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Information and tips for Erasmus students in London

Erasmus in London

Information and tips for Erasmus students in London

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Why should you do your Erasmus in London? Having an international academic experience can be a very important factor for some companies when they decide to hire you to work for them. The United Kingdom can be a good option and, in particular, London can be the perfect destination. Stay with us to know how your Erasmus in London will look like! We tell you all the secrets of this city!

Cost of living in London, United Kingdom

Generally, in the United Kingdom, the standard of living is quite high, so the prices also tend to be higher than in many other countries in the European Union. But don’t worry, the city offers a lot of discounts to its students.

In most cases, when you go on an Erasmus, your biggest expense will be that of the accommodation’s rent. Most students advise searching for rooms in shared apartments, as it is usually cheaper. You can find rooms for € 290-350. It is better to start looking for accommodation with enough time, as it can be a complicated process. On our browser Erasmus Play, you will be able to compare prices, areas and different options before deciding on the one that suits you best.

The area where you will live will vary the price of your rent. If you live in the outskirts of the city, you should also consider that the cost of the transport will be higher if you plan on visiting the centre frequently. However, all of it depends on your lifestyle, but don’t worry, whatever your lifestyle is, you will find many options in London.

Erasmus parties and leisure in London, United Kingdom

London is a city full of students from all over the world, so it seems obvious that it is full of parties. You have an infinite number of bars, pubs and nightclubs where you can go and enjoy yourself. You should know that prices can be quite high and if you want to have a drink, remember that the official currency is the pound and it is not worth the same as the euro, for example. Some universities offer discounts for some places to their students. Always ask for these types of offers, maybe the answer is a great surprise to you.

In most universities, you will find the so-called Student Unions, which organise parties and events for the students who arrive for the first time in the university, for both local students in their first year of university and Erasmus or other international students. The student atmosphere is incredible, surely you won’t find it difficult to meet new people.

Culture and gastronomy in London, United Kingdom

An important part of your Erasmus in London will be knowing the culture and traditions of the city. The capital of the United Kingdom is full of culture and iconic buildings well-known all over the world. From its famous tea, which still is a tradition to have at five o’clock in the afternoon, to the magical Christmas that the city offers, its parades and ceremonies, etc. These traditions are celebrated every year and you will realise that, for Londoners, these are very important dates. Of course, you can also enjoy very well-known places such as Big Ben, Westminster Palace or Tower Bridge. There are so many incredible things to see and know in the city that it seems almost impossible to mention them all, but you will discover them little by little.

Regarding London’s gastronomy, you will find many options that are not exactly English. It is a city where people from all over the world live and this is also reflected in its gastronomy. Some of the most traditional dishes of the city are the English breakfast, jacket potato, fish and chips, roast dinner… But, without a doubt, its desserts are known worldwide and you have options such as apple pie, custard or apple crumble, among many others.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in London, United Kingdom

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, offers a wide range of options to its students. In this city, you can go out every day and practice the language while you do so.  You will enjoy its wonderful desserts and its well-known traditions such as the five o’clock tea. You will be able to visit such emblematic places as Big Ben or discover all the places in England.

If you had doubts about choosing London as your Erasmus destination, this is a sign for you to decide on this city. It will bring you unforgettable experiences and you will make incredible friends from all over the world.

Cheap accommodation in London, United Kingdom

Are you looking for accommodation in London? On Erasmus Play, we help you to look for and compare the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in London easily and quickly. Find the best accommodation before someone books it first!

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in London

After Brexit, is it possible to do Erasmus in London?

Right now you can still go on an Erasmus to London thanks to the funds from the years 2019 and 2020 and until these are finished. We recommend you to contact your university and ask the conditions to do your Erasmus and choose the destination.

How much does it cost to live in London as a student?

The cost of living as a student in London can be around € 700-900 per month. Take into account that this quantity can vary depending on the location of your accommodation, your possible leisure activities, or other extra expenses.

How is student life in London?

London is a city full of life and students from all over the world. There is a good student atmosphere during the whole year, especially where the universities are and in the districts where more students live.

How much does student accommodation cost in London?

A room in a shared apartment can cost € 290, approximately. This number will vary depending on the location, the type of accommodation, or the expenses included in the price. We recommend you start looking for rooms with enough time, so you don’t have any last-minute problems.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in London?

The quantity of the Erasmus scholarship to study in London is different in each county. We recommend you ask this information to the international relations office at your university. There they will help you with anything you need to know.

What are the best areas to live in London?

Generally, students choose the location for their accommodation depending on the area where their university is. Therefore, the areas close to the universities are the ones where you can usually find more students and a great atmosphere.