Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in London

London is a perfect city to carry out a mobility program or to look for a job that allows you to increase your experience while improving your English. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, it is characterized by being a multicultural city full of life. London's cost of living is slightly high compared to other European cities. One of the biggest monthly expenses that people who move to London bear is the rental of accommodation. This is why most people wonder:

Where they can rent a room in London? Don't worry, we have selected for you the best rooms and flats in London so you don't have to waste time searching. 

Student accommodation in London

Finding quality furnished accommodation in London at a cheap price is not an easy task. Many young people spend hours and hours searching through countless online websites without success. We have all faced it, however there is a solution now! We have grouped in our search engine the best accommodations from the main online rental platforms in London to make it easier for you to find cheap accommodation in the capital of the United Kingdom. 

There are different areas to live in London, below we detail the most demanded and the reason why so many people decide to live there.

Renting rooms in the center of London

It is one of the best areas of London to live, however, it is also the most expensive, so if you are a young person we recommend you look for a flat in another place where the monthly expense rent is lower. London is a city very well connected by public transport to anywhere in the city so it is not a big deal to live in another part of the city.

Apartments for rent in North London

Renting accommodation in North London is much cheaper than in the city center and it is also a very busy area for young professionals and students, surrounded by wonderful bars, cafes and cinemas. In this part of ​​London you will find areas such as Islington and Camden Town, although if you don't mind living a little further away you can do so in areas such as Hendon, Kilburn or Finchley, whose rental prices are slightly lower.

Accommodation in South London

This is an area with a wide variety of accommodation and shared flats for international people. Surely this area is somewhat further from the center than any other and public transport works somewhat worse. Being an area with very varied accommodation rental prices, many young people and students decide to rent an apartment in this area. Check the location of your university or work to find accommodation near that area.

Apartments in East London

This area is one of the cheapest in London to live. The possibility of sharing a flat or finding cheap rooms in East London is very high. There are many interesting areas such as Stratford, Plaistow, Hackney, Dalston or Bethnal Green, among others. Many young people are looking to rent apartments in Greenwich - London because of its good location. We recommend you to search in advance to find the best accommodations, as these are the first to be booked. Access our search engine and compare all the available flats in London easily.

Rooms for rent in West London

West London is characterized by being an expensive area within the city, so if you are thinking of renting a room here you must look hard and in advance and still thus, it will be difficult to find something at a good price. They are nice places like Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Fulham or Earling, among others.

It is an area with many parks and beautiful architecture.

Erasmus accommodation in London

London is one of the major cities in the United Kingdom regarding the number of international students who come to its Universities every year. One of the main reasons is the language, since it allows students to learn English while obtaining their university degree.

Erasmus students generally like to live with other students in shared flats. Erasmus Play has several options to rent student rooms in a fully furnished apartment together with other students

Student apartments for rent in London

In our search engine we display at your disposal the best accommodation for students in London, so you don't have to waste time searching and comparing on countless websites. 

Our recommendation is that you search for your faculty and give priority to those accommodations that are closest to your university, with this you will save time traveling every day.

Student room for rent in London

Many young people do not know where to search for rooms to rent in London, that is why we have created Erasmus Play, the first student accommodation search engine that works with Universities and offers you the best accommodation from each of the collaborating platforms to facilitate your search process. Finding student housing has never been this easy.

We hope you have a wonderful experience in London! See you very soon.

University residences in London

Many young internationals look for cheap student residences in London to live during their stay in the capital. Here are some tips to finding student residences in London and not wasting too much time:

  • Access our search engine
  • Set your maximum budget
  • Set the date of entry and exit
  • Filter by residences and compare all prices and services included

Frequently asked questions about London

How much does a student apartment cost in London?
In London, the average rental price for a room goes from 440 euros onwards. Accommodation located in the city center will be priced slightly higher than in more remote areas. The same happens with accommodations near the Universities.
How to find cheap flats in London?
In Erasmus Play you will be able to quickly compare all the accommodation, apartments and student rooms in London on the main online platforms.
Where to live in London?
We recommend that you look for a room, flat or apartment for students near the faculty. This will save you time and money on commuting in London .
How much does a university residence cost?
In London there are many residences for students. Average prices for university residences are 720 euros per month. Many of them include dining and cleaning services.
Why Erasmus in London?
London is the preferred city for Erasmus students. You can find a wide range of accommodation and select the one that best suits your tastes.
How much time do I look for accommodation?
Our recommendation is that you always search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is London , the sooner you search the better, since the best rooms for students sell out quickly.
Sharing a flat with other students in London?
One of the options chosen by young people who move to the city of London is to share a flat due to the cost of student accommodation. In this way they are able to reduce monthly expenses for rent, water and electricity.
How to find an apartment near the University?
Erasmus Play, through its personalized maps of Universities in London , allows you to effectively search for student houses near any University of London .


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