasgow Caledonian University. Downtown and the Merchant City neighbourhood are also good alternatives, as they are just a few minutes walk from the institution.

University residence in Glasgow

In this Scottish city there is a great offer of accommodation in student residences. You will find both private rooms and shared rooms, and complete apartments for one person. The price starts at 430 pounds for a room inside the residence and the average is about 700 pounds per month.

Each of Glasgow's student residences offers different amenities. Some of them have gyms, laundry and/or common spaces to rest and work.

Frequently asked questions about Glasgow

How much does a student room cost in Glasgow?

The price of a room in a shared flat depends on the location and the characteristics it has, but the average is approximately 600 pounds per month.

Where to live in Glasgow if you are a student?

There are several neighbourhoods that young people choose when they move to this city to study. Some of them are Downtown, Woodlands, Trongate, Merchant City, and Townhead.

How to find accommodation near the University of Glasgow?

This institution is located northwest of the city centre, so what you can do is enter the Erasmus Play search engine and compare the different accommodations available in areas such as Kelvinhaugh or Kelvinbridge.

What is the average monthly expenditure of a student in Glasgow?

The country itself is expensive, but in Glasgow, you can find affordable prices for restaurants and entertainment. Besides, students can enjoy many discounts in shops and bars. Of course, the rent and transport are expensive, so he estimates that you have to have around 850 pounds a month.

Why go on Erasmus to Glasgow?

Scotland's largest city is fully prepared to receive local and international students, offering many leisure activities and discounts for young people. It is also a good starting point for travelling and for improving your English.